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  1. If TCM is going to have their 31 days of Oscar why can't they pick one month with 31 days? Why February or April?
  2. I viewed "The Picture of Dorian Gray" for the first time a few months ago. Even though it moves slowly at times, it never gets dull. I would give it at least a 9. I have since watched it twice on "Movies on Demand." I'm posting because the movie is available this month. The second movie I watched this month is "The Uninvited" which I would also rate as a 9.
  3. Evelyn Varden is great as Icey Spoon. Two scenes seem to conflict. When Powell confides in Icey that his wife had been drinking and walked out on her family, Icey appears to detest alcohol. In the crowd scene when Powell is found to be a murderer, she cries out "Lynch Him." If you look at her in the crowd scene she appears to be inebriated. She was the typical busybody neighbor who would take over and try to run other people's lives. We all know people like her.
  4. Naked City and Peter Gunn were great. I also liked Columbo and The Rockford Files. Mission Impossible was very good. The noirish style of the 50's and early 60's seemed to be gone by the 70's. Probably after color took over. The jazz music (Peter Gunn) and realism (Naked City) made them special to me. To me Peter Gunn episodes were like short noir films. I think it was the best detective series ever made for television. The episodes were about 26 minutes long and the pace was extremely fast. A lot of action packed into each episode.
  5. I remember a series from 1969 titled "My Friend Tony," with James Whitmore, that ran for 16 episodes. I saw the first three episodes and my local station promptly scrapped the series. There were decent reviews and the episodes I saw were good. Anything with James Whitmore is first-rate in my opinion. And there were very good guest stars appearing. So what happens to these series that flop but receive decent reviews? There are other programs, but this show comes to mind because it was aired 10-11 pm on Sunday evenings.
  6. I don't see how Time Warner (or whatever conglomeration is taking over) would want to run a no commercial format. Maybe it is why TCM has branched out with books and video and a wine club. There are also many films that I would never consider as being classic, that are being shown. I have nothing but respect for Ted Turner.
  7. Looks like Marlon Brando and Shirley Temple are bumping Noir Alley this weekend. So what else is new? My mind is just set for 12 midnight and 10 am on Sunday. It has become a habit and I am lost without Noir on Sunday.
  8. Firefox was okay, I could view the controls. Must be issues with Chrome.
  9. Mouse click doesn't work at all. I am now wondering if it is the Chrome browser with the iMac. I'll try Firefox and Safari to see how they behave.
  10. Are the servers still down? I am having the same issue six months later. Not sixty seconds, not six hours, not six days. Six Months!
  11. I am no computer guru but it stands to reason if you have an overly bloated website there are going to be problems. Can't you separate Watch TCM from the main site? There is too much of everything. Make it easier. When I watch the movies I have no controls whatsoever in the video player. The movie plays and I can't even pause it if I have to leave the room for a minute. TCM is a great channel and I would hope you would want a great website as well. Since this thread has been started in October 2017 and it is July 2019, I don't see any resolution in the near future. We have
  12. Is it normal to lose the controls once the movie starts playing? I accidentally lost the full screen and could not access any of the controls at all. No full-screen, no pause, no estimate of the time viewed or time remaining, nothing at all but the video screen itself. I am using a Mac with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.5. I am accessing the films via Verizon.
  13. Wish I could remember. It was about two years ago on a special program where several early talking pictures were introduced. All were from 1928. This was my favorite because of the weirdness and off the wall jokes. One of the jokes went something like this. "On my porch there were 35 geese. It was a porch o geese."
  14. I have a twisted sense of humor and I loved the 1928 short that TCM aired featuring a comedy duo in an early talking film. They stood close together, side by side and were expressionless. They told the most bizarre jokes that I have ever heard. At the end they did a dance, close together with a lot of strange high kicks. One was fairly young and the other was extremely frail looking and looked to be about 15 years older. Who were they? I managed to find a video on Youtube but it has long since been taken down. Can someone name this Vaudeville duo?
  15. Rocky and Bullwinkle and Batman the Animated Series from 1992.
  16. How can there be a 31 days of Oscar in February when there is only 28 or 29 days in the month?
  17. I use Chrome and I have a Mac and I think it could be part of my issue.
  18. I don't know what happened while I was watching this film but I found it extremely unsettling. Something strange happened though, I found myself falling for Candace Hilligoss a few minutes into the film. She sort of reminded me of Ruta Lee, who was recently on a Perry Mason episode. These independent films seem very real to me. Then I realized that the actress would be in her 80's today. There was so much realism that you can overlook the mediocre acting. Even though it was dated, in a way it could have been filmed last week. I knew an independent director here in Marylan
  19. Glad I tuned in and found out that Noir Alley is taking the entire month of February off. Like I said earlier it's only two hours a week for crying out loud. I can sleep late on Sundays for a month.
  20. Thanks. I have been so busy (I'm a musician among other activities) that I missed any announcement. Since I have a band rehearsal this evening I will have to schedule a DVR recording for tonight. Thanks for letting me know. I guess it's obvious that Noir is my favorite genre.
  21. Here I am complaining again about the omission of Noir Alley today. Isn't this but a two hour spot and why must it disappear whenever there is a holiday weekend or special event? Can't TCM show a Noir film in the usual spot even if Eddie Muller is on vacation or it is a holiday weekend? It's only a two hour spot once a week (well, two with the midnight showing). I can't be the only one that feels this way. This is the last time I will formally complain about this. Please forgive me.
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