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  1. CDC issues new guidance for Thanksgiving gatherings- ".........In guidance published Monday, the CDC said virtual gatherings or enjoying the holiday with members of your own household are the safest options this year. In-person gatherings with individuals from other households, including college students returning home from campus, are higher-risk options. The agency highlighted several factors households should consider before hosting an in-person Thanksgiving gathering. Health officials recommended looking at the rate of coronavirus cases in the area, limiting the amount of guests t
  2. The Hill @thehill · 8h Second group of international election observers report no evidence of fraud http://hill.cm/pf0Nztz
  3. Robert De Niro Issues Warning About The Person Donald Trump May Have Inspired- ........“Somebody’s going to come along who’s a lot smarter, more sensitive, more mercurial and not so boorish and will be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public,” he continued. “And then we will have a more serious, deeper problem, and one that might actually get further than what Trump has done.” “He’s also set an example, unfortunately, to other young people that this kind of thing can be done, and that’s why it’s so important after he is out of office that he is held accountab
  4. Robert Reich @RBReich · 3h Don't want to alarm you but Trump is purging DOD: Esper replaced by Trump toady Chris Miller. COS Jen Stewart by Kash Patel (who worked to discredit the Russia investigation) . Jim Anderson (Undersec) by Obama critic and Fox News guest Anthony Tata. Others... ==================================== - A 'trapped animal' is always the MOST desperate & Dangerous
  5. so, gonna sic Barr/DOJ on pollsters now ?????
  6. more like the re-airing the 10th (?) season of ''THE BLIND GOP OBSTRUCTION SHOW'' -SAD
  7. NPR @NPR · 1h The head of the Justice Dept.'s election crimes branch has resigned over Attorney General Barr's memo authorizing prosecutors to investigate allegations of voting irregularities — which are baseless. There has been no evidence of voting irregularities.
  8. If Trump Tries to Sue His Way to Election Victory, Here’s What Happens It’s easy enough for the Trump campaign to file a lawsuit claiming improprieties, but a lot harder to provide evidence of wrongdoing or a convincing legal argument. Here’s what you need to know as the election lawsuits start to mount. "......a lot harder to provide evidence of wrongdoing or a convincing legal argument. “I don’t understand how the integrity of the election was affected,” said U.S. District Judge Timothy Savage, something he repeated several times during the hearing. (However the judge ru
  9. As Trump Is Defeated, the Murdochs Try to Dodge Backlash for Fox News The Murdoch family, owners of Fox News, oversaw a pivot against President Trump as his defeat loomed. ".........their media holdings — not just Fox News — began sending out clear signals to President Trump that he should accept defeat. On Friday evening, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page skeptically noted that the Trump campaign “will have to prove” its baseless claims of election fraud, and advised the president to be ready to “concede gracefully.” The article’s headline was “The Presidential Endgame.” On Fox
  10. Barr tells DOJ to probe Santa & unicorn fraud claims if they exist-
  11. Barr tells DOJ to probe election fraud claims if they exist- https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-joe-biden-donald-trump-elections-voting-fraud-and-irregularities-4eeb9e0c97301a23ae8d05b54c3144fd?fbclid=IwAR1ZWKLcVVQa_cOlzoVI5m9J0HyYIMOkG1awgG4aG5zR2Q8uqXH5D28FXDY ========================================== ".......Barr’s announcement flies in the face of the longstanding Department of Justice policy that is supposed to prohibit such blatant actions before the election is formally certified. And let’s not forget this key point: there is *no* evidence — not “lit
  12. DOTUS: The Bidens’ Dogs Champ and Major Honored With Twitter Tribute Account There’s no whining in the White House! ".....German shepherds Champ and Major Biden have no official ties with the tribute Twitter account that launched Sunday according to the Biden campaign, but neither pooch should be whining about it. “We are the First Dogs of the USA, Champ and Major Biden,” their Twitter profile said. “You can call us #DOTUS. We love nom noms, snuggles and we can’t wait to explore the WH!” Early tweets feature to-die-for
  13. Georgia Voters Can Put an End to Mitch McConnell’s Grim Reaping January runoff races could flip the Senate and prevent the majority leader from obstructing another Democratic presidency. "......Unlike most states, Georgia allows for runoff elections when no candidate for the US Senate receives a majority of the votes in initial balloting. The state had two Senate elections on November 3—a regular contest for the seat held by Republican incumbent David Perdue and a special election for the seat held by appointed Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler. The special election pitting Loeffler
  14. I'll vote for "Buffoonish Demagogue & Former celebrity'' + "Indicted Felon"??
  15. Tues., 11-10 for Women Make Film..... 8:00 pm Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 11 (2019) Documentary | TV-14 A documentary that spans 13 decades and five continents to give a guided tour of the art a... Director No Director Available Cast No Cast Information Available. 9:15 pm Silent Waters (2003) 1h 35m | Drama | TV-14 In Pakistan during
  16. -good to finally see SOME explanations of their picks
  17. "......Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield announced on NBC's Meet the Press that the president-elect's coronavirus task force will be led by former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and David Kessler, a former head of the Food and Drug Administration........
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