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  1. One of the articles mentioned that Levon received a second chance to perform for an additional 10 years. Apparently he chose not to have throat surgery, hoping to be able to perform again. In time his voice returned and was nearly back to normal. So we had another 10 years from a great performer. Still I wish he were still with us.
  2. Fios offered McAfee Internet Security for $5.99 a month with the first 30 days free. McAfee offered the same thing for $49.99. Apparently Fios can't do the math.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_McNear
  4. Burt Mustin, Ellen Corby, Reta Shaw, Frank Ferguson, John Anderson, Robert Emhardt, Virginia Gregg, Malcolm Atterbury, Olan Soule, Jesse White, Herb Vigran are some. Dragnet used many great character actors.
  5. I watched the Anne Shirley movies on April 30 or May 1 and I have to say she was one of the cutest young women I ever saw on the screen. I remember Murder My Sweet from about 8 years later and she still looked perfect. Most of the young women in the 1930's had that 30's look but Anne would still look perfect in 2012.
  6. I had Fios installed on April 30. No problems at all, very smooth installation. Of course Fios has a 24 month promotion so I plan to keep an eye on expiration dates. Called Comcast and Vonage to cancel services. I think I will be saving about $80.00. Went to the Comcast drop off location to drop off the modem, cable boxes and remotes.
  7. The Last Waltz may not be a great idea. I think the problems between Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm came to a head during the filming of this movie. Levon thought that Scorcese was more interested in making a star out of Robertson than featuring the rest of the band. He was very bitter about this. If you remember the film, each member was interviewed but Robertson was given the star treatment. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Apr 20, 2012 3:19 PM
  8. I will miss him. I am a fan of The Band and his work after the band. Robbie Robertson and Garth Hudson are the only Band members still alive. What I noticed about Levon was his beautiful speaking voice. He was the only member of the group from the United States, the other four being Canadians.
  9. A few pluses: I receive $10.00 discount a month for 24 months, 10% discount for government employee, no rental fees for the equipment. There was no issue with Xfinity Internet since it has always remained at $48.95 a month plus the $7.00 Modem rental. The entire issue was with the Xfinity TV jacking up all the prices to the tune of $60.00.
  10. Well, I am trying the Fios bundle for 24 months and the promise is that I will save $100 a month over what I am currently paying (increasing $10.00 a month in 2 years). So now Verizon has me for 2 years. I know it may not be any better but I need a change. I like the idea of having one bill and not 3 separate bills. I was using Vonage for my landline, Verizon for my cell and Comcast for tv and internet and this month I have paid $315.04: Comcast $210.46, Verizon $71.38 and Vonage $33.20. If I got rid of the Android phone I could probably save another $40.00 a month. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Apr 17, 2012 3:26 PM
  11. Since we pay so much for cable can we ask the cable companies to loan us cash? We must be helping to pay their salaries and allowing the CEO to live high in the lap of luxury. Why not write down whatever hours your service is down due to outages and whatever hours you are just not watching. We are paying for 24/7 service but do we watch tv 24/7? Why not send the cable company a bill saying "please reimburse me for the 120 hours that the tv was not used last month" and when they stop laughing you may receive a response. Maybe if they were inundated with these requests they might give us a price break and reinstate TCM to those who have lost it.
  12. What is sad about all of this is that we support the only "quality" commercial free station I can think of. If I were to make a random guess, the cable companies have factored TCM into whatever package yields them the highest profit. No other station has ever cared about quality, only making money. If Time Warner (or some other conglomerate) now owns TCM, there must be a reason it has remained commercial free. The fan base maybe? You can't lose loyal fans so why not tack TCM onto a profit making inflated package?
  13. Anything viewed as a luxury comes with a price today. When I was growing up we had a landline rotary phone, radio and tv. I was pretty satisfied back then but I was pretty young. Today everyone needs a mobile phone so they pay outrageous prices for this luxury item. For a very basic cell phone the price is fairly reasonable. Who needs basic? We must be able to text and surf the internet on our phone. For basic cable the price is fairly reasonable. When tv switched from analog to digital people don't want a basic service when they have a large screen tv so they opt for a large price bundle of crap with High Definition. For what we are paying, do we see fewer ads? No, we see more ads online and on tv. I am as much at fault as most people. I was the last of my friends to buy a vcr, a cd player and I did not purchase a cell phone until 2003. And I got greedy and wanted a larger phone with more features so I got a Blackberry. Every time your contract is up for renewal you have a choice of spending full-price for a phone or signing a 2 year contract (or whatever) to get the phone cheaper. On Demand is a great feature, especially all the free movies. Some of the programs are beginning to show ads. What I think has happened is that these companies have gotten greedy because the public is demanding more. Since I am now retired I have to find ways to cut back so basic cable and basic cell phone may be the only solution.
  14. The general feeling I get is that not one person is satisfied with Comcast or with Fios. This does not leave many options when these two companies Monopolise my area. I would never return to dial-up and totally disregard the television set. The TV is big screen and good for showing videos at least, so I need basic cable.
  15. I just checked my zipcode and WOW is not available in my area at this time. Forgot to mention, Comcast offered to remove HBO and Starz and decrease my bill from $210 to $187. Wow, what a savings. I am not cancelling Comcast until I speak with Fios on Monday to see what they will offer. Since my cell phone account is currently with Verizon, maybe I can get a deal if I add cable and internet to the package. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Apr 15, 2012 12:16 PM
  16. I like these: The Gunfighter The Ox-Bow Incident Winchester 73 The Searchers Shane High Noon The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Stagecoach My Darling Clementine The Magnificant Seven
  17. The only good thing about Comcast is that Vertigo is on right now on Retroplex. So basically, all I watch is TCM and Retroplex. I find myself watching the Disney Channel because children's television is required to air fewer commercials. Since there is nothing on commercial television remotely resembling the old classic comedies the Disney Channel has a few shows that can appeal to an adult audience. And then there is Spongebob that is definitely an adult cartoon on a children's station.
  18. I found this link with basic rates. Looks like a typical promotion for a limited time and then the rates go up. http://www.cabletv.com/comcast/cable-tv/basic-cable. These promo's are intended to entice new customers. It might be fun to drive them crazy by switching back and forth every 6 months between Comcast and Fios but I don't think I would try it more than once. The bottom line, there are few choices. So if they are all crooked one has to choose the lesser of two evils. If I choose Fios it will only be to test it out and not that is is any better than Comcast. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Apr 15, 2012 11:27 AM
  19. Sorry to rant but I have seen so many negative Comcast posts I just wanted to add my experience. In Baltimore there are not many choices. Comcast and Fios are about it.
  20. When my son moved in a year ago I ordered a new cable box for HD digital for myself and an outlet for my son's room. All this time I have been paying about $148.69 a month for television and internet. This months bill is $210.46. Here I thought I was paying for normal service and now I come to find it was a promotion offer for $49.99 and as of April will be raised to $87.10, my son's additional outlet will be increased from $9.99 to $16.95 , HBO and Starz (which I never watched) will be increased from $6.00 to $10.00 and HD DVR Service from $9.95 to $16.95. Now you can say I was naive but I think I should have known better. To me $148.00 is even a bit high for a retired person. When I called and complained all they offered was to cancel HBO and Starz. My 30 years as a customer does not matter when there is a promotion. They were nice enough to allow me to keep TCM, Retro and Flix. Goodbye Comcast I think I may try Fios. Not that they are any better but I know people who are happy with Fios. I am just an average citizen and the billionaire Comcast people couldn't care much if they lose a 30 year customer.
  21. Now I am thinking about my favorite scenes from Get Smart. What a great program. My favorite scene (I am a drummer) is Max hiding inside a bass drum and the KAOS agent pounding the drum while he is having a discussion with another agent. Too many great scenes to mention here.
  22. I know TCM movies are unedited but The Godfather trilogy? Is the language kept intact? I am not much for bad language or violence but to remove it would be like defacing a public monument. A movie is art and art should not be tampered with. This is why a commercial during a movie or an edit is wrong.
  23. I grew up with television. My parents purchased their first set in 1950. For some reason I was able to tolerate those early copmmercials. You also knew when to expect a commercial break and there was time to get a snack, go to the bathroom or whatever could be done in 2 1/2 minutes. Now you can probably do those things plus read the newspaper and when you are through the commercial break will not have ended. The 5 minute commercial break is the norm. I stopped watching commercial television when they started the split screens and voiceovers and when the credits became unreadable. I don't like how one show leads right into the next with no break. This is only a sneaky attempt to include more time for commercials.
  24. Is there any way to change the threads from oldest message to newest message with the oldest being on page 1?
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