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  1. Haven't seen this one. Sounds like fun!
  2. Didn't Ohrbachs do the wardrobe? Maybe just the present day stuff. I hated Vicki's clothes. Always the same kind of dress, just in different colors. I can't remember ever seeing her in slacks.
  3. LOL. That sounds about right. You can understand how the show got to be so confusing..........
  4. Maybe, maybe not. His primary opponent is a real d-bag, but then many of them do win. He doesn't come across as much of a fighter. Just lay down and die like many of these retiring GOP office holders.......
  5. For throwing in the towel and quitting??
  6. YUP. Cut from the Grim Reaper playbook! Why can't this scum die already?????????
  7. Considering they have access to MGM films and she worked there and was a friend of TCM, it's sadly lacking. They did a whole day for Esther Williams.
  8. LOL! I know. It's like a mask! I didn't realize until I looked it up today, but she's in her 70s. Didn't know she was that old.
  9. DOOL news! Marlena is possessed again! LOL. I wasnt watching during the first possession so this should be fun. What's with Deidre Hall's face? None of her facial muscles seem to move. Too much botox? Too much surgery? What's happened to Eric? Is he gone? Haven't seen him yet. And Will Horton? Are they still in the cast?
  10. I see. She didn't take over the role for long though. I wonder what happened with Alexandra Moltke? Did she just walk out on her contract? They must've known she might be leaving. Seemed like they had no contingency plan. They hired someone(s) to replace her for a few wks then wrote the character out of the show. Strange.
  11. Yes, I remember Betsy Durkin's name because Grayson Hall would say her name over the end credits as playing Vicki. Like a print credit wouldn't suffice? I don't remember the 2nd one at all! It was only for a short period of time and they sent her back to the past and that was the end of her.
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