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  1. My complaint is there is there is no film list of each episode. I want to find out more of those unsung female filmmakers
  2. Why Porgy and Bess was not shown? Hope for replies.
  3. Why the newsletter disappears after a month? I wished TCM bring back the print version because the digital version has self life after 30 days. Hope for replies
  4. There was a poster of a Warner Baxter and Sally Eilers movie that has been lost.
  5. I appreciate this. My strong pet peeve is the guide don't last on my e-mail. For example when I click on a guide that was a year ago nothing is there. That is the one thing I hate about digital publications.
  6. To date how to contact via e-mail about this? Hope for the replies.
  7. In one channel a year or two ago I saw that version from 1947. Lots of cuts from the original like Ayran etc,
  8. Has anyone read the book in which the movie was based called The Clansmen by Thomas Dixon? I did and it was a hateful novel. I saw it and I also researched the admission price for the film which was $3.00. That was several times the pay of a regular person. That was so much money to pay. In fact no blockbuster movie today complete with IMAX cost what that film cost which was $30.
  9. Why the shorts are not mentioned on the TCM Schedule? It used to mention them in between the films shown. Hope for reply.
  10. I do not know about him but,I know he is a regular and a real fan of TCM Message Boards. KIH would be sorely missed.
  11. I would love to see the Chase short of him doing the Charleston.
  12. I had not seen Sherman's March but,seen his documentary of his ancestor who was beaten in the Tobacco wars by James B.Duke.
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