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  1. hawkraven - You must feel free to share in here ! According to the math, you certainly have seniority.
  2. > Sure sounds like a romantic story, doesn't it? B-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cinemascope - I considered that ... it does ... which would explain ..... things.
  3. >Then he asked if i needed help. Then i said no but you can come over to my >place. He said okay. So i drove him to my apartment. My apartment at the time >was very small but it had my fathers piano in it. he sat down and tought me a >piano duet. That was fred for you. ------------------------------------------------------ hawkraven - Seriously ? Upon introducing himself, at the spur of the moment, Fred accepted your invitaion, jumped in your car and rode to your place with you ? If any, what was the conversation during that trip ? And seriously, you had Fred sitting at your da
  4. stoneyburke - So now do you think its legit ? Hmmmm ?
  5. Great praises to Paul Douglas .... bravo moirafinnie6.
  6. Who are the best character actors ? Most memorable ?
  7. ANNE, I also walked miles to school alone in freezing temps and blizzards(as in the stories I tell my child ... hahaha). But I think maybe I was not yet old enough to use the telephone when they were asking "numbah plee-uhzz" .... do you have any idea when direct dialing a telephone came into being ?
  8. Right on Baker ! But don't you also love Astaire's acting ? I love how he played all of his roles ... so sophisticatedly cool, but never a snob !
  9. Hahahahaha ... OK, movielover, about the head switch ... but Astaire was just so darned cool, without seeming snobby, that his looks work for me.
  10. Birdy, you crack me up ! The ventriloquist thing.
  11. Ink well ! Now that is cool ! I too had the pen cartridges in the fountain pen like Stoneyb....and the 3-ring notebook with the blue cloth cover. Truman had just become US President when I was born ... how about you ?
  12. Yes I think ! She is great in every role she has played !
  13. Who's your favorite ? And what is your age ?
  14. "Best years Of Our Lives" .... excellent choice as your favorite film ... we're on the same pixel here.
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