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  1. The online listing shows You Only Live Once (1937) as what was to be shown at 6AM. I notice that the emailed Schedule has numerous duplicate times. Is this where you got the info?
  2. All the studios from the 30s to at least the 60s used this practice of using stock music when they didn't want to bother with a original score. Incidentally, the music from Frankenstein in Counsellor at Law was itself stock music used in Frankenstein, composed by Giuseppe Becce. He is the composer of the score used for Frankenstein, all of which, was stock music. Frankenstein has no original score.
  3. Allie: The films you listed wouldn't be on FMC anyway. Fox doesn't own them, they are the Warner owned Monogram titles. Fox is supposdly going to release their surviving Chan and Moto films on DVD in the next few years. FYI: Chantology is Warner
  4. True, it is no rival. What one also has to remember is that FMC has to lease every movie they show from FOX, they own no films.
  5. TCM doesn't own these films, they are owned by Warner Brothers and they have to lease them. They also don't own the UA library, that is owned by Sony. So even though both TCM and Warner Brothers are owned by Time Warner, for stock reasons, TCM has to pay to lease the post 1950 Warner films, along with the Monogram and Allied Artists films that Warner Brothers owns. Message was edited by: movieslover1000
  6. It was on in October of 04, during their salute to musicals. I taped it then, but my cable was so bad that it is unwatchable. Glad it going to be reshown
  7. SAMSON & DELILAH is still owned by Paramount. And yes, Universal should release on DVD the DeMille's they have.
  8. As mentioned elsewhere, it would seem TCM's lease on these films has expired.
  9. TCM doesn't own either of these movies. Sergeant Rutledge is a 1960 Warner Bros. movie, made after the Warner sale to MGM of their pre-1949 movies. As for Beau Geste, there are three versions, a 1939 and 1966 versions owned by Universal. (The 1939 version was actually made by Paramount, then sold) and a silent version from 1926, owned by Paramount. It appears any lease for these movies has expired and can no longer be shown on TCM.
  10. Yes, they have been shown, in the past. But TCM has to lease the films from Universal, and since there is no Universal horror on this Hollowen, (and for the past couple of years, there has been.) the lease seems to have run its course, and TCM apparently NO LONGER has the rights to show them. The only Universal horror in the listings is Bride of Frankenstein, so apperantly it was in a seperate agreement.
  11. Because the classic horror movies belong to Universal, and apparently TCM's lease to show them has run out, so they can't be shown.
  12. This movie was destroyed in a fire in 1914.
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