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  1. Yeah, and the triangle aspect wasnt very convincing. After barely a glance, Shaw suddenly falls for Shigeta.
  2. Yeah, she rarely smoked in films, but was a heavy smoker in her younger days. She quit when she converted to Christian Science some time in the early 50s.
  3. OH, PERRY KING!!!! SIGH. I've never seen this film.
  4. He said the investments he made from the salary he got for the film set him up financially for life and allowed him to write works like The Normal Heart and others and not worry about them making money. So a means to an end.
  5. TANYA! He was so good on Seinfeld. I loved the episode when he was a brainwashed carpet cleaner......
  6. So sorry to hear this. I remember so well those days. It all seems forgotten now.
  7. I was disappointed as well after I saw Fedora (years after its brief release). I had read Tryon's novella so I knew about the twist, maybe I would've liked it more had I not known. Also thought Marthe Keller didnt have the mystique required for the role. I'd call it an interesting misfire. Maybe my opinion would change with another viewing. (only saw it once).
  8. LOL! Ella Fitzgerald called her "The World's Greatest Singer Without a Voice"
  9. Yes, I like that film. Knef was also an author and successful singer (in Germany). Her memoirs, The Gift Horse, was an international best seller (in the U.S. too) in the 1970s. She wrote a follow up of sorts called The Verdict.
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