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Status Updates posted by mr6666

  1. Hi POT!

    Finally just gots to ask...how are you able to copy posts from one thread to another??

    I have to copy&paste, and that takes alot of time.

    (sorry, can't seem to find how to PM anyone any more) :blink:



  2. Cid, any idea why mods evidently deleted your post complaining about DB's 'spamming'  threads?


    1. TheCid


      No idea.  Hadn't noticed it, but not surprised.  

      Maybe they thought I was launching into another lengthy back and forth again.

      One thing I don't like is that when moderators remove something they don't tell you.

      I did notice that for a couple of months, DB was not posting and then came back with a lot of new threads and posts.

  3. will you be posting a list of June premieres?

    (or have I missed it?)


    & thanks for your help in posting all the past summaries too, btw



    1. cmovieviewer


      Very sorry for the delay, I'm glad to be able to help out.  The June premieres have now been posted.

    2. mr6666


      appreciate it. Thanks



  4. cmovieviewer,

    Wondering, are you going to post a list of JUNE premieres?



    1. cmovieviewer


      June premieres per MCOH have been posted.



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