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  1. running out the clock..........
  2. makes one wonder how it's going for Barron in school......
  3. @NBCNightlyNews · 30m President Trump welcomed to the White House the hero dog that was injured in the raid that killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi: https://nbcnews.to/2XLjf3T Reporter: "Melania, do you want to adopt the dog for Barron?" First Lady Melania Trump: "No."
  4. Ana Navarro-Cárdenas @ananavarro · 19h Rick Perry is the latest to say Trump is “the chosen one”. It looks like a cult. It walks like a cult. It quacks like a cult. Yes, people. Trump’s base is a cult.
  5. Sam Levine @srl Breaking news: A federal judge declined a GOP request to stop the creation of an independent redistricting commission in Michigan:
  6. Trump White House Counsel Don McGahn Must Comply With House Subpoena, Judge Rules House Democrats subpoenaed McGahn to testify after the Mueller report laid out several instances of the counsel refusing to carry out orders. ruled that McGahn, who played a major role in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report focused on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, must appear, but can assert legal privileges during his testimony. ......... https://www.huffpost.com/entry/don-mcgahn-testimony-ruling-trump-mueller-ukraine_n_5ddbf046e4b0d50f3293d9d7?ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000067
  7. Christopher Miller @ChristopherJM · 11h Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash gives an interview to the NYT. He says Giuliani, via Parnas and Fruman, offered him help with his US legal problems if he hired pro-Trump lawyers Toensing and diGenova and helped with Giuliani's shadow Ukraine campaign.
  8. Nunes used political donations to buy $15k Celtics tickets, lavish dinners House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., used funds from New PAC, his leadership political action committee, to purchase steak dinners, limo rides, and nearly $15,000 in Boston Celtics basketball games tickets, Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show. ......... Several restaurants and luxury hotels show up repeatedly on the congressman’s filings. New PAC has spent over $10,000 since July of last year in frequent visits to The Prime Rib D.C., an upscale steakhouse. The restaurant boasts tuxedoed waitstaff intended to “evoke the elegant supper clubs of 1940’s Manhattan.” The PAC is funded by typical GOP donors such as Koch Industries. The largest donation to the PAC in 2017-2018 fiscal year came from Northrop Grumman, a defense company that was the fifth-largest arms trader in the world as of 2015, followed by tobacco company Altria Group (formerly Philip Morris). Other top donors include defense companies Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Co, and California-based dairy, almond and wine industry lobbyists...... . This week, he used his campaign PAC to fund an ad released Wednesday that accuses the Fresno Bee, a local daily, of publishing 'fake news.' ........ "For all his complaints about 'fake news,' Rep. Nunes has failed to identify a single factual error in our work — while making numerous false statements himself." On Thursday, the Bee published an article detailing Nunes’ recent spending out of the leadership PAC, drawing on FEC filings and reporting by watchdog groups..... https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/nunes-political-donations-buy-15k-celtics-tickets-lavish/story?id=56689995 -Nunes, still playing 'follow the fearless leader'......
  9. paul mcleary @paulmcleary · 6h Breaking: Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirms to reporters that President Trump ordered him to allow Eddie Gallagher to keep his Trident pin ================================== Joe Scarborough @JoeNBC · 8h “For Pentagon officials who have wondered whether Esper would have the backbone to resist Trump, Sunday’s events were troubling. The Pentagon is now overseen by an official whose overriding priority is accommodating an impetuous boss in the White House.”
  10. @NBCNews · 8h Some much-needed good news from Australia, where deadly wildfires have threatened homes and the koala population: firefighters in the state of Victoria celebrated after long-awaited rain helps extinguish bushfires.
  11. Christina Wilkie @christinawilkie · Federal Subpoenas Seek Information on Giuliani’s Consulting Business https://wsj.com/articles/federal-subpoenas-seek-information-on-giulianis-consulting-business-11574712722?shareToken=st89f37aa2aa7c4549825b3deaf5019ecf via @WSJ ----------------------------------------------- Potential charges under consideration: Obstruction of justice, money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the US, making false statements to feds, failure to register as a foreign agent, hiding foreign campaign donations, straw man campaign donations, mail fraud and wire fraud.
  12. With so much entertainment to choose from, we still can’t resist revisiting old favourites. Clare Thorp asks why we need to watch the same films over and over. -------------------------------- ..... “it’s a nigh-on perfect film with an inch-perfect script, great performances and some great direction. Not a wasted scene in sight.” Casablanca, 8 1/2, The Last Emperor and Withnail & I (“the best film ever made about friendship”) also got a nod – films that regularly appear in Greatest Ever film polls. One user said: “Some films are what I’d call ‘complete’ – they have a perfect story arc, the score is almost a member of the cast, and are so familiar you can stop and start at any point. They are deeply satisfying and you can lose yourself in them, the cinema equivalent of comfort food. ......... “If you feel anxious or stressed and your body is telling you there’s reason to worry, that’s not the time to start exploring and taking risks. Obviously… [that’s more about] feeling physically unsafe, but also when we feel emotionally uncertain we want something that feels safe – that’s predictable, that we know.” In this way, indulging in a little nostalgia can be a good thing, he says. “It seems to be a natural way that humans gain some sense of stability and security.” So what of the rewatchables of the future?...... http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20191021-re-watching-old-films-the-comforting-allure-of-nostalgia
  13. Trump slams new Kavanaugh book by Washington Post journalist- Trump on Sunday swiped at a new book written by a Washington Post columnist, Ruth Marcus, looking at the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In a tweet, Trump asserted that Ruth Marcus's book was full of "incorrect facts," while simultaneously praising a book on a different book on Kavanaugh from Federalist writer Mollie Hemingway. "This is a great and well reseached book on Justice K. The Ruth Marcus book is a badly written & reseached disaster. So many incorrect facts. Fake News, just like the @washingtonpost!" he tweeted. ..... https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/471848-trump-slams-new-kavanaugh-book-by-washington-post-columnist ================================== -our New BOOK REVIEWER-IN -CHIEF.....
  14. Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Accuses Official of 'Meddling' in War Crime Case, Suggests It's 'All About Ego' Gallagher mocked his accusers and detractors, including Navy Rear Admiral Collin Green, whom he called "insubordinate" and having too much "ego." Gallagher said he plans to expose next week how the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, was "meddling in my case and trying to get organizations not to support me." ........... https://www.newsweek.com/navy-seal-eddie-gallagher-fox-friends-accuses-secretary-meddling-thanks-trump-war-crimes-trident-1473753?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=NewsweekTwitter&utm_source=Twitter
  15. Daniel @Veteran_Jedi · Replying to @votevets @USNavy , when is Gallagher going to be brought up on charges for violating Art. 88 & violating Navy Directive 1344.10 for talking on TV like that against his superiors & for partisan talk in support of Trump? https://public.navy.mil/nrh/Documents/
  16. @votevets The military collapses w/o respect for chain of command. Adm. Green may resign if he cannot carry out an order from Trump. If Gallagher can't respect his chain, he should leave too. But it's outrageous for him to trash his superiors on TV, and dangerous Trump's encouraging it.
  17. The New York Times @nytimes Breaking News: Hong Kong's pro-democracy candidates won a stunning victory in local elections that drew a record turnout, in a sharp rebuke of Chinese policies
  18. Ungwhim Gwhent @Ungwhim_Gwhent · 59m The uniformed leadership in thevNa y needs to drop the hammer on Gallagher Monday morning. Pull his Trident and also separately hit him with NJP for publicly denouncing his chain of command.
  19. Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto I’m deeply skeptical of the official telling of the Spencer/Gallagher story. The one consistent theme I’ve heard has been opposition to WH interference at the highest levels of Navy/SEALs & WH pique at that opposition. For Navy Sec to go down & Gallagher survive is odd at best.
  20. Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto · 1h And now see Nav Sec Spencer’s resignation letter: “I no longer share the same understanding with the Commander in Chief who appointed me, in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline.I cannot in good conscience obey an order that I believe violates the scared oath I took”
  21. Record turnout seen in Hong Kong elections viewed as test of support for chief executive https://thehill.com/policy/international/asia-pacific/471819-record-turnout-seen-in-hong-kong-elections-viewed-as-test
  22. @NBCNews · 21m BREAKING: In extraordinary resignation letter, US Navy Sec. Spencer writes that "I no longer share the same understanding as the Commander in Chief who appointed me, in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline."..... Spencer writes to President Trump that he cannot obey an order that he believes violates his "sacred oath" to defend the Constitution. https://nbcnews.to/35u0PqV
  23. Travis Akers @travisakers · I just read a response in which Eddie Gallagher was referred to as #E7Eddie. That is a perfect hashtag. If you don’t understand the difference between being called an E-7 and a Chief, then please ask someone who has worn the anchors.
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