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  1. late Sun., 11-27 for Silent Sundays......... (times ET) ? 12:00 am Too Many Kisses (1925) 1h | Comedy No Description available "Richard Dix stars as an American Casanova in Too Many Kisses (1925), a romantic comedy that pits Dix against William Powell over the affections of a local girl (Frances Howard) in France's remote Basque country. For many film buffs, however, this silent comedy is best known as the first screen appearance of Harpo Marx ............
  2. Yup,.........a TRUE Moderate Joe and Jill Biden set to bring new cat to the White House The cat will join the Biden family's two German shepherds as the newest White House pets. https://www.today.com/pets/joe-jill-biden-are-bringing-cat-white-house-t201481
  3. sorry if this is a repeat........but one of my favs.......
  4. How Your Brain Tricks You Into Taking Risks During the Pandemic Experts who study the way we think and make decisions say that it can be more than politics driving our decision-making this year. The unprecedented nature of the pandemic undermines how we process information and assess risk. Need proof? Look around......... "..........Poker players, along with folks like meteorologists, horse race handicappers and lawyers who work on a contingency basis are routinely rewarded or punished based on the odds. This gives them a rare visceral, experiential understanding of per
  5. Trump gave his Thanksgiving press conference from a tiny desk that looks like a throwback to a 2017 'SNL' skit President Donald Trump on Thursday held his first press conference since losing the US election. But observers became focused on Trump's tiny desk, rather than his groundless attacks of the US electoral system. Some compared the situation to a 2017 "Saturday Night Live" sketch that used a similarly tiny desk as a punch line to mock the president. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-thanksgiving-event-tiny-desk-like-snl-2020-11?fbclid=IwAR2XLslSdVoyyVW3xFiomTFtGS
  6. For those who get DIRECT TV............. haven't noticed ANYthing of interest yet
  7. “It’s not Black Friday. It’s not people waiting in line the way we’re used to,” said Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at The NPD Group. Cohen said in hours of driving around retail centers, he saw lines only outside Macy’s flagship New York City store and a suburban Best Buy. “All the other stores, you would have thought it was like any other Friday in November,” he said....... ===================================== GOOD!
  8. WHY are they Still promoting 'Black Friday' IN STORE SHOPPING in a pandemic??!!
  9. BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan · 2h I'm thankful that, because of 80M+ Biden voters, a year from now we won't be obsessively checking our phones in the morning for impending doom and disaster.
  10. Tracking the Trump Administration’s “Midnight Regulations” The administration is rushing to implement dozens of policy changes in its final days. We’re following some of the most consequential and controversial. https://projects.propublica.org/trump-midnight-regulations/ ------------------------------------------------ Allowing Federal Death Row Inmates to Be Executed by Means Other Than Lethal Injection........ Allowing the Forest Service to Bypass Some Environmental Reviews...... Excluding Environmental and Social Impact in Choosing Pension Plan Investments......
  11. Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1 · Nov 24 Now that the election's over, Trump and Fox have stopped shouting about Hunter Biden's laptop. Just like the migrant caravan after the 2018 midterm
  12. ellory smith @ellorysmith · 9h everybody in America thinks they could one day become a billionaire but nobody thinks they could get covid
  13. Mnuchin Plans to Put $455 Billion Beyond Yellen’s Easy Reach By Saleha Mohsin November 24, 2020, 1:51 PM CST Updated on November 24, 2020, 5:18 PM CST Biden Treasury pick will need lawmaker approval to use funds Democrats question legality of Mnuchin’s shift of money https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-24/mnuchin-to-put-455-billion-in-funds-out-of-yellen-s-easy-reach?sref=KhY5gfAd
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