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  1. Filmlover, I do sincerely enjoy your input and if I had a question about a movie it's comforting to know I could ask you. I don't know many people that has such a passion for movies like yourself. I'm not being sarcastic. Do you or Otterhere work with movies or the arts? I am impressed, really, no joke.
  2. Have you seen "Dead Of Winter" (1987)? I thought it was a good movie but a classic.?.... Now that movie has been on TCM and is going to be played again on the 18th of April. It looks like it could have been made for tv but because it was in a theatre it gets to be see on TCM. (and you can rent it from Blockbuster, I might add) The movie that I'm looking for is no where to be found and I haven't seen it in over 20 years. I think some of these movies should be seen on TCM because that is why the station is so special..the love of movies..specially the one that are so rare
  3. Someone explain to me what is the huge difference between a "theatrical" film and a "TV" film is...other than you had to buy a ticket for one and a sponsor picked up the tab for the other...
  4. I just went to Encore(someone suggested it) and it said "We would love to take request but we can only play movies from studios that we have a contract with.... so TCM maybe the only place that a viewer has some what of a say. So where else could I look...I'm open for suggestions...anyone...all I want is to see "I Love A Mystery" one more time before I die. By the way, do you know what movie I'm talking about?
  5. I want to apolgize for starting tention between people...it was just a thought. I will try Encore like someone suggested. My comment with.."Surely,.... that has been bugging you so much... is from the fact I have seen sooooo many repeats on TCM that I thought it would be something different. FOR JUST ONE DAY ...ONE.. maybe they could try it. Someone suggested calling the day "From the big screen to the little screen" or "From cinema to TV and back again" anything like that would explain to the views (those of you who would think the world was ending if they see a made for TV movie on TCM)
  6. I love the fact that TCM is a classic movie channel and I don't want to change that but you can't find these movies anywhere. I have personal search for "I Love A Mystery" and other like it for years(including tv stations). You can see or purchase most of the movies that TCM offers anywhere but where do you find some of these really rare tv movies? I don't think having a "Made for tv movie day" done right, will change the total theme of the channel into TBS. I have just noticed that on April 9th they are having a "No animals were harmed" day....really is "Made for tv movie day" such a stret
  7. I understand that made for television movies are considered not the best quality but there are many in the 70's that were very entertaining and almost impossible to find. Surely, with the limited topics TCM is facing it would be something different to watch and maybe bring up old childhood memoirs. I can think of another movie "The Last Convertable" which was based on a novel that was well writen for television that we may never see again.
  8. I have been search for many years to see the movie "I Love A Mystery" and can't find it any where. Thats because it was made for television. The movie was made in 1973 and had David Hartman and a small cameo part for Don Knotts.
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