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  1. This could be a foreign language film but I am really uncertain. Any the action takes place in a small zoo. I am unsure where but Paris maybe I think. Between a zookeeper and a bear. I don't remember how but the bear could talk only to the zookeeper who taught him both the read and write. At the end the bear escapes the zoo and returns to Canada leaving only a note to his keeper.

  2. Case Closed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Case_Closed has to be without a doubt the most unique series including the 6 feature films which are on DVD and can be found at any place that sells anime. Once you get over the fact the Teen Detective got turned in to a kid by a poison that should of killed him. Case Closed is in one word amazing. The mysteries I swear would even stump Sherlock Holmes, as you might be able to tell I am a huge fan and have everything that has been dubbed on DVD.


    Let me tell you in brief my fav Case Closed film The Last Wizard of the Century. It begins with an attempt to steal faberge egg, evolves in to a couple of murders, then just before the murderer is revealed ( a desendant of Rasputin no less) but another faberge egg and a secret that had me talking about for days.


    I think it's a shame the series isn't more popular, and you can find the episodes online. But check it out. I swear you get hooked like me.

  3. I should of called myself Carryonfan, as I am a huge fan of the Carry on series. Even though Carry on Cowboy sadly was the latest one TCM aired. It's far from the best of the series Carry on Jack and Carry on Cleo are my favs. But it's really hard to pick out bad one in the earlier films as there is are so many excellent ones. Take the very 1st Carry On Sergeant, when I 1st saw William Hartnell outside of his more famous role to American fans as the very 1st Doctor in Doctor Who. I was surprised when I checked out imdb and found Mr. Hartnell had done many such films where he played a Sgt.


    Then there is Carry on Nurse the very 1st of their spoofs of the medical profession and probily their very best. Especially the scene where the patients want to perform surgery. I laugh everytime I see it


    I think Carry on Spying is the biggest underdog of the entire series. To me it's more of a out there spy spoof than Casino Royale (original 1967 version). They don't leave out anyone...period.

  4. Add me to the list to those who want to see cartoon alley back. But I have to add this I have Leonard Maltin's Book of Mice and Magic which is about animation here in America and the number of cartoons that have not been seen any where in years is a shock to say the least.

  5. What is the real shame is Warner has the rights to all of the Peanuts specials, and movies. They released most of them then stopped. I did a little checking and unless you want to get in to stuff I shouldn't talk about here. This special isn't available any where expect as a very expensive VHS copy. Which is a total shame.

  6. What we really should be talking about are those early Simpsons shorts that originally aired on the Tracy Ullman Show. They can be found online but I won't say where due to copyright. Which I find really strange look the Simpsons has been on the air for decades. But unless you can find a copy online you just don't see those shorts any where.

  7. I was watching TCM over this weekend when the host mentioned Dr. Strangelove. But when they also mentioned it was a comedy...****!!!! Look I have seen Dr. Strangelove before and I always considered it a drama. I find abosultely no laughs in the film period. What do you think of this slip of the lip.

  8. First of all I want to personally thank TCM for finally carrying at least 4 'Carry On' films on Sept 16. To me the best of them are Carry on Sergeant and Carry on Nurse. But these films as well as the other 2 have a great story, and lots of good laughs. If you haven't seen them before I beg of you to check them out...you will have a really good time.

  9. Bob Hope did many, many films I just plain love. But for years my biggest complaint was a film I had not seen in years. One called Cancel my Reservation, which was a comedy/mystery film he did, I swear I had not seen that film in over 17 years, simply because no one plays it. Then just the other day I was checking out Movies Unlimited http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D82686++ and to my surprise that film is finally on DVD. What a surprise!!!

  10. I would swear like the rest of you I had seen every Kettle film ever made and have the same on DVD. Then I heard about the brand new Fred MacMurray release Murder He Says, I seen it before and it's not a half bad film. But when I was checking out this http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D38050 I found out Feudin', Fussin' and Fightin' 1948 which is the 2nd film on the disc. Which as it turns out is a lost Kettle film made between The Egg and I and the very 1st Kettle film. Frankly I never heard of it before and I already got my pre order in. I can't wait to see this lost gem.

  11. Or how about old school anime. Like the very 1st bit of it to ever hit the shores of America. Pinocchio in Outer Space, which according to everything I read was the 1st one.

  12. I was watching Fancy Pants recently (it was on DVD) when I had a question. We all know Lucy Ball isn't that great singer. But does anyone here know who sang for her in the film?

  13. This goes way back to 1976 - 77 I recall both Bob Hope and Bing Crosby being on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Believe it or not they were talking about The Road to Tomorrow, a brand new Road film they were actually planning on doing with not only each other, but George Burns and John Wayne was to be in the film as well. It was only because of the death of Bing Crosby that the film wasn't made.

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