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  1. OK, I made the original post and now I'll say what I like to watch over & over. Only one was mentioned in the replies and, quite frankly, I was surprised to see Cinderella Man in this thread at all! I need some action or thrill or laugh, but I need to see a relationship "thing" going, too. So, my worn out movies (not in any particular order): Last Samurai (violent, but the best friendship movie around) Captains Courageous (the good, old one) The Count of Monte Cristo (Jim C...vel, how do you spell it?) Finding Neverland (Not so much for Depp-a good actor-, but the precious &am
  2. My DVD shelves are overflowing with quite a variety of movies. When I want to watch a movie a second, third, fourth....time, the first question is, "What am I in the mood for?" What movies do you find yourself watching multiple times, finding new details, new meanings, new appreciation for the acting, direction, art/costumes, etc with each viewing? My kids have come through the room many times saying, "You're watching this again???" Question 2: Confess it, have you planned to watch a movie when no one is around so no one will make fun of you crying at sad points or laughing yourself off
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