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  1. Tati created Mr. Hulot and placed him in a changing world in several films. Mon Oncle clearly shows the filmmaker's love for tradition, and his inability to conform to the trends of modernity. Later, in Playtime, he actually bankrupted himself to create modern Paris before it existed! That film shows American tourists enthralled with all the wrong things, and the old attractions - Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, etc. - only seen in reflections in modern glass doors. I'm glad to see Tati included in this course, because he has been overlooked too often and too long in the pantheon of great comedic filmmakers. Viewing all his work, which has been lovingly restored and compiled in a recent collection, will help add new understanding of what a modern comic genius can do with the visual medium to enhance our appreciation of tradition. And I'm attaching a photo of 3 of our subjects conferring together. An historic meeting, for sure.
  2. A recent email relates to this topic, as a present day filmmaker is inspires by tge slapstick greats, and tgat is clearly noted here.Medicine Show Theatre Guests The New York Film Salon continues Tuesday, September 13th New York Film Salon at Medicine Show The mission of the New York Film Salon is to introduce the public to the New York based independent film community in the hopes of creating collaborative projects for film makers, students, actors and the public. An independent feature is screened every second Tuesday of the month, followed by a Q&A session -- all film genres are welcome. Shannon Plumb's cinematic studies of life's various roles and characters explore the complexities embedded in the ordinary and extraordinary. From the humble persona of a new mother to iconic figures from the silver screen, Plumb portrays these characters with zest and humor. Inspired by the curious spirit of slapstick comedy and the physical humor of silent film legends such as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, Plumb employs a low-fi aesthetic by using Super-8 film, stationary camera shots, long takes and hand-made props and costumes. Plumb is a one-woman show starring as all characters and acting as the creative force behind her films. The low quality production of the films and her elastic expressiveness as an actress adds to the charm of her work and pushes it beyond its obvious predecessors and influences. Towheads Penelope, mother of two boys and wife of a harried theater director, barely has time to create art, but she finds relief from domestic drudgery by dressing in drag, pole dancing, and acting as Santa Claus to maintain sanity. Medicine Show Theatre 549 West 52nd Street, 3rd Floor New York City, NY 10019 NYFS hosts filmmakers who want to show their work in a casual setting and obtain feedback in a Q&A session after the screening of their work. Films can be any length, genre, or experimental. 

  3. It was quite a coincidence that I went to a showing of "One Man, Two Guvnors" this very week. It's based on Commedia del Arte, acknowledged in the production itself, and the star tells the audience he is Harlequin. Also, it's pretty easy to imagine that James Corden is the reincarnation of Fatty Arbuckle!
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