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  1. I'd particulary like to see the silent version of The Merry Widow shown. I remember it being shown about 3 years ago but TCM listed the wrong run time for it and I missed taping about ten minutes of it. I'd also like to see the Lilian Gish silent version of La Boheme.
  2. Could somebody please elaboarate further on The Adventures of Robin Hood blunder where a gray car is visible? I usually could care less about blunders in movies but this sounds like an interesting one.
  3. According to the book Joan Crawford The Essential Biography by Lawrence J. Quirk, "Barbara Stanwyck adopted a boy who just seemed to fade out of her life when he reached adulthood -- discarded, almost as if he were a chair or a table Stanwyck no longer found appealing".
  4. There was a comedy (too lazy to check IMDB for name) with Mickey Rooney and Eddie Bracken as gas station owners that steal gas. It was pretty funny, even though I detest Rooney!
  5. C'mon, classicfilmnut are you going to tell me that if TCM receives huge ratings for their airing of Austin Powers (younger viewers) they won't hesitate to air movies likes Trading Places, Caddyshack, Stripes, stuff like that in prime-time. And once something like that occurs it doesn't leave too much room for classics (in prime-time) when most of us tune in.
  6. WOW! There's a pinball machine on the set! That'll really bring in the youngster's! Remember, the more that the younger people tune in, the more the classics fade away!
  7. Today as I watched the Gary Cooper birthday celebration throughout the day on TCM (don't worry I have a job) I couldn't help but to keep mixing up Joan Leslie and Theresa Wright. I also have the same problem with Dana Andrews and Robert Cummings. I always mix them up for some reason. My question is this: Is there any actors or actresses that you mix up from time to time either because they look like one another or for some other reason?
  8. I just read up on Barbara Payton. She win's the prize!
  9. When asked this question I always think back to poor Karl Dane (The Big Parade, The Scarlet Letter) who was a star at MGM. As talkies arose, his thick Danish accent forced him into small non-talkitive roles until finally he was forced out of the business and became a hot-dog vendor outside MGM studios and ultimatly blew his brains out with a gun. I also think of Veronica Lake who became so washed up that she became a waitress at a truck stop and was barely unrecognizable. Also little Frankie Darro who when he grew up, the little money he did get for acting he bought booze and lived in an alle
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