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  1. "Smoky and the Bandit"? for some reason I either read where it was his favorite or his favorite guilty pleasure... I hang my head in shame that I know that....
  2. Exactly! He introduced the film. Your turn
  3. Ivan Jandl in THE SEARCH - probably because he is the spitting image of my niece, but his performance was so heart wrenching. No wonder he got a "little Oscar" Edited by: NICKANDNORA on Dec 9, 2010 11:16 AM
  4. I remember seeing this years ago and my memory is spotty on the details, but I remember I loved it. A British village is essentially cut off from the rest of England during the war, they essentially make the town their own fortress. I'm thinking there may have been some Nazi infiltration somewhere. I have no recollection of the cast
  5. Lew Ayres - "Maisie was a Lady", "City on the Hunt" and his best drunken role as the brother of Katherine Hepburn in "Holiday" William Powell in "The Thin Man" series had a serious alcohol problem that made him almost endearing to viewers, but although I love the series - I sometimes find the glamorizing of his alcohol consumption a tad much.
  6. well, here goes.... In which movie did Hitchcock actually speak?
  7. Miklos Rozsa won with Spellbound - and Hitch didn't much care for the scoring! Bernard Herrmann did scoring for many Hitchcock movies. I love the scoring for The Trouble with Harry...
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