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  1. I had posted a message yesterday happily announcing that I had finally had the Reminder feature working for me. Alas it was only a one time miracle! Have not been able to get it to works since. And today I can't even get the daily schedule to appear. What a wonderful website TCM, I do not think I will be visiting again for a long time. Hopefully when I return it will actually function! Fast losing faith in the only TV station I enjoy.
  2. Reminder feature on the schedule now working for me. Thanks TCM.
  3. sorry for the two messages saying both the same things but the website told me my message didn't work BOTH TIMES! so much for the new website!
  4. It's been more than a week since the new schedule format was launched and I am still unable to use the "Reminder" feature". When I click on the Reminder Icon a gray box pops up that says "Remind me when this movie plays on TCM" and then a "close" to close the box but that's it! No text within the box at all. Is this a system-wide problem or just for your Canadian viewers? I would appreciate it working by April 1st so I can remind myself of all the movies I want to watch next month. BTW, still loathing the new schedule format, EVERYTHING TAKES SO LONG to do! Definitely not an improvem
  5. It's been over a week since the new schedule format was launched and the Reminder feature is still not working! When I click on the Icon a gray box pops up that says "Remind me when this movie is showing on TCM" and then "close" beside it but not text in the body of the box...is this a system wide failure or just a problem for your Canadian viewers? I do hope that it is working by April so I can remind myself of the all the films I want to see that month. BTW, still hating the new schedule format, everything takes SO LONG to do! I see absolutely no improvement, would be MUCH HAPPIER if TCM
  6. Thanks TCM, the Canadian schedule is now accessible again.
  7. I hope that TCM is endeavoring to repair its "New and Not Improved" website and hope that is the reason I have been unable to access the Canadian schedule for the past two days as well as being unable to access the weekly or monthly schedule or data base. Why not make sure your new website actually works before foisting it upon your customers? Just a simple question.
  8. The new schedule FIASCO continues: Today I have tried 4 or 5 times to bring up the daily schedule to no avail. My only hope is that they have decided to dismantle the new website and are going back to the very well designed and efficient one they had before. What is going on TCM? Is there anyone there actually working on this disaster of a website?
  9. I am also having no luck in getting the reminder feature to work, really frustrating I must say. Hopefully they will eventually get this new and not improved website to actually start working. Frustrated and unhappy TCM viewer
  10. This new schedule format is truly wonderful!!!!!! Now Canadian viewers are left with a four hour gap this afternoon where there are no listings for movies playing between 1pm and 5pm EST. Way to go web page designers! Your new format is now truly an abomination! I want the old schedule format back! TCM if you truly care about your viewers, FIRE those responsible for this HUGE mistake. If Coca-Cola can get rid of "New Coke", anything is possible! A VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED TCM FAN! (and I always had the impression that TCM was such a professionally run organization!)
  11. As a real fan of TCM and its website, I was also appalled to see the new format for the schedule. You have taken an excellent feature of your website and given it over to a very imcompetent web page designer. I am NEVER interested in what Leonard Maltin has to say about ANY movie. In my opinion, he is the least talented movie reviewer I have ever come across. Your viewers are lovers of movies and very knowledgeable about them, they do not need Mr. Maltin's opinions! If TCM is trying to "dumb down" its website to attract all those viewers who prefer "amateurish reality shows", I think you
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