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  1. Mickey Rooney starred in a mid forties to late forties movie where there was a line that goes like this "shoot the kidney to me Sidney" I've asked this very question back in 2007 but with many new members maybe there is that slight chance that someone remebers that, particularly if they were a fan of Mickey Rooney. Thanks
  2. Could it have been one of the SINBAD movies?? i.e "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" Just a guess mind you.
  3. re The Complete Guide to the Quiet man..... There are several copies available at various prices at ABE.com eBay and Amazon are not offering this book at this time. This title is also available on "special order" at BooksAMillion.com Try them, you can't miss minoltaman
  4. The trade magazine "BOXOFFICE" for that era is sometimes offered on eBay. I would look for any 1954 edition and ask the seller, should there be one, if that edition contains the gross for this film. At one time I owned all the editions from the fifties, but have sold them in recent days.Only ones left now are from the seventies....Good Luck
  5. Well how about that. I was wrong with my first thought about "Tarzan Escapes" being the film you were looking for. The correct title is "Tarzan Finds a Son" 1939. The scenes are exactly as you described and it was Jane who cut the vine to trap Tarzan at the bottom of the pond ! .
  6. It's been so long since I've seen that movie, but I think it might be "Tarzan Escapes" I have them all but time these days does not allow me to watch. minoltaman
  7. During the earlies 50's I saw a Mickey Rooney movie that might have been made during the mid to late forties...in this movie there is a dinner table setting and the line is....."Shoot the kidney to me Sidney".....It is NOT "Strike Up the Band" which I have. I have asked this question sometime ago, and with members coming and going perhaps some of the new blood can suggest a title. Thanks Minoltaman
  8. I think your title is "The Island" with Michael Caine from 1980..... Enjoy Minoltaman
  9. Just a great big Thank You TCM for showing this long awaited title and especially on St Patricks day. Are there any other fans of this title that got to watch this movie on this day ?? Thanks Again.....now to work on Warners to release on DVD.??
  10. ?? There was a movie from the mid forties to the late forties where a line was "Shoot the Kidney to me Sidney" Does anyone know what movie. I'd sure appreciate the answer !
  11. "An American in Paris" for in it you will be able to "Build a Starway to Paradise" but given the surroundings, you may want to stay on THAT island !! and...........you wont need any power !!!
  12. Anne Miller and Mickey Rooney from the stage presentation of "Sugar Babies" (which can be seen on DVD - Broadway's Lost Treasures) The moves that these two put on each other is amazing, given their ages !! They both still had it when this was shot in 1980. Having just seen Mickey's new release of Mickey and Judy Garlands Collection set, the interview with Robert Osborne of TCM is worth the price of this great set of DVD's Hopefuly, more to come from Warners ???????
  13. Hi Larry, "Ghost Riders in the Sky" was not one of his songs but that of Vaughn Monroe. I did hear a version by Frankie Laine but it was much later than his early recordings. This song was popular during the very early 50s. I was president of his fan club in Montreal Canada at that time known as "The Laine Islanders" (Montreal, being an island !) Minoltaman
  14. Because the movies you listed were Frankie Laine vehicles, I have been searching for years for the same movies to be released. Since the recent death of Frankie Laine, perhaps whomever holds the copyright may consider releasing all these films in a package. I had a chance to purchase "When You're Smiling" on a 16mm film format but the auction got out of my price range at the time. Have never seen any of the titles shown on TV Good Luck
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