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  1. Fri., 3-12 Underground............. times ET 2:15 am Scissors (1991) 1h 47m | Thriller A repressed young woman is assaulted in the elevator of her building, and her neighbors tr... Director Frank Defelitta Cast Sharon Stone, Steve Railsback , Will Leskin, Mary Reynard, Ivy Jones, Ronny Cox see: https://letterboxd.com/film/scissors/ 4:15 am
  2. "With no major labor reform since the 1930s, Democrats are seizing on the opportunity to strengthen workers' rights -- including their ability to unionize. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed the PRO (Protect the Right to Organize) Act, the most pro-worker labor reform in decades, according to the bill’s sponsors, by a vote of 225-206. Though it faces an uphill battle in the 50/50 split Senate, President Joe Biden has said that labor reform is one of his administration’s top priorities..... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-passes-protect-right-organize
  3. ......"The court finds that no condition or combination of conditions of release will reasonably assure defendant's appearance as required [in court] or the safety of others and the community," Lamberth ruled. "Defendant characterizes himself as a peaceful person who was welcomed into the Capitol building on January 6th by police officers. The Court finds none of his many attempts to manipulate the evidence and minimize the seriousness of his actions persuasive," the judge continued.........
  4. gotta be gentle & PATIENT with rescue pets
  5. 2:45 am The Dunwich Horror (1970) 1h 26m | Horror/Science-Fiction Nancy Walker and Elizabeth Hamilton, two students who attend Miskatonic University and wor... Director Daniel Haller, Jack Bohrer Cast Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell, Ed Begley, Sam Jaff... ========================================================== -shoulda showed COMPULSION ('59)
  6. Russian Disinformation Campaign Aims to Undermine Confidence in Pfizer, Other Covid-19 Vaccines, U.S. Officials Say Websites linked to Russian intelligence services publish false information questioning vaccines’ safety, efficacy .........The websites played up the vaccines’ risk of side effects, questioned their efficacy, and said the U.S. had rushed the Pfizer vaccine through the approval process, among other false or misleading claims........ In addition, Russian state media and Russian government Twitter accounts have made overt efforts to raise
  7. OP: Congress Must Expand Health Care Now Through the American Rescue Plan Expanding health care incrementally through the American Rescue Plan will help save lives now, and lay the groundwork for health care for all later. ".........Congress is debating a covid relief bill, which is likely to pass one way or another in the next few days. As written, the American Rescue Plan will extend affordable health care to millions. It will encourage the 12 states that have not expanded Medicaid to cover up to 4 million more low income Americ
  8. Non-Americans Sickened By Drug Ads Aired During Meghan And Harry’s Interview “American adverts make me feel like I’m in some post-apocalyptic world,” one Twitter user said of the commercials featured during Oprah’s interview. "If these medicine ads are what it’s like to not have an NHS I never want to experience that" "I will never, ever, ever get used to drug companies advertising their products on tv in the US. It’s so **** dystopian." "........The fact that Americans are indifferent to these ads while Brits view them as “Saturday Night Live” parod
  9. TB: "........Because Poitier had to be an unrealistic perfect role model as a white-friendly type of black man, it limited him as an actor in terms of the roles he could play and earn money playing. Nowhere in my comments did I say that all black men had to be presented the same way. But because Sidney was playing his roles the same, it tells me that he was severely limited in range at that time. Whether that was his choosing or not, it's still what happened to him....."
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