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  1. I remember this film and it wasn't until I was trying to figure out if it was on DVD or not that I ran in to a blank wall...as in I could not recall the title. It was about this couple or possibly 2 move from the city to this NE fishing village...By the way it's a comedy. I know one was a sculptor of modern art, which his great work gets turned in to an anchor by the end of the film.
  2. Actually I like them both, they are good in there own way. Mad has so many very funny moments there is just too many to list here. I swear everything I see it, I see something I did not see it before...and I own that film on DVD. MBD on the other hand is a great detective spoof, and that ending still gets me no matter how many times I have seen it.
  3. When TCM last aired What's up Tiger Lily?, they mentioned that a Japanese company did the what's up treatment to an American film. Does anybody know what film they did that to, as the host never mention which film.
  4. I saw it originally on TBS I think and bought the VHS tape when it came out. It's a GREAT Documentary, it's still very sad to see a great studio fall like it did.
  5. This one really surprised me when I caught it on Starz recently. The history of Pixar, you think it would be boring...but man was I wrong it held me tight and would not let me go until the end. If you have Starz and have access to Starz On Demand you can still find it there until tomorrow, also check out The Pixar Story continues that 13 minute long extra. Which bring you up to date and that includes WALL-E. Which really looks like another Pixar hit.
  6. I for one absolutely LOVE this film, I personally think it is the best thing Steve Martin EVER did, and frankly it is the only films of his I ever bought on DVD. I wish this film was successful I would love to see a sequel.
  7. Hey they were good movies, I just wished Platinum who put the first 10 films on DVD would do more. I think the film Footlight Glamour, which they did was one of their best.
  8. Bablefish

    Lost Comedies

    And when I mean lost as in no one had seen them since they originally aired. You like Jean Shepherd and A Christmas Story did you know he did another adventure of Ralph and his family called "The Great American Fourth of July and other disasters" You can read more about here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084022/ Then there is something creeping up from the 70's that I swear I could not find any reference to even on those actually appeared in it. It was apart of the original Soundstage series that ran on PBS from 1976 to 1984 . The episode was called "60 Minutes to kill", it actually st
  9. What till you heard the lastest news in his next film Anthony Hopkins will play Hitchcock in a film around the production of Psyco. I think it's sound GREAT http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/zwecker/603239,CST-FTR-zp15.article
  10. A lot of the Grimm Fairy tales are like that, if you ever tracked down the original versions like I did you would see a lot of them including those mothers tell there kids today would make great HORROR films today. As for Snow White I rate it like any film made in the 30s in that you may not like it. Snow White's storyline is like most films from that time. I would say it is on the same par as many others. But I bought my copy anyway when it came out, because it is worth watching.
  11. Tex Avery was without a doubt a comic genius...I just plan wish more of his work was out on DVD
  12. Mine you this is solely based upon an Interview I saw with John Wayne considering the 1939 original version. It seems that the director one John Ford was so pleased by John Wayne proformance he gave him a copy of the film. Which John Wayne played in his home for many years. It wasn't until 1966 when the remake came out that an actual effort was made to find the original but all copies were seemed lost due to time. Spring foreward to a AFI banquet honaring John Ford that was when John Wayne first learned that the original was lost. But when he told of his copy he said the whole room went silen
  13. Bablefish


    This is one of my favorite westerns but maybe not the version your thinking of. Stagecoach is one of those films that gets remade a lot, next to A Star is Born that is. And most are out on DVD for example the original with John Wayne..and according to an interview I saw with him an intersting bit of trivia with that, and a version made in 1986 for TV I think. But I don't really care about the other 2 I like the 1966 version with Van Heflin, Bob Cummings and Ann-Margaret with a great theme song besides. Ever noticed some versions are better than others Stagecoach is that way.
  14. Don't Drink The Water as you know TCM recently aired this film. Personally I love the Jackie Gleason version, I think it's parody of US /Then Eastern Europe relations is spot on. It was when Robert Osbourne mentioned Woody Allen and his made for TV version. To me that 1994 version is absolutely dreadful, there is not a single laugh in the entire production. I was wondering does anybody else agree wih me.
  15. The entire film is over the top.
  16. A friend thinks I am nuts when I talk about this crazy short I seen only once. It took place in a town square when a young man in a coach came up to his sweathart who was waiting there and presented her a partridge in a pear tree. But this short went far beyond that song as I recall as every time an item was mentioned it was up on the screen no matter the number of times it was said. What do I exactly mean when I say this think about the number of times 5 golden rings are mentioned in the song. Everytime it was said his sweathart would get 5 golden rings again and again. I just hope somebody e
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