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  1. I hope the Harlow movie, Goldie, is included in the set. Has anyone seen this film? Is there a copy left?
  2. I bought the Universal set also. Wait until you watch The Cheat. The figurines are wonderful as well as the costume Tallulah Bankhead wears. She is given this costume by Irving Pichel. He plays a sinister character. I won't go into anything more as I don't want to spoil your watching of this movie. Enjoy!!
  3. I saw this years ago and watched it several times since. This is about five O. Henry stories. They were all wonderful to watch and although I don't know how much it is being sold for, but I'll bet it is worth it. My favorite is between "The Gift of the Magi" and "The Last Leaf". If I say why, it will give it away, so I won't go any further.
  4. I loved watching this show when I was young. Of course at that time I had a big crush on Jim along with Batman, Robin and Capt. Kirk. Anyway, one of my favorites was the Crying House episode. I have a question, though, on a different episode which I believe was from the Wild, Wild West. This was a sorty line where an older woman had a fight on her hands, but was unable to fight anymore. She passed the reins to a younger man who first objected, but then took over for her. My memory isn't what it used to be, so please help me by answering if this was a WWW episode. Thank you in advance.
  5. I love the movie Poltergeist. I would take my kids to Cape May, NJ every summer for our family vacation and we stayed in a haunted Victorian home. One night when the kids were out and I was all alone at the Merry Widow (the name of our Victorian vacation place), Poltergeist came on the TV again. Even though I had watched this movie many times I was still frozen with fear while it was on and couldn't wait for my kids to return. But, I love being scared by movies so I loved it. Also, add The Exorcist and The Omen to my list.
  6. I understand there will be a Forbid Vol 3. What I would like to know is when will it come out? Sign me up.
  7. I apologize. I got confused with Madame Satan - which is one of the craziest movies I have ever seen. Has Madame Racketeer ever been shown on TCM? Again I am sorry for the mix-up.
  8. Thank you for the link to look at the movie posters. Did you look at the one for Rafter Romance? What is his hand doing anyway?
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