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  1. Funny. Wonder why that scene was so needed at the last minute. Who was he sharing the scene with?
  2. Yes, I put a hold on his book about the making of Cleopatra at the local library. Can't wait to read it!
  3. Yes, I wondered about that too, plus the resulting financial chaos brought on by the film. I don't think he ever produced another film after that. I'm not sure exactly how "married" they were after the scandal. According to one book, Joan had a long running affair with her frequent stage co-star Donald Cook during the 50s. Interesting tidbit: Cook died around the time the house was sold. (1961)
  4. Oh, give me a break! (entirety of existence).......
  5. Some Velvet Morning When I'm Straight, I'm Gonna Open Up That Gate sung ad nauseum.......
  6. Because he deserves to be! A crook even before he became president and worse after (not even counting Jan. 6th and his post election shenanigans)
  7. Walter was eating Ginger Rogers? I missed that!
  8. Too bad the acid wasn't used in the film. He deserved it.
  9. I always wondered if that was her real hair or not. It was a good wig! (wasn't obvious).
  10. I didn't realize, but Joan's eldest daughter, Diana, died this past summer. Interesting life. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/latimes/name/diana-anderson-obituary?pid=199415626
  11. Yes, an odd mix of people! Nixon! I don't remember it, but then I was a kid and didnt live in CA. I'm sure it was a big news story there. I only came upon it while doing some searching. I'm not sure what happened to Joan. She and Wanger got divorced around that time and I'm sure that's why the house was sold. Must've been very sad, even if she didn't live there. No looking back. Talk about burning your bridges! Unsure if she moved east at that point, rented or what. I know she lived in NYC for a long time, but not sure when she moved there. After doing some searching, Joan and Wanger wer
  12. So that hair Grayson wore at the beginning of the show was a wig? (before the cut) Or maybe the cut was always there under it?
  13. Maybe she reminded him of his mum!
  14. I hope it's not pulled at the last minute.
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