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  1. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/367113807122980868/ ROFL! I came across this on the web. Changing into a new costume?
  2. Joan and her Holmby Hills home.
  3. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Joan-Bennett-on-a-Dress-sitting-and-Leaning-Pose-Photo-Print-24-x-30/713940903
  4. Or birds in general. We are losing them.
  5. I wanted to watch that, but unfortunately my dvr is full! Hope it turns up again.
  6. Maybe they slept in shifts. LOL.
  7. Hard to believe this dud was produced by John Houseman! I saw it recently on TCM after not seeing it in a long time, and it's pretty bad. Angela livens up some of the movie, but she's not in it enough.
  8. Love those flowers in the background.
  9. The groin, yes. LOL. Joan didn't have good luck with husbands. I think the first one was a drunk who beat her. I guess Gene Markey was ok. Never read anything bad about him.
  10. LOL. High drama! What did the C stand for????? Who was the actor in that scene? He looked familiar.
  11. I'd heard Joan's last hubby (4?) was a cross dresser. LOL. But they weren't married then yet.
  12. You often got the feeling when they started a DS storyline they didnt have a good idea where they were going with it and thought up stuff as they went along, sometimes filling up airtime with filler.
  13. I just never got into soaps. Too much talk and SO SLOW.. Even now, watching DOOL, I FF through at least HALF of it. Boring talk or characters I don't care about....
  14. I would've liked the stripper's family to be involved too. LOL.
  15. Yeah, I hated the Dream Curse story because it went on FOREVER. And we'd be stuck watching these cheesy dream sequences weekly for EONS. (they'd always end the show) If Angelique wanted to put a curse on someone, why didn't she just do it in REAL TIME???
  16. Yeah, agreed! Birds are all around and they decide to make for a run for it????? I always laugh that the school has ONE class! All grades in ONE! LOL.
  17. Shouldn't he be indicted long before then???
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