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  1. When viewing this movie I got the feeling I watching German expressionism at it's best but the movie was directed by Archie Mayo!!! By the way, this movie happens to be a public domain film that can easily be found in $1 stores across the nation!
  2. Recently, I was reading a book about silent films written by the great radio host Joe Frankin. The book was written around 1959 and Franklin listed the top 3 "lost" movies he would love to view but probably will never get a chance to. The list included Mare Nostrum, The Bat, and A Woman of Paris. All three of these movies have been located since the printing of his book in 1959, so there is always hope that some of these other "lost" movies may not really be lost afterall.
  3. Just wanted to thank TCM for showing this wonderful movie last Sunday night! I enjoyed the movie very much but I did notice in a few parts that the title cards went by very quickly before the viewer had a chance to read them. But, that's the beauty of taping a great movie like this, you can go back and rewind or pause and read the title card.
  4. This complaint has come up a number of times over the year's on this message board. I look at it this way, I think it is a very small price to pay for having commercial-free and unedited classic movies. Also, there are plenty of people who are out there in the world selling taped and converted DVD's of TCM movies. This way the buyer knows where the movie comes from, and it may solve a few of bootlegging issues.
  5. To answer one of the users questions, unfortantly from what I have read and heard these dogs were not treated very well when they made these shorts. It is a pity, and does hinder some of the viewing of these shorts but as the old saying goes "Hot Dogs are very good to eat but you don't want to see how they're made".
  6. There is a distributor called Moviecraft Home Video that carries this short for about $30. You can find it on Eopinions.com. I became quite the expert over the years on this short because it had eluded me for so long until finally I caught it on tape. My tip is to look for a 40 minute gap in between movies, particulary Silent Sunday Night Movies.
  7. Really the only thing that FMC had going for it was that they aired a very pristine copy of SUNRISE some time ago. TCM had never shown SUNRISE before, but that is gonna change in a few months when this wonderful movie is premired on TCM!
  8. I also want to thank you for posting the Variety article. I like the idea of the "Underground" movies being shown. I do however resent the comment in the article that TCM takes itself too seriously and feels the need to add this new feature to their line-up. I don't understand why showing silent movies, foreign movies, and pre-code movies is considered taking yourself too seriously. Why must everything have to appeal to the youth market in order to be hip?
  9. Before AMC went downhill I did enjoy their Saturday night with Hitchcock feature in which Sharon Stone (?) of all people hosted. I'd like to see just one Hitchcock movie spotlighted for the week. And of course MORE AND MORE SILENT MOVIES PLEASE!
  10. I've always found something quite peculiar about BOAN that I have never been able to figure out. I could swear that there was another actress that played Mae Marsh's character at the beginning of the movie. I've never seen any evidence to support my point so I might be completly wrong on this.
  11. Nice to see Dave O'Brien get a shout out! He's one of my favorite lousy actors (nice oxymoron). O'Brien is very good in the Pete Smith shorts cause he doesn't hardly ever talk in them (he probably would of been a good silent screen star). I like his so-called acting in the East Side Kids movies. Long Live Dave O'Brien!
  12. I recall reading King Vidor's book (forgot the title) regarding the William Desmond Taylor murder and he stated something to the effect that Moreno was very standoffish about the murder and didn't want Vidor to poke his nose where it was not wanted. It strikes me as funny that Vidor thought Moreno had been dead for year's but found him living in obscurity and still keeping what he knows about the Taylor murder top secret.
  13. I was really bummed too Jackpickford1, when TCM incorrectly listed the wrong ending time for the movie. I don't want to do a commercial for anybody but I will say that the Gagman definely did a great job by converting this movie to DVD. The movie in my opinion is a wonderful showcase for Mae Murray and her bee-stung lips. Not many of Mae's silents exist but with this movie being intact one can get a good sense of what made Mae a bona-fide movie star that got top-billing over even John Gilbert. Of course, much has been said about the foot fetish scenes but that stuff only goes on for a few
  14. Actually it does work! I requested La Boheme a few months back and low and behold it's on the schedule for November. The Osmond fan abuses it on a regular occasion requesting Osmond movies so maybe TCM isn't paying much attention to it anymore.
  15. I, along with many were looking forward to this movie being shown. This is certainly some bad news! Please, TCM Programmer can you address the issue of why this movie has been taken off the schedule? Thank You!
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