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  1. I would ABSOLUTELY purchase all the Kay Francis DVDs I could find if they did a series on her. Think she is a fabulous actress with a lot of gumption, plays many roles exceedingly well and up there with the best like Bette Davis, Stanwyck, and others honored.
  2. In another R. Russell movie "Design for Scandal" Osborne talks about the breakfast tray, newspaper and meal not being permitted even though they were "married" when in fact Pidgeon was courting her and leaving flowers in her room in the early morn. They were not married till th end of the film and they were doing the bicycle built for two routine. He got this totally wrong. Who is writing these snippets, and hasn't osborne written and seen a lot of these films? It doesn't reflect when he announces the synopsis.
  3. I don't know about Oscars being "outdated" but we could use some oscar material that has not been shown "Over and Over". I would much rather have an 8 PM show that was an interesting pre-code than the oscars. Whatever they show this week was already viewable about two weeks ago. it's tiresome.
  4. I would so love to see more precodes, esp. with Bette Davis and Kay Francis. I've seen a few and they are remarkable - certainly not the only good actors, but truly gems of their day and why do we not see more precodes? I'm also miffed at the price of the new precodes like Rafter Romance and Double Harness - almost $20 a clip but similar movies go for only $8.99. What's up with that?
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