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  1. my five favorite actors are:

    Spencer Tracy

    James Cagney

    Jack Lemmon

    Cary Grant

    Jimmy Stewart

    and just for kicks

    6 is Gregory Peck


    my five favorite actresses are:

    Bette Davis

    Katharine Hepburn

    Angela Lansbury

    Ingrid Bergman

    and last but not least #5 is

    Jean Harlow


    sorry to bore you but put them together and you get!:

    Spencer Tracy

    Bette Davis

    Katharine Hepburn

    James Cagney

    Cary Grant

  2. my grandmother always watches the old black and whites like bette davis type stuff. so whenever i go there tcm is always on. i also saw a poster for a little movie called singin in the rain. haha, anyway, i watched it on tv once then i had watched it so many times that i knew the words. i love all kinds of oldies from bette davis to gene kelly.

  3. the miracle worker, love that movie. i was in the play last summer. i played helen, i was only twelve so it was very fun because i got to run around and throw fits basically the entire time. i am a trained proffessional at that! haha, anyway, it was very difficult because you had to make it completely believable that yu were blind and deaf! it was a great experience!

  4. ok, i would have to say, even though i love gene kelly, brigadoon and xanadu. everyone loves brigadoon but i don't really know exactly why i don't like it but i know that i don't. and xanadu, i've never seen xanadu but the idea of olivia newton john dancing with gene kelly on roller skates or whatever they do in the 80s does not appeal to me. i love elo but gene kelly dances to harold arlen and george gershwin not electric light orchestra.

  5. well, my first choice is definitely gene kelly because he was so talented and he made everyone look good when he danced with them. however, bette davis is my favorite actress. she was up to anything, she didn't care about reputations, she marched to the beat of a different drummer. if she was called to do something, no matter how insane it was, she made it look so easy. for instance, the difference between her character in jezebel and in whatever happened to baby jane are unbelievable but she is fantastic in both parts and its always bette davis playing bette davis. another one is of course frank sinatra because he said he was going to be the best and well, i think he was. he was very tough on the people he associated with but he led a carreer that i don't think anyone these days could imagine.

  6. vertigo is a great movie, i love jimmy stewart in that and anything he ever did. casablanca is just a really great movie. its very bittersweet in some parts and humphrey bogart is fabulous. the godfather is a classic, its one of those movies that everyone has to see whether they like it or not, the only problem is they kill marlon brando off so the godfather 2 and 3 aren't nearly as good as the first, but that's kind of how everything works i guess. maybe they didn't know how big of a success it was going to be. wow, i haven't seen citizen kane in so long but i really love that movie.

  7. I agree with you 100%. Singin in the Rain is the best movie in the whole world! Gene Kelly is my favorite dancer. He just makes it look so easy! I don't know how he did it, but if he was in a movie it automatically was better with him in it. Did you know that they were originally going to cast Howard Keel as Don Lockwood and Oscar Levant as Cosmo Brown and the movie was going to be about a cowboy? I can't imagine how that would have been!

  8. what are your top five favorite classic movies? mine are:

    1.Singin in the Rain


    3.Bringing up Baby

    4.For me and my Gal

    5.Whatever Happened to Baby Jane


    I love these movies! There are all these lists out there but it doesn't mean anything because its just a few people's opinions! And of course there are always the ones that make it on the list no matter what like the Godfather, Gone With the Wind, and Raging Bull, and Citizen Kane. I think its interesting to see what they put on the list but its just opinions.

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