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  1. 3 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Two failed attempts to impeach and convict Trump.   90% of the MSM openly shaming and being negative about most things Trump,   and still a majority of GOPers support this a-hole.    My point;  face reality millions upon millions will continue to prop up and consort Trump regardless.  PERIOD.  

    The more lawsuits and legal action taken,  the more he claims a witch hunt which increases his support;  yea, increases it!   

    Trust me,  I don't get it.   I can't understand what makes a Trumper so loyal to someone that doesn't understand the concept of loyalty,  but this is where we are at as a nation.

    This is why I recommend less be said about Trump.   Less lawsuits.  Less media attention.   Less might just equal more.   Clearly more pressure on Trump just increases his power.


    Chump had his chance and blew it......Big time!

    Back in the day, Capone had his gang AND the fan clubs of his 'Robin Hood' image,  but WAS finally taken down with the simple 'tax fraud' gambit.

    Hopefully it'll work that way again.

    These lawless  'folk heroes' of American individualism don't keep their charm after they're  seen in their orange jump suits

    and pulled from the national spotlight


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  2. Five big takeaways on the Capitol security hearings


    Former Capitol security officials clashed publicly on Tuesday over the events surrounding last month’s deadly assault on the Capitol complex, casting blame at the intelligence community and the Pentagon while delivering conflicting accounts of how the tragedy unfolded.

    Here are five takeaways from the day’s proceedings.

    Congress will need to probe contradictions

    There were major discrepancies between former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund and former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving as they recounted their actions before and during the Jan. 6 attack. The two officials couldn’t even agree whether a phone call had taken place between them as rioters were breaking into the building.........

    The witnesses Tuesday “may have disagreed on some details, but there is clear agreement this was a planned insurrection,” said Senate Rules Committee Chairwoman Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who noted it involved white supremacists and extremist groups and could have been even worse...............



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  3. I Can't Stand Fox News, But Censoring It Might Be The Dumbest Idea Ever

    How will the latest campaign against "misinformation" backfire for the country? Let's count the ways

    "................Confusing that which you find politically offensive with actually erroneous or deceptive reporting has become so common, even media professionals don’t seem to care about the difference anymore.

    Those gunning for the removal of Fox, Newsmax, and other outlets are clearly not interested in getting there by way of the law. They want to take advantage of the hyper-concentration of power among media distributors — the tech giants like Apple and Amazon that can zap a massively successful app like Parler overnight, and the confederation of cable carriers like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon that hold dominion over broadcast networks.

    We have to ask politicians like Eshoo and critics like Sullivan and Boot: where exactly do they want massive conservative audiences to go, if Fox is removed from the air?



  4. On 2/17/2019 at 6:12 PM, mr6666 said:

    Texas TribuneVerified account @TexasTribune Feb 16


    75% of people in Texas jails have not been convicted of any crime. Many can’t afford bail.

    Those defendants sit in jail, waiting, while others who can pay go free. #txlege


    Courts have called Texas bail practices unconstitutional. Will that push this year's reform efforts to success?

    Two years after a bail reform bill died in the Legislature, new bail legislation has other factors working in its favor.

    "........To illustrate what he considers a flawed system, he cited the case of a grandmother who was kept in jail for about two months on a $150,000 bond after allegedly shoplifting $105 worth of clothes for her grandchildren.

    The bipartisan legislation filed Monday aims to help poor, low-level defendants get out of jail on free bonds and keep in jail those thought to be flight risks or threats to public safety. The proposed risk-assessment tool would have to be used within two days of arrest to help judges determine the defendant’s level of risk based on criminal history, not just the current offense. The bills are similar to last session’s, when legislation passed the Senate but died before reaching the House floor.

    Whitmire blamed his 2017 bill’s failure on the powerful bail bond industry,.............



  5. Dallas County Judge on sky-high electric bills: ‘Don’t pay them’

    As Texans struggle with the aftermath of an unprecedented winter storm leaving them with water and energy problems, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what residents need to do now.



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