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  1. How blatant can you be????????? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
  2. If DUMP is allowed to pardon himself, then any future president can break the law and pardon himself! No president will be accountable! What kind of country is this?
  3. Their outta be a law! Isn't there one?????
  4. You think hyper partisanship is going to end in D.C. if the Dems dont go after DUMP???
  5. Agree. If the evidence is there, the Grifters should be prosecuted! That is if they don't get pardons. A pardon won't save them from taking the 5th if called by Congress or state charges.
  6. Yeah, she was a sore loser then. How many hours did it take for her to concede? Has DUMP conceded yet????
  7. YEP! His idiot supporters footing the bill......
  8. Shouldn't that suit be the other way around?????
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