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  1. This Community is Not Available Please contact the community owner for assistance.
  2. Are there not enough Noir films that prevents Noir Alley from being on every Sunday? I have grown accustomed to making it part of my Sunday at 10 am and there are sometimes weeks where it is not aired. Even if it can't be hosted every week can we at least watch a Noir film Sundays at 10am?
  3. I might have asked this question before. There was a movie made around 1958 where a young boy is turned into a werewolf because of nuclear testing. I only remember a scene of him sitting on the porch and a little while later he looks like a wolf boy.
  4. I love TCM but I also see the same movies repeated often.
  5. Thanks, I haven't been to that end of the board yet. This is a big place.
  6. Maybe if it was "Robot Monster" which is pretty bad and funny at the same time. Some of those cult movies such as "Eraserhead" are great films.
  7. I love Noir Alley and some of the sci fi films that I have seen on TCM. Would a "bad cinema" night work? Maybe just one film a week but not so horrible a film that no one would want to watch it. A film like Robot Monster, Beast With a Million Eyes, Billy the Kid Meets Dracula and some 50's and 60's weird films. Some of these films do show up occasionally on TCM but I consider Bad Cinema as an art in its own right. It has to be a bad film but not hideously awful. It would need to have some value as a cult film or so rare that we have heard about it but never seen it bef
  8. Shouldn't Noir Alley be aired in the dead of night? Sunday at 10 am seems like a time for family viewing. Now 10 pm is a different story.
  9. Maybe if someone actually cared.
  10. I found a copy of "I'd Rather Have The Blues" from Kiss Me Deadly on Youtube. It's great to hear the entire song crystal clear.
  11. Gee, thanks for the help. I have been a member here for many years and can't believe that there has not been one response. Am I the only one with these problems with Chrome???
  12. Was the Mid-Atlantic, Transatlantic accent used mainly in the early talking pictures? At some point in time it disappeared from most films but in the 30's it seemed that most actresses and a few actors acquired the accent. Were these people from the theater? When did the accent phase out?
  13. Lets see if I ever receive a response. I know others have had similar problems but mine is a very new problem.
  14. I am unable to access the Watch TCM site because I receive the message "This is the first time you have logged on through a social network" my incorrect email address is grayed out and I cannot update it. I am stuck on this one screen. I even tried to disable any ad blockers that were enabled. Is this a new thing? I saw some problems in March of this year but this just started with me. I have never tried to log on TCM through any social network. What gives?
  15. I agree with a lot of what you are saying but for me I am going to watch these Noir movies on TCM or a movie channel. If I want it any more graphic I can purchase the video. A lot of things in the two movies being discussed may not be clear to most but I hove read both books also. To me Chandler can be a tough read because of his word usage and ancient expressions. Put a ribbon on it is one of the strangest to me. But is was so well written into the script that I can see Powell saying it. Chandler was older than all of my grandparents (my oldest grandfather being born in 1892). It's interestin
  16. Is it really any better that the restrictions were lifted and sex and four letter words were more acceptable in the mid 70's? What is unsaid but insinuated is what I prefer. Part of the reason I avoid network television is the total loss of values. No family shows and few sitcoms that are not overly concerned with sex. The Noir films said more by not saying anything. I didn't appreciate the racism in the book though and was glad it was not included in the 1944 film. Blacks were treated horrible in the cinema of the 30's and 40's.
  17. Not a review just my observation after multiple viewings.
  18. This is a great film that Dick Powell was made to star in. It takes a few viewings to get past Marlowe's sarcasm. I don't think any of Powell's lines didn't have that sarcastic edge. After reading the book several times I can hear Chandler in the dialog. Who else would pen the line "put a ribbon on it'? Took a while to get past what seems like an archaic speech pattern. So this movie only gets better with repeated viewings. Anne Shirley is about as cute as a young lady can be. Everything just works and it is a typical convoluted Chandler plot. I almost have to take notes to keep track
  19. Singing in the Rain (1952) Gene Kelly age 40 and Debby Reynolds age 20, in a romance. I'll be Seeing You (1944) Tom Tully age 36 Spring Byington age 58, husband and wife. Susan Slept Here (1954) Dick Powell age 50 Debby Reynolds age 22, housemates with more to come. I think it's funny that in real life our families and peers would be all over us for getting in a relationship with such a huge age difference. In Hollywood we might as well forget the age of the actors and just enjoy the film. Any other examples you can think of?
  20. Why did Fields wear a hat with no top? There must be some reason. So his head wouldn't sweat under the studio lights? Because he couldn't afford a complete hat? Because it was easier to put on and take off? Beats me.
  21. There was a teacher at my Junior High who looked almost exactly like Victor Mature. His name was Mr Criticos but we called him Mr Crookedtoes. Just felt like sharing that moment in history from 1962.
  22. She appears after 4 seconds when Jim and Elaine are at the piano. Marjorie Main look alike. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtuIol9aYnw
  23. Sorry, I have been searching for the lady's picture but can't find it. She goes back to the late 1970's and early 1980's. I think she appeared on the episode of Taxi when Jim takes Elaine to a society dinner and finds out he had taken piano lessons.
  24. Yes, Barney Martin. Not the Barney from the Twilight Zone with the third eye.
  25. Did the lady who appeared on the "Hungry Boy" or "Hungry Jack" commercials resemble Marjorie Main? This woman would occasionally appear on a television show, usually as a society matron. There was a 70's comedian who appeared in many commercials who reminded me of Lou Costello. I think his first name was Barney and he was not Italian. I can't post pictures here from my pc at work and accessing the forum at home is nearly impossible. Maybe someone can dig up the pictures for me. Thank you.
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