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  1. Bablefish

    Lost studios

    I was watching History Detectives last week when they talked about Lubin Studios in Philadelphia of all places http://www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/investigations/704_lubinphotos.html If that wasn't enough I thought about the other studios lost to time. Like Essanay here in Chicago, at one time not that long ago a place where they shot TV commercials, now it's St. Augustine College. I was also surprised that a restaurant Charlie Chaplin and other actually ate at is still a restaurant. I wonder how many other studios have been lost?
  2. I am sorry I don't exactly recall the title, but it's the one "Who killed **** Robin" murder trail. It breaks me up, everytime.
  3. To me a Perfect 10 does not refer to a beautiful woman, but a film that goes beyond what a film should be. One that takes you in to it's world and you feel apart of it, or one you just love from beginning to end. To me it's Wall-E What are you best of the best?
  4. I just got finished watching My Little Chickadee, she made with WC Fields. Top notch film
  5. Is it true that you heard a spy's radio coming through your own teeth? Reportedly that one is true they did a segment on it on the Mythbusters TV series.
  6. I was once a big fan of the series, then a fan offered to show it to me again. For it has since become available on DVD. It would not even made it to the pilot stage these days, it's slow, dull and suffers from bad acting.
  7. I got hooked on Doctor Who ever since our local PBS station started to carry the program. I say if you like Tom Baker you should really check out Sylvester McCoy and Remembrance of The Daleks. My favorite episode of the entire classic series. Don't knock the new series which has aired on ScyFy channel there has been some rather excellent episodes notably Girl in the Fireplace and The Hornet and The Wasp, which I can honestly say just about blew me away.
  8. I am very happy to say Number 1 at the box office this past weekend
  9. I am a bit of a WW2 buff, and when I saw Russia's War. Even when you think you both seen and heard it all about WW2, this even opened my eyes to the abject horrors of that war. What the Germans did to the Russians was far beyond even my nightmares.
  10. Ever wonder what happened to those people like Rich Little who can imitate famous actors? I saw this on another network and it just blew me away. You see ever since they have been putting films on DVD, the rights holders have been going through there vaults trying to make the films they make available to the **** as well as networks such as this one complete as possible. But as you know time is crue to older films and sometime stuff gets lost due to time. Sadly some films do get lost, others it's the soundtrack, that where voice talents step in. Through both there skill and a little electronic
  11. Bablefish

    Jerry Lewis

    This actually got me thinking as to which Jerry Lewis films you just plain don't see any more. I frankly can't even recall anybody even playing any of these seemly forgotten films of Jerry Lewis Which way to the front? 1970 Hardly Working 1980 Smorgasbord AKA Cracking Up 1983
  12. Last night we seen a rare example at some one at any network thinking more of the fans than of ratings. One big THANK YOU!!!!
  13. Bablefish


    I 100% agree . I just wish we could have more nights like that. BTW the last time I recall anyone airing The Phantom Tollbooth, was nearly 10 years ago and Cartoon Network aired it.
  14. I can't believe no one else has posted this!!! That was without a doubt was the best documentary I have ever seen. Was I the only one who wanted more!!! Note to the TCM bosses : Could you please have these same people who made the Chuck Jones doc, do one on Tex Avery.
  15. Bablefish

    Itunes find

    I was checking out Itunes the other day, when I came across something that just blew me away. Namely classic cartoons podcast, and best of all FREE. What they have in the Vintage Tooncast simply is amazing everything from Superman and Popeye to the most obscure cartoon you can name. I can not urge you enough to check it out. To find it in Itunes just click on Podcasts then TV and Film, then under featured click all ---OR--- Go to here http://www.vintagetooncast.com/ and click on the Itunes link
  16. The Pink Panther Strikes Back to me is the best one of the series
  17. Bablefish


    Anime like the movies comes in many forms, yes there is stuff out there that could easily air on the Playboy channel. But there is also a lot out there that even a child of god fearing parents would not have a single problem with. Petite Princess Yucie Is so clean that I have no problem showing it to a 5 year old. Final Fantasy Unlimited Clean, but a bit more violence definitely for a younger teen and that just to name 2 Then there is Robotech, Star Blazers, even Wild Arms
  18. I just wanted to let you all know if your looking for those radio programs you can find them on Itunes
  19. I think it is a crying shame given how popular A Christmas Story is that is what most people think of when they hear the name Jean Shepherd. I even talked to one person recently who thinks other than his books that is all Jean Shepherd ever did. I had a chance to see both of these Ollie Hopnoodle's http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098023/ Great American 4th of July http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084022/ And either one of them is just as good as A Christmas Story. But we just don't see them, what a great loss.
  20. What shorts I have seen of his are in one word AMAZING!!! Standing the test of time, even after all these years. What the hell, even The Reluctant Dragon feature he made for Disney still holds the test of time.
  21. MGM: When the Lion Roars The Unknown Chaplin Russia's War In Search of Dr. Suess
  22. More details here: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/MGM-Lion-Roars-DVDs-Announced/10673
  23. Russia's War I admit it originally aired on PBS but I think it is the best documentary I have ever seen. You see I am a bit of a WW2 buff, mainly it was because the it was the only war that really was Good vs. Evil. I knew that the Russian Front was bad, but up to that film I never knew how bad. It was far worst than even I can post. I think the Nazi got exactly what they deserved
  24. In case you don't know what I am talking about http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059336/ With that out of the way, what can I say I love that film. I just found out today Fox Movie Channel is going to air that film on Aug 28 I don't care if some say it is stupid, an insult to football and people of the middle east. to me it is just plain fun. And the football scene at the end is a laugh riot. Besides what other film can you find Peter Ustinov, Richard Crenna, and Shirley MacLane who by the way sings the title song. All in one movie. If you can I urge you to give it a shot with an open mind.
  25. I want to thank vallo 13 for triggering my memory once I recalled Burgess Meredith was in the film, it was a simple matter to figure out which film namely "Getting away from it all". Here are the details... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067129/
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