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  1. I have a couple of thousand movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, many captured from TCM, So I am obviously on the side of having movies on disk rather than depending on streaming. For some reason I felt like watching "An Unmarried Woman" tonight. I had recorded it several years ago from a channel with the do not copy bit turned on. Unfortunately I have since changed computers so that file would not play. So I went searching for a DVD or streaming alternative. The DVDs are out of print and extremely expensive and I could not find this film available to stream anywhere. This is not an obscure film: it wa
  2. I have also been trying for months to get this to work. I have the link button but it doesn't work. If you do a google search for this problem you find many people having the same problem. If TCM is no longer accepting requests (Whether on not they ever act on them) they should say so and get rid of the request web page. At the very least it is impolite to treat their loyal users this way.
  3. I just watched Woman times Seven which I had recorded a few days ago. This was supposedly the first time TCM had shown this film. I wonder why, with TCM's reputation for showing films uncut and unadulterated, they showed this film in pan and scan 1.37:1 when the correct aspect ratio is 1.85:1. Especially since the film is available on DVD in the correct aspect ratio.
  4. I am having the same problem and it is now August 2019
  5. [~ValentineXavier] you seem to know how things work at TCM. Perhaps you can explain what is really happening when TCM broadcasts a film in the TCM high-def channel. If the film has been converted to a high def file, say it is available on a Blu-Ray disk, is the film transmitted in a tru High-def format with a true 1080p resolution? If a film has not been converted from the original film stock to a high-def transfer, Is the film simply upconverted to 1080 like a DVD player does when showing a DVD on a High-Def TV? The picture certainly looks better and a lot more data is certainly being transmi
  6. I have tried to search for a thread on this subject and finging none I will ask the question. I have a digital cable card tuner in my computer and I capture many movies off the TCM high-def channel, especially ones that are not comercially available. I have captured some that I already have on DVD trying to get an even better picture and I have noticed that the aspect ratio of the broadcast is not always the same as that of the DVD. As an example look at the recent broadcast of "The Amazing Race". The picture was cropped on both sides when compared to the picture on the DVD. I had thought that
  7. Does anyone know if the upcoming showing of Uncle Silas is the original British version or the cut American version released as the inheritance?
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