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  1. W ed., 6-3 for DIRECTED BY SAM PECKINPAH.......... (time s ET) 8:00 PM & 1:45AM B/W - 65 m Peckinpah Suite (2019) Synopsis: looks at the life and career of the celebrated director from the viewpoint of his daughter, Lupita Peckinpah. Thirty-five years after her father's death, she travels for the first time to his last home in Livingston, Montana, to search for clues about his life and work. Dir: Pedro Gonzßlez Berm·dez
  2. yeah...........don't get it what's the point??
  3. Andrea Mitchell @mitchellreports Why would a DC man let 70 strangers into his home overnight? On sheltering DC protesters in his house overnight, Rahul Dubey: "I came outside & was on my stoop in 15 seconds & absolute mayhem & horror broke out. I heard big bang, screaming, pepper spray started flying. My eyes were burning. I started yelling get in the house." His story and the protestors who are grateful for his help ⁦ @NBCNightlyNews https://www.msnbc.com/andrea-mitchell-reports/watch/man-speaks-out-after-opening-home-to-dc-protesters-overnight-84244549520 ⁩
  4. James LaPorta @JimLaPorta Also: 700 members of the 82nd are at Joint Base Andrews and Fort Belvoir. 1,400 more soldiers are ready to be mobilized within an hour. Soldiers are armed and have riot gear. They also were issued bayonets—standard issue but some feel could be inflammatory https://twitter.com/JimLaPorta/status/1267926498629074947 ===================================== Jorty Spice @richard_bong · 1h Replying to @JimLaPorta and @iAmTheWarax It’s not standard issue, bayonets weren’t even handed out when I deployed to Baghdad in 06. It’s about sending a message. I was 13F and attached to a RSTA cav platoon.
  5. ".........In the video, which lasted more than two hours, Rupert explicitly said he had bombs. "They got SWAT trucks up there . . . I've got some bombs if some of you all want to throw them back . . . bomb them back . . . here I got some more . . . light it and throw it," Rupert said, according to the complaint. In the video, Rupert handed out an item with a brown casing and a green wick, asked for lighter fluid, went into a Sprint store and then said "I lit it on fire," according to the complaint. On Sunday, Rupert posted another video showing him in the Chicago area wearing an American flag bandana. In the video, Rupert could be heard saying "let's start a riot" and "I'm going to start doing some damage," according to the complaint. https://abc7chicago.com/galesburg-man-allegedly-brought-explosives-to-protests-in-chicago-minneapolis-/6227294/
  6. Illinois man charged with handing out explosives to Minneapolis rioters- "An Illinois man faces several federal charges after he allegedly handed out explosive devices to rioters in Minneapolis demonstrating against the killing of George Floyd. Officials charged Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, with civil disorder, carrying on a riot and possession of unregistered destructive devices after he allegedly handed out the explosives last week and encouraged people to throw them at law enforcement. In videos that were allegedly posted to his Facebook account on Friday, Rupert is heard saying “He’s throwing my bombs” and, “He’s going to bomb the police with them,” after handing a device to a rioter. He’s later heard saying “good shot, my boy” after an audible explosion. ....... https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/500793-illinois-man-charged-with-handing-out-explosives-to-minneapolis-rioters
  7. The Washington Post @washingtonpost Attorney General Barr personally asked for protesters to be pushed back from D.C. park just before Trump spoke ================================================= Seth Abramson (@) @SethAbramson · 1h BREAKING NEWS: Bill Barr Announces Trump Administration Will Be Coming Even *Harder* for Peacefully Protesting Americans Today Than Yesterday (When He Ordered A Tear Gas Attack on Innocents, Used Blackhawk Helicopters for "Crowd Suppresion," and Federalized Local Police Officers) ------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW: Attorney General Bill Barr releases statement on protests in Washington, D.C., saying, "there will be even greater law enforcement resources and support in the region tonight." http://abcn.ws/307Jzsl
  8. @BillKristol · 4h Email from a conservative friend, who wouldn't have voted for Trump but wasn't sure he could vote for Biden: "Incidentally, the Bible/Church fiasco was the moment I became a Joe Biden voter ...It was bad enough to watch him make a mockery of the GOP. The Bible was a step too far."
  9. Evan McMullin @EvanMcMullin · 3h And now you know why Putin wanted Trump.
  10. Jim Hime s @jahimes · 1h Wow. Bishop Mariann Buddy of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington hammering @realDonaldTrump for using her church for a photo op. “I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing tonight...what on earth did we just witness? The abuse of sacred symbols”
  11. Fact Check: Trump’s False Statements About How Dem Leaders Handled Protests The inaccuracies come as the president has scolded state and local officials, often singling out Democrats, for not being tough enough in dealing with protests https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/national-international/fact-check-trumps-false-statements-about-how-dem-leaders-handled-protests/2282300/?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_CHBrand
  12. Kaitlan Collins @kaitlancollins President Trump was angered by coverage that he was rushed to the underground bunker during protests Friday night and told aides he wanted to be seen outside the White House gates, per @Kevinliptakcnn , leading in part to his walk to St. John’s today.
  13. Erik Runge @WGNErik · 36m Amazing moment at tonight's demonstration on Chicago's Northside. A woman thanks CPD for just listening to her concerns and fears when it comes to police. "This goes a long ways," said Devonna Latrice ⁦ @WGNNews ⁩ ⁦
  14. Twitter adds warning label to Gaetz tweet on antifa for glorifying violence The remarks come on the heels of President Donald Trump’s announcement that he plans to designate the activist group as a terrorist organization. Twitter on Monday added a warning label to a tweet by Rep. Matt Gaetz that called for members of the radical activist group antifa to be hunted down like “terrorists” for violating the company’s policies against glorifying violence — the social network’s latest enforcement action against a prominent GOP official............ “Now that we clearly see Antifa as terrorists, can we hunt them down like we do those in the Middle East?” “We have placed a public interest notice on this Tweet from @mattgaetz. The Tweet is in violation of our glorification of violence policy,” a Twitter spokesperson ............ https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/01/twitter-gaetz-antifa-violence-295116
  15. “Is that your Bible?” “... It’s a Bible.”
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