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  1. Pretty cool !! - at least haven't seen it before & with cute twist at the end too
  2. With Biden's Jen Psaki at the Podium, Corporate Outlets No Longer Think Briefings Newsworthy- Obama briefings? Not news. Trump briefings? Always news. Biden briefings? Not news again. "........just a month into Joe Biden’s term, CNN has unceremoniously stopped airing daily White House press briefings. They didn’t cover Barack Obama’s much; in the last six months of his presidency, just 3% of daily briefings aired live (Media Matters, 5/30/17). But in early 2017, the DC press corps collectively decided that every Tr
  3. how was appt. arranged? thru doctor/med. group, gov. site, pharmacy site, employer or OTHER???
  4. -so Who HERE has gotten a shot? & how'd it happen? any reactions?
  5. late Fri., 2-26 Underground............ times ET 2:00 am Hiding Out (1987) 1h 39m | Action, Comedy, Drama After a 29-year-old bond trader testifies against a mob boss in court, his life is in danger. In order to hide from the mob, he conceals his identity and manages to pass as a 17-year-old student. He finds that life as a teenager has changed since he attended high school, but is adjusting well...until ........ ".....Roger Ebert compared the film t
  6. Chump had his chance and blew it......Big time! Back in the day, Capone had his gang AND the fan clubs of his 'Robin Hood' image, but WAS finally taken down with the simple 'tax fraud' gambit. Hopefully it'll work that way again. These lawless 'folk heroes' of American individualism don't keep their charm after they're seen in their orange jump suits and pulled from the national spotlight
  7. Five big takeaways on the Capitol security hearings " Former Capitol security officials clashed publicly on Tuesday over the events surrounding last month’s deadly assault on the Capitol complex, casting blame at the intelligence community and the Pentagon while delivering conflicting accounts of how the tragedy unfolded. Here are five takeaways from the day’s proceedings. Congress will need to probe contradictions There were major discrepancies between former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund and former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving as they recounted their actions
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