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  1. I guess that explains Terry getting co-producer credit! LOL. I had never heard of these ABC movies.
  2. I cant remember now. Oddly, I think Doris was one of those approached to star in that show before Lansbury was offered the part, but turned them down, not wanting to be tied down to a series anymore.
  3. I remember reading Doris came close to guest starring on Murder, She Wrote, but they couldnt agree to terms. Her salary demands were high (and they agreed to them) but she wanted a co-producing credit for Terry (why he needed one for one episode, I don't understand) which they wouldn't agree to.
  4. Who was this poster? I don't remember them or the thread.
  5. No, you'll have to send your id in with your application! LOL.
  6. Jesus H. Christ! And these are Christians???? WHY should that be illegal??????? Or are they concerned about Covid safety? LOL! They want people to suffer as much as possible.
  7. Yes, its too bad. I never seriously believed she'd come out of retirement to do Mother. From what I've read Marty had something to do with Doris losing out on South Pacific. (unsure of the details) That would've been a great role for her. Sound of Music too. But she was really too old for the part by then.. It's too bad Doris signed with WB and not MGM. She would've had great projects at MGM. Not so at WB. Forty Carats would have also been a good role for her. But maybe for the best she didnt do it, considering how it turned out. (not good). At one point William Wyler was set to direct a
  8. Regarding Doris' age I read somewhere (I think in the recent Doris bio a few years back) that Terry had a hard time of it getting Doris to apply for S. S. at age 65, because she didnt want to admit to being 65! This seems to contradict the friends and family explanation. Maybe she just didnt want to admit it to the public?
  9. Georgia Garrett has Betty Hutton written all over her. (some of the songs too: I'm In Love; Put 'Em in a Box)) Yet, too. it seems odd that Paramount would loan out Betty to WB. But I read this many years ago and so far no one has refuted it. Maybe Paramount was going to trade Betty for some WB star in their picture. Studios sometimes did that.
  10. That's ok. It sounded like you were lecturing us. Sometimes threads branch out into different areas sometimes.
  11. Would be a great trivia question, but I doubt anyone knows at this point. Unless it was part of the script (probably just an off the cuff remark he made)
  12. RIght. That was her official 90th. In reality it was her 92nd! LOL.
  13. Yes, I watched that Me-TV tribute. Was nice they included interview bits. Was that Hospital Event episode the one where she appears in a bikini? I wonder if they are planning anything for her100th birthday in Carmel next year? Hope so. Her auction was virtual.
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