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  1. I caught on to THE BIG STEAL some years ago now, and I really like the film a lot. It's one of those fun films that I think of on occasion to just sit back and watch my dvd and enjoy. The dvd has some nice audio commentary and I have a couple of bio books on Mitchum. The back story on the making of this little film is interesting and could make for a good little film itself. Mitchum had just been busted for drug possession (really not a big deal, just some personal pot usage) but the potential for a career ending scandal was there. So RKO (Howard Hughes) quickly threw this film together to
  2. I just recently watched a tv movie starring good old Andy, GRAMPS. This was made in the early 90's and Andy plays a "lovable" old codger who was long estranged from his son (John Ritter) and the son's wife and little boy. But we quickly learn that Gramps Andy isn't so lovable, he's a very dangerous psychotic who stops at nothing to get his way, including murder. Andy is very, very scary in this one (I recall seeing him play similar characters in other films , not to mention A FACE IN THE CROWD). Maybe the extreme sharp contrast between these psychos and his usual "Sheriff Andy" and " lawye
  3. I was referring to the way cute little Annie was beating poor old Greg up early on.
  4. Anne Baxter sure "touched" Greg Peck a couple of times in this film , I thought he was going to need serious medical attention.
  5. Can we run a water pipeline from Flint to Cleveland (just to the convention hall)?
  6. I notice that Jake holds some wildlife in great esteem , as long as its in some far off place and doesn't impact him personally. He doesn't picture wildlife in America; wolves and bears in Yellowstone, Alaska, etc. They of course get in the way of the economics of the oil, coal, timber industries. Off shore drilling threatens all of the sea creatures, but that doesn't count either. Climate chance and pollution of the air, land and water threatens all life. If the oil industry moves in on the habitats of the beautiful lions, tigers, elephants, etc they will all be history in quick order. Ah,
  7. Jake, when people like you wrap yourself in the flag to make yourself feel so righteous, it disgusts me. False patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
  8. Several weeks ago I recorded "M" (1951) , which is a rather good remake of the classic 1931 German film that starred Peter Lorre as the mentally disturbed little man who preys on young children. David Wayne gets to play the thankless role in the new film and does a very effective job here, Wayne was a very good actor (he was Pulver in the MISTER ROBERTS stage play with Henry Fonda). Wayne's hysterical pleading to the mob at the end was very intense. A lot of well known character actors appear in this film (did anyone see William Schallert make a brief appearance?). Watching this film (my f
  9. O'HENRY'S FULL HOUSE is sort of a showcase for people who were under contract to 20th Century Fox at the time (1952) . My favorite segment is the first one with Charles Laughton (who almost always entertains me a lot ), David Wayne is also there, and Marilyn Monroe has a rather brief part (still she is noticeable) . Ironically today Marilyn is the one most promoted on the dvd , while the other Fox gals (Anne Baxter, Jean Peters, and Jeanne Crain) are the real stars featured. I single out "The Last Leaf" for Jean Peters' excellent work, damn I wish she hadn't "retired" from acting so
  10. I might add that I really like this film, well acted and directed. I can watch this repeatedly.
  11. The assumption I take is that as much as the crew hated the authority of the Captain and officers (to the crew they would make little distinction between the evil master at arms and any other officer) the French were still the "greater enemy" . So the timely appearance of the French ship defused, at least for the moment, the very tense situation on their own ship. I would find it very hard to believe that these men would allow their own ship , and their own lives, to be sacrificed as a way of protesting Budd's hanging. You can then speculate what the future relationship between office
  12. A long time ago I sat through a viewing of THE CAR, I don't think a second (or third, fourth,...) viewing could make it look any better. Bad , bad, bad. At least an Ed Wood movie can be fun to watch .
  13. The absurd Citizen's United ruling by the right wing dominated Supreme Court did exactly that. Money = "free speech". And with such a disproportionate amount of the wealth in the hands of a very few (thanks to unregulated capitalism , corporate welfare, and taxation policy heavily favorable to the wealthiest) the masses are losing their voice in this country.
  14. C'mon, you actually favour Raymond Burr over Capt Bill Shatner?
  15. This is definitely about the character, not the actor. Cary Grant's Devlin in NOTORIOUS. I would gladly pitchfork him. He treats Ingrid Bergman like dirt through the entire film, using her, deceiving her, allowing her to risk her life in a dangerous assignment. Only in the final minutes of the film does Devlin show a noble side and rushes to rescue Ingrid. I'm still not sure if he genuinely loves her or is even capable of that. Poor Claude Rains, I never felt more empathy for a guy going to meet his certain doom. Maybe he is a dirty rat Nazi, but he really did love the girl, always di
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