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  1. https://twitter.com/tcm/status/1406990296806825994
  2. ...........During his nightly show, The Evening with Vladimir Soloviev, host Vladimir Soloviev proudly surmised, “Putin knew whom he was talking to and his message was heard. This is Fox News and its very popular program—one of its highest-rated programs. Republicans listened and couldn’t help but agree... Putin was heard and what he said hit the bullseye.” Russian political scientist Sergey Mikheyev enthusiastically replied, “This is a good illustration of the thesis as to whether we should be influencing public opinion in America. Yes, of course we should—of course! The question is how
  3. John Oliver Questions Decision to Proceed With Tokyo Summer Olympics The 'Last Week Tonight' host said financial factors are a primary motivation but made a case that it's too soon to safely hold the event, which was postponed from last summer due the pandemic. .......“Despite the fact that the pandemic is very still much not over, the Games seem to be going ahead, and not everyone in Japan is thrilled about that,” Oliver said, then showing news footage of protestors and Shigeru Omi, “Japan’s version of Dr. Fauci,” saying “the situation is not normal.” The problem?
  4. School Privatization Lobby Places Fake News on Local Stations With Ed Newsfeed, the Betsy DeVos-funded American Federation for Children distributes syndicated content to TV stations. They run it as news. ..............“First of all, we’re talking about fake news,” Stauber said in the interview, years before the term would become a household slogan popularized by Trump. “And what this is, actually, is propaganda, because these are not news stories. They look like news stories, but they have a bias in favor of a political program or an ideology or a product. And the networks
  5. @tedlieu · Jun 19 Dear @USCCB : There are a number of Catholic @GOP elected officials who support the death penalty, some of them quite enthusiastically. Are you going to deny Communion to them?
  6. 'They' DID come together......... that's why you Lost
  7. & Gov. Abbott's SOoooooo concerned....... he's begging for $$ $ for T's infamous BORDER WALL!!
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