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  1. I had never heard about the possibility of her starring in The Trouble With Angels. I can't imagine Garbo was ever serious about doing this. She'd have been around 60 and wearing a nun's habit the whole movie? NO WAY. Nor would anyone find her believable in the part! She was just stringing Frye along.......
  2. Right to lifers only care about the fetus until it's born. Then they don't care what happens to it!
  3. Oh, for sure! I've read both books on Joan, (well one was about her and her other sisters too). But I'm sure I've forgotten details and there is some stuff in it I hadn't heard before.
  4. Thanks for the link! I will have to watch it. Am sure there is stuff in there I didn't know. Yes, David Wilde was a character. I had read arson was suspected but that was all. Weird that Joan had 2 fires in different homes! TCM, once again, missed the boat with this.
  5. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/photos/2021/09/09/love-is-a-crime-podcast-photos Here is an article with photos about that podcast. Lots of nice photos. Just read up on Vanessa Hope. Interesting.
  6. Thanks for the info! He looks like his father. Yes, Joan strikes me as old school as far as family is concerned. What did you think of the podcast? TCM COULD HAVE had a great tie in with that podcast by picking Joan as SOTM, but NO! Even could have one of her daughters co-hosting! I'm glad the painting still exists. I was worried it was destroyed in the fire at Joan's home in Scarsdale. Could not find any info online about it, or how extensive it was.
  7. Big surprise. The more people who vote, the more they lose! And thanks to Joe too! (Not Biden)
  8. And he'll be waited on hand and foot. Leona Helmsley anyone??
  9. Why don't you adopt some of these unwanted fetuses when they are born if you are that concerned?
  10. Sorry to hear this. Is anyone left from the show besides Opie and Ellie?
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