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  1. Sorry, I didn't see it, but am sure it will be repeated over and over tonight! OUCH! Is there still time for another one????
  2. Too bad there weren't more of them........
  3. I know, but it seems especially so with the GOP lately......
  4. Unlike Nashville, Welcome to LA was a boring, pretentious mess (to me, at least). I did like his Remember My Name and loved the soundtrack (Alberta Hunter) and bought the LP (and later, CD). I think he was the dad of Maya Rudolph of SNL fame...
  5. UGH. I feel just the opposite. HATE Come Saturday Morning (not fond of the film either).
  6. What a pig! Why are Republicans so overweight????
  7. I couldn't make it through the Rob Lowe version. BAD!
  8. Sorry to hear this. I watched that series and came to know the family. I didn't see the later one (I think on HBO) but did see the one about Lance in his final days and it said at the end that Pat and Bill had got back together. That series was trailblazing at the time. I really liked Pat. I can still remember the theme song from the show. Is Bill still alive? I read Pat's later book as well.
  9. She had beautiful big blue eyes (and still has them).
  10. I think the music was bad because Altman allowed the performers to write their own material (as well as sing it) Not sure if every song was, but I know some were. Some of the songs are ok. I'm Easy and It Don't Worry Me. I think Carradine wrote both of those.
  11. That title seems familiar. Was it in the Mystery series?
  12. I was surprised (and disappointed) at the time Angela didnt get an Oscar nom. for this. Far greater impact than Ingrid Bergman in Express who actually WON!!!
  13. That's encouraging. She stunk to high heaven in Nile! LOL.
  14. I recorded it. I've seen it several times on TCM and saw it when it was released....I liked it, but there wasnt much mystery as to who the killer was...I thought Raquel Welch was perfectly cast as a no talent actress...Dyan Cannon steals the show as a Sue Mengers type agent. What I didnt like was the POOR sound. A lot of the dialogue and in jokes are too hard to hear.
  15. I saw the PBS version on Mystery and it had the same ending (though a different setting) I've never read the novel, but all of Christie's mysteries are far fetched. (Like they'd really happen?)
  16. Yeah, I watched it. I think one of them (not sure which) said he was sorry he voted for DUMP........(not in that broadcast but in some other interview)
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