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  1. An uncharacteristically risque shot of a Fabulous Face who, from A to Z in the USA, was a beloved comedienne. This majestic Fabulous Face towered over her Hollywood contemporaries. Beauty-fied as she was here, this hayseed would make many a city slicker thank of a roll in the hay, Ah reckon. Unlike the other actresses (each fabulous in her own distinctive way) adorning this post, this Face was indeed Fabulous. An elegant beauty of patrician bearing and stately poise, she was, oddly, relegated to supporting charcter roles in movies.
  2. The beauteous dame posed with Anna May and Marlene is Leni Riefenstahl, the celebrated (and villified) actress, director (of the propagandistic Triumph of the Will ), and photographer.
  3. {...} Message was edited by: TCMWebAdmin Racial
  4. . . . Leo Gorcey was Da Leader o' da Pack! I'm a fan of the Dead End Kids, Little Tough Guys, East Side Kids, and Bowery Boys. Angels with Dirty Faces is my favorite DEK flick, primarily because of Jimmy Cagney's unforgettable performance. Second would be the Kids's debut, Dead End. The blazing demise of "Baby Face" Martin (Humphrey Bogart), dying in a "hail of bullets" is a memorable, standout scene in that outstanding 1937 adaptation. Leo Gorcey is, arguably, the most dynamic and charismatic member of the various gangs, although he had stiff "competition" from Billy Halop during the
  5. The Encore Mystery channel is again showing Nothing But the Night, which was a Charlemagne Productions one-shot. Charlemagne (so named because of Christopher Lee's blood relations to the eighth century Frankish king) was Lee's maiden attempt at producing movies. Unfortunately, because Nothing wound up being nothing at the boxoffice, this thriller was also the swan song of Charlemagne. Lee had formed the production company with partner and former Hammer producer Anthony Nelson Keys.
  6. Well, I think that I'll take a chance and order Christmas Holiday (also available on Amazon as a Region 2 DVD), Alias John Preston, and The House That Screamed. My main reluctance in buying DVD-Rs is that the format is not compatible with my "prehistoric" Pioneer combo laserdisc-DVD-CD player. I shall indeed report my findings on the MU DVDs. Thanks to all for your greatly appreciated responses.
  7. markfp, Thank you for the info. Regarding your statement "[MU] only sell commercially released DVDs and don't sell DVD-R recordings," the specific movies that I intended to order have not been commercially released, except perhaps as "gray market" products. Christmas Holiday is a Deanna Durbin flick, and therefore owned by Universal, which has not released it on Region 1 DVD. Alias John Preston and The House That Screamed are available as Region 1 DVD-Rs from Sinister Cinema, from which, I suspect, MU gets those titles.
  8. Thank you, vallo! According to information on Movies Unlimited, all DVDs are Region 1. Hmmm, I wonder how MU can offer movies that have not been officially (studio) released for retail? Anyway, thanks again for your helpful response.
  9. Are all of the movies in the Turner Classic Movies-Movies Unlimited catalog Region 1 DVDs? I am very interested in ordering several movies that have not been "officially" released on Region 1 DVD, specifically Alias John Preston, Christmas Holiday, and The House That Screamed (La Residencia). However, if these movies are in a DVD format other than Region 1 or if they are DVD-Rs, I will not order them. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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