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  1. Off to Ray Milland-Land... just for a moment. So many aging actors made some horrid films in their final years, either on a lark (hopefully!) but sadly I suspect some needed the money. Milland had plenty of TV appearances though, so one of his final films is strange - THE THING WITH TWO HEADS (1972) where he is attached to Rosey Grier. Now, we've all heard about actors doing their stunts, or not doing them. But this film, well... the film is horrible. Top to bottom. But there is one thing that's doubtless: this is an heroic effort by both Rosey and Ray. Here is Ray, an o
  2. OK OK - stop it with all this food chat! Good grief... it's been HOURS since I had a wee-hour's breakfast, and Wifey's at the shop and called for me to have a 30-min delay in my arrival due to her busy schedule. That's my lunch date, folks. Delayed. I'm STARVING. So, stop making these posts too interesting to bypass, and too often including food, recipes, etc. I'M STARVING!! But jeepers, there are so many wonderful films in just this last page of entries! And that's for that GAZEBO poster, Molo, because NOW I've got something for that disk's eventual printing! Wheee...
  3. Those aren't bad hats, by the way. Laura had recently returned from Lubbock, infamous for throwing tortillas. Laura's travelmates were too embarrassed to tell her that she should take the tortillas off - some of them had initially tricked her into pridefully thinking this was Lubbock's version of Mardi Gras beads. And when Laura responded with flashing, well, naturally, more tortillas were tossed. They would have been anyway. It's Lubbock, after all. It's what they do. No one of course told Laura. "They do have radio repair shops, by the way." At this point, Laura, humiliated
  4. (Hmmm... I didn't realize that George The Animal Steele was still with us. Hmmm... TCM's just gotta think of a most excellent guest host for a Tor Day's event.)
  5. That double-decker link is dangerous! After 20 minutes, Wifey came in, shrieked and pointed to all the peanut husks around my chair. Sorry... I thought I was tossin' 'em into the gutter, off the upper deck!! Bronxie, you're gettin' me in trouble...
  6. Whew! "Leg cramp" comments made me think someone had been talking to Wifey about her Dusty Rhodes Memorial Drop-Kick Sleeper Hold Dungeon games she was planning. Whew! I guess all of that was just a dream.
  7. My mistake in making my adoration for All Things Pleshette. She was indeed a MAJOR crush for me. "Why didn't the crows head for that flashy blonde instead?!!" Pleshette and, perhaps earlier, the sultry voiced Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake) sort of wised me past those "All American Moms" of my first crushes. Pleshette, definitely, and then like you, Shelley Fabares. Something about her totally-cute-face, just too awesome to withstand. (Sometime in the '70s, Myrna Loy was doing dinner-theaters around the country and my mother foolishly let my father take her to see whatever Myrna was do
  8. Molo, don't start me up on Suzanne Pleshette... I grew up in love with June Lockhart and Marjorie Lord, maybe a li'l Donna Reed as favorite wives and moms, but after snagging some Bob Newharts last year, I remember why I kinda gave up on TV - no more Suzanne. She's to me probably what Myrna Loy was to my father... sigh... And I'm still tappin' my head over Bronxie's claims of innocence, blaming her poor brother for all misdeeds. Hmmm... yeah yeah, I've heard those before...
  9. I think Swithin's argument solidifies my vote. As a teenager, I found reading the various Sherlock books too, ahem, uncompelling ("borrring") and, in my 30s, all that vast, additional wisdom didn't yield superior reading results, either. So I don't know if Basil was compelled by the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate to sing and dance "because the book did it." Heaven knows ALL Hollywood productions oh-so-faithfully obey every written book! cough cough, gag gag
  10. I'll vote "not dubbed" simply because of the expense although ADVENTURES was a "high dollar" production, I think, so maybe... and the long camera angles would certainly make that more easily done although Basil HAD to have this kind of experience in his repertoire. But voice or no, his agility and dance-rhythms are top notch.
  11. I'd have removed "costume" from your argued statement because his performance in 1935's KIND LADY as Aline MacMahon's murderous butler shows his villainy without need of anything beyond contemporary fashion, too.
  12. Of course, Tor's living into the future as a browser in our Internet Of Things. First, Mt Rushmore, lately as a browser. He's getting to be like those blasted Talbots - they keep showing up, time after time. Lyle, Nina, Gloria... (she can't hide from me - adding a "T" doesn't fool me - she's still a Talbot, appearing everywhere.)
  13. Yes, Nadar... at his nadir, on his nees. Er, knees...
  14. I'm not sure where the Mickey Pix originated... I have a feeling Ava's portfolio didn't need pix to remind her as she moved on with the rest of her life!
  15. Exactly what MY sister claims, too. Or what she would claim. If I'd take the gag offa her mouth. (And of course, our very best to your mum, too. Ours is pushing the same age, a child of 1921. And I still marvel at all the changes her parents saw!)
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