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  1. Don't remember this at all. From the 50s?
  2. Kisses DUMP'S FAT LARDAZZ though and defends him to the max!
  3. Definitely a low IQ individual. Of course, she's elected to the Senate. Gotta love the South!
  4. I haven't seen Try and Get Me. Hope it's good.
  5. I haven't seen Farewell, My Lovely since it came out. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. LOL! So there were 2 Quentins???? :D Yeah, the ending was unsatisfying and felt rushed. I remember thinking that at the time. So this is it? Huh?
  7. Just another GOP C-T! She was reading DUMP books during the hearings.......
  8. OK. Thanks. I couldn't remember. I know the Quentin one was very popular. I know the final months of the show sucked. It was so confusing and stupid. How could Quentin be young in 1841 when he was young in 1897??? LOL I started skipping the show towards the end. I do remember watching the last episode.
  9. Thankfully, Ava is gone. But we still have her in repeats!
  10. That was the Quentin storyline, right? Why would that have killed off the show?
  11. Alas, I can't watch the show anymore because my cable company dropped Decades (though they started again from the beginning (Barnabas anyway) after just starting the Adam storyline.....so I'm not really missing anything.
  12. I saw Dave Karger last wknd. He's still in play. LOL.
  13. Sorry to hear this. He was great in the role. I noticed he was in a wheelchair at the 50th Anniversary event, and didn't look in good health.
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