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  1. One of Garbo's worst films imo. Love her wardrobe though.......
  2. I'm not sure it's even been issued on DVD. It did get some good reviews. I've always wanted to see it. Didn't do well and played out quickly, so I wasnt able to on its initial release.
  3. Yes, I was impressed by the camera work as well. Really made the story more interesting in that it was more or less filmed in a couple big sets. I LOVE Phillips Holmes! He was very good in this.
  4. SOOOO Glad Noir Alley is finally bad! But not sure I want to see this again.
  5. There's been talk for DECADES. I don't see it happening. I don't think modern audiences would be interested in the story.
  6. AWFUL. Weren't there recent sexual harassment charges made against him? (no great loss either way-Meadows)
  7. Yeah, they'd need a whole batallion to carry that TUBBA LARD! Hope Garland isnt a wimp and channels some Reno........
  8. Ann-Margret hyphenated her name........
  9. Glad they are doing something for him. They skip over so many that have died.
  10. Yes. Sadly, the public library here does not own ONE copy! And state libraries either except for one that does not circulate! Unbelievable! I will have to go through ILL, I guess.
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