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  1. Well, after the digital upgrade 2 days ago I lost TCM as well. I don't know how much it will cost to get it back but I miss it already. The weird thing is I have more channels than I did before but nothing I really want to watch. AMC was taken away from me last year but now it is back. I would gladly trade it for TCM!
  2. Did anyone else catch Island In The Sky the other night? I had never seen this John Wayne picture before and had never heard of it. I missed the first half but I did enjoy this picture and I plan to watch it when it comes on again. Wayne gives a very good performance and he is very expressive with his face. You can see his anguish trying to keep up the morale in his crew and at times the fear flashes across when he realizes they just may not survive the ordeal, but he has to keep stepping up and motivate the men to survive. Also, lots of great character actors in it with Lloyd Nolan, Andy
  3. Don't Forget that The Miracle Woman is on tomorrow morning at 6am ET.
  4. Dear Mongo, I was so excited that the great Mongo replied to my first post about Betty Hutton. I wanted you to know that I love "In The Spotlight" and really appreciate all the great stories and pictures you have on all these wonderful actors. I have a few requests and you may have most of them on your list already. They are: Theresa Harris Mary Wickes Virginia Weidler Carole Landis Ilka Chase Charles Winniger Helen Broderick Alan Hale Sr. Charlotte Greenwood Keye Luke Andrea Leeds Again, thank you so much for the entertaining and informative posts!
  5. First there are the two Capra films with The Miracle Woman and Forbidden. I haven't seen Forbidden, Then Harold Lloyd in The Milky Way. After that a Hal Roach comedy called Turnabout that looks really interesting, battling spouses that accidentally switch bodies with Adoph Menjou and Carole Landis! Next is 3 Hal Roach Western Comedies starring Jimmy Rogers who is the son of Will Rogers. Several more B films after that. Then on Watching The Detectives that night there's William Powell as Philo Vance and Nick Charles, Footsteps in the Dark with Errol Flynn, a Miss Marple film, another Stanwyc
  6. I couldn't decide whether it was deliberate and I did see it before on a big screen at the Museum years ago, They showed a it as a double feature with Here Comes Mr. Jordan. However, I can't remember it being that muted.
  7. Yes, the color was really good. Did you happen to see Down to Earth with Rita a few weeks ago? The color in that did not seemed as vibrant as Tonight and Every Night. It seemed more muted or faded to me.
  8. If you get a chance, try to watch or record The Miracle Woman early Tuesday morning on March 20th. It is an early Capra & Stanwyck film and you can see how they used Aimee Semple McPherson as an influence for Barbara's Florence Fallon character. I saw this film over 20 years ago at a Capra film festival at the Museum of Fine Arts. It was at this same festival that I first saw It's A Wonderful Life and this was before that film's resurgence in popularity. It was also Christmas time and we thought that this was such a nice Christmas film. This festival may have been traveling around
  9. I understood why they called it that, I just wondered if it was a common term back in the forties or if this was the first time this was used. Usually you just hear musical comedy or just musical, or even a dark musical if it ended on a downbeat note. I guess I kept seeing the trailer all day long and kept hearing that, I just wondered about it. I agree, you could see Miss Cansino's latin roots in that samba. It was great! That's also interesting about Incendiary Blonde. I hope I get to see it. I put in a request here at TCM so maybe someday.
  10. It's been a long time since I saw this movie. Rita looks so good in Technicolor and I always enjoy her dancing. However, I noticed that in the trailer they used the term musical drama for this film, and Robert Osborne mentioned it as well. You hear about musical comedy all the time. Did any other films from around this time also use the term musical drama as well?
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