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  1. I agree. I didnt watch the first season when it ran. I started watching the 2nd season (which was really 2 seasons in the U.S.) I only watched the first season later in syndication and I liked it better than the color ones.
  2. Oh, I see Tom mentioned the man eating plant above!
  3. I've forgotten many of them, and don't remember the titles, but 2 that I still remember are the Hellfire Club (The Queen of Sin!) and the one about the man eating plant.
  4. WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for the good news. Just in time for Xmas! :D
  5. The Avengers series had a big impact and has stayed with people all these years. I don't think DIRIS would be pleased with your misspelling!
  6. They probably dont see her as a big enough film star. Happens a lot. I wouldn't hold your breath. Hopefully, she'll be in the year end tribute.
  7. Yeah, cats would be ALL over that thing!
  8. Would think they would catch on things and tear off eventually...
  9. I notice, too, that Rosemary has a WEIRD looking inner ear.......
  10. She wants to kiss her!!! That look in her eyes.
  11. Did you miss the part when Scott had Emerson write that suicide note? He said he was having trouble writing it in his story and asked if she could come up with something. He was obviously plotting her suicide, but it seemed a stretch to off her when no money was involved and in the house they all were living in! (just because she objected to him getting involved with her sister). Yes, the mother seemed ok with her daughters fighting over the same man while living in her house! Something off about that mom. (LOL). And that dress WAS hideous!
  12. LOL. Yes! I get them mixed up.
  13. Wasnt he in The White Cliffs of Dover with Irene Dunne?
  14. Are the episodes based on historical incidents?
  15. Did Rigg's episodes consist of 2 seasons in England? In America it was brought on as a replacement series every season. Starting in Jan or around there. I think there were 3 seasons in the U.S. (with Mrs. Peel) Rigg's last episode aired midway in the 3rd season, I think. There were some episodes with Tara after that. Then another run the next year.
  16. No, sorry. Before my time. I do remember the series in later years and those commercials! (actually the commercials more than the show itself). Had totally forgotten about it until now. LOL I think it was on late Sun afternoons/early evenings. (at least in my area).
  17. Some of Brent's early WB films were good (pre-stache). Not sure when the stache came in.
  18. I remember those 20 Mule Team Borax commercials! Didn't they run those during Death Valley Days? I didn't find her sexy though. All those stained overalls!
  19. He was good in The Rains Came too.
  20. No, I'd seen it before and didnt like it. In fact, that film is what started the old George Brent's Rear End thread! I watched it to see if his rear really WAS large! (There werent any good scenes though) Have you forgotten The Spiral Staircase?
  21. Yes, I felt they did it to add gravitas to her character. She studied in Europe with the masters, you know! Another stereotype.
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