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  1. Does anyone know WHY TCM does not show the "classic" movie WHITE CHRISTMAS starring Bing Crosby? I've not seen this holiday movie since I was a child--and that was a LONG time ago. Why do they just show the same old ones over and over? Why not show WHITE CHRISTMAS? I'm bored with the same old stuff.
  2. NO!!! I just posted what I've learned this year as a subscriber. ERRORS GALORE in the magazine. You would do better to go to TVGuide.com and read the programming there. I've not found an error on them yet for TCM. SO SAVE YOUR MONEY! It's a RIP-OFF!
  3. Last January of this year, I finally broke down and ordered the TCM NOW PLAYING magazine. Believing Robert Osborn when he talked about how you can find out what is playing and other info about the movie. Well, WHAT A RIP-OFF! In nearly 12 months issues, I have found over 50+ gross errors of what they said was playing on their channel and what actually did play. And I am not talking about those days when some star had died and they changed it to dedicate. I am talking about the every day common programming. ERRORS galore. And today is another ERROR in the movie playing. The Melina Mercouri movie 10:30 P.M. Summer is not going to show--shown in the magazine on p. 15. Instead, the movie Rage In Heaven is going to be seen after the movie Goodbye Again. Which, as can be seen on TV Guide.com, has been moved up to fill in the vacancy. What a mess! So I would like to DISCOURAGE anyone who is thinking about ordering this magazine. I would understand it if another tv guide magazine got it wrong. But when the channel who publishes the magazine cannot get it right--then I am being CHEATED! And ought to get a refund. And, to add insult to injury, when I ordered it, they changed my debit card twice and also messed up the order to where I had to call them 3 times before they got it correct. SO SAVE YOUR MONEY and go to TVGuide.com to find out what is playing. I've not found them to be mistaken about TCM movies yet.
  4. You wrote: "Ironic, that makes two movies Frankie was involved with regarding political assassination which spooked him so much he put them on the shelf." What was the second one?
  5. William Holden Clark Gable or Spencer Tracy?
  6. Some like Frank Sinatra and some don't. But when it comes to movies, I do like him in nearly all those he has appeared. I think he was a very good actor who didn't get the full credit for his acting that he deserved. Likewise, you can say what you want about his movies...some you may like better than others and some not. But one movie he starred in which ALWAYS stands out in my view as being a really good movie is the one titled SUDDENLY! Description: Suddenly (1954) Frank Sinatra, Nancy Gates A psychopathic hitman holds a family hostage in the small town of Suddenly, California just so he can have a clear view of the president who is passing through town. His objective: to kill the president. To me, this is Sinatra at his best acting. One forgets the wonderful singing voice he had and gets caught up in the drama of this man who is out to kill the president. And he is so convincing, I think. He honestly wants to kill the man and he does not care who he hurts and kills along the way. This movie, which I taped, was on this week. I hope you saw it and if you didn't, then let me strongly recommend it for one of the best film noir gangster movies. It's a must see in my view.
  7. When I was a young boy, over 45 years ago, I got to see the Lone Ranger and Silver. Silver was so pure white without any spots or splotches whatsoever. Like fresh fallen snow on a sunny Michigan winter morning. Since then, I have seen many white horses but I do not think any has been as pure white or even close to Silver--the Lone Ranger's horse. What a beautiful animal he was. (PS--I know they used 2 different animals in the series and I do not know which one of the 2 I got to see.)
  8. Ann Jeffries Frances Farmer or Frances the talking mule?
  9. I agree with you about this film. It is EXCELLENT for both Cotten and Jones. They are both captivating in the movie and draw you into what they are doing and why. It is so haunting without being the present day macbre film. Rather it relies on the film work and the actors as well as the director to carry you along on the suspense. And frankly my good people I was carried along with every clip as it took me deeper and deeper into a story about a painter and the woman he fell in love with. A wonderful movie.
  10. If you adjust your controls then you do not know what happens on those threads you chose to watch. If you adjust your email address then you do not get any emails about anything. Seems like no one wants to accept the blame and responsibility at TCM for THEIR COMPUTER MESSING UP! WHY DON'T THEY FIX THEIR COMPUTER INSTEAD OF TELLING US TO FIX OUR CONTROLS? Another good reason why we live in America--no one wants to accept responsibility for their cause.
  11. WHATEVER it is I wish someone would FIX IT! I had to go in and alter my email address to make it stop. Now I won't get any of the good emails but at least I will not get the over 400 I got before I altered it to stop them Thanks for your feedback also. I appreciate knowing it is not me. hehehe Have a good day.
  12. Greetings: With all due respect your computers have gone insane. I have received over 300 emails all telling me the same message this morning and they are still coming into my email box. SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIND OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING PLEASE. and shut the loop that it is caught in OFF. Thank you. Have a good weekend.
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