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  1. What happens is you just use the last letter of the previous movie given by a member, to be the first letter of the next film posted. For Example: Singing in the Rain Notorious South Pacific Champ, The First Movie: The Odd Couple
  2. Jo Van Fleet was in *East of Eden* with Burl Ives
  3. So am I. I taped all the road movies two days ago so I could watch them tonight. Screw the grammys.
  4. Singing in the Rain. When I was 2 years old I vaguely remember liking the 'Make Em Laugh' bit. Especially when he was dancing with the manikin.
  5. Hello TCM forum people, Remember us? 3 years ago, hawkraven released a post that was not popular http://bit.ly/9enqFV. After feeling scorned by the members of this site, we released a farewell message http://bit.ly/bUO9F8. Enough time has passed now that we think we can saftley come back to these forums and not feel hated by other members. Wow. 3 years has past. A lot has changed. tcm.com has alot more features than I remember. The Classic Films Union seems quite cool. One of the main people who posted on this site under the hawkraven name was Seymour Lippman. He was a ja
  6. Everyone on this stupid site seems so downhearted and funsucking. Perhaps filmlover is to chicken to even try the challenge. Plus, I don't think you can even delete a thread once it has been created.
  7. I am leaving the forums for a while because most of the people on these forums are mean, selfish, poopy, and conservative (Not Politically). I am sure there are very nice people on these forums who are open to new ideas and like to nicely discuss movies, but none of them have replied to my forums. So I and the rest of the users of the hawkraven account are fed up by the way we've have been treated on these forums. It's not really a wonder why every forum turns into a fighting forum on this site. Here are the users on this account: Seymour Lippman- Seymour was the janitor for RKO pictures for
  8. The TCM Fantasy Programming Challenge #9 - Linkletter! I think it is wrong to only allow the winners of previous challenges to create the next programming challenge. So I have now created a new challenge. This is a very simple challenge. You can use films from any era or company. You can have the films show anytime you want. There is no Underground, Silent Sunday Nights, and Imports from around the world. Here are the only guidelines: includle an Essential for saturday nights. Stick to the 24/7 theme -LINKLETTER!!!!!! Linkletter- The First and Last Letters of the film titles
  9. What do you think is the best sequel ever made, I would say Airplane 2. It's funnier then the first one.
  10. Woody Allen - Take the Money and Run Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffanys Clark Gable - Gone With The Wind
  11. Lord of the Rings Trilogy - A never ending bore Bad Santa - Possibly the worst Christmas movie ever made. God knows why they made a sequel Rush Hour - You have not seen comedy at it's most poopy till you've seen Rush Hour Good Luck - This is the worst comedy ever made The Village - M. Night Shyamalan's worst film. I don't get how people like this crap. Death To Smoochy - This was the eternal death to Robin Williams great career. Oklahoma - YUCK! I HATE ROGERS AND HAMMERSTIEN!!!!!!!!! In Her Shoes - It's so annoying. I just wanted to throw my TV out the window I
  12. I think Kermit was the most intelligent of the guest programmers :-) !!
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