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  1. Jake, please go put on a miners hat and go down in those mines and take in some deep breaths. Replace the dirty, environment destroying coal mining with clean energy. Those miners can work those new jobs, and live in a far healthier environment. And live longer healthy lives with a brighter future to pass on to their children.
  2. I caught on to THE BIG STEAL some years ago now, and I really like the film a lot. It's one of those fun films that I think of on occasion to just sit back and watch my dvd and enjoy. The dvd has some nice audio commentary and I have a couple of bio books on Mitchum. The back story on the making of this little film is interesting and could make for a good little film itself. Mitchum had just been busted for drug possession (really not a big deal, just some personal pot usage) but the potential for a career ending scandal was there. So RKO (Howard Hughes) quickly threw this film together to try to keep Mitchum out of jail (that little ruse didn't work, the judge gave Mitch a short sentence in the county jail, filming was done before and after Mitchum's time served). The original storyline was much tougher, violent, with dark shady characters. They lightened that up considerably, almost to a comedy level with Mitchum a rather likable, almost lovable guy. A number of actresses considered for the costar were reluctant to be associated with Robert Mitchum because of the "scandal" surrounding him. Jane Greer volunteered for the part because she had such a good time working on OUT OF THE PAST with big Bob. Jane was pregnant at the time so the wardrobe people had to accommodate for that and she couldn't be doing too much physical activity. And they had to be careful with camera angle shots. The resulting film is a little short in length, it could have used a little more padding. Ramon Navarro's inspector cop almost steals the film, they should have given his character a little more involvement in the climatic scenes. The film was reasonably successful at the box office, but more importantly this film helped smooth over Robert Mitchum's public image and keep his career going.
  3. Let's call the "war with Iraq" what it really was, "the unnecessary, illegal , counter productive war created by the outright lies of the criminal Bush/Chaney administration" . Comparing the death tolls between Iraq and Vietnam can be misleading. Many soldiers seriously wounded in Iraq survived because of the advanced medical techniques available today (and a more quick, intense response to aid those wounded), things not available to our fellows during Vietnam. Of course we have a very large number of those "non dead" from Iraq who now have very serious and often permanent disabilities from those battlefield injuries. Which means we as a nation should be sparing no expense to provide for the ongoing care for our veterans. But that will take money, lots of it. And heaven forbid we should have to ask the well healed to pay something more in taxes to help meet those expenses. The oil billionaire Koch brothers for example, they continue to benefit from the oil revenues. Instead of spending countless billions to buy out and corrupt the nation's political system why not contribute that money to the veterans who they (and people like Jake) profess to honor so much? And people like Donald Trump are a big part of that hypocrisy.
  4. I guess Sarah Palin and Rick Perry weren't available so Trump picked the next best option (Pence?) . Where do they (republican party) find these people? And who are the idiots who originally elected these morons to be Governor of their states? TRUMPUS CLUELESS MORONICUS
  5. This whole situation plays out like the classic story of "The boy who cried Wolf" The long time increasing stupidity of the republicans of constantly throwing mud and making anything a democrat does into a terrible scandal has just completely destroyed their (republicans) credibility. So if there is any real substance to a charge , the general public will just dismiss it as "politics". And to believe the republican line, there is no acceptable way of investigation that is objectionable and non partisan if it doesn't lead their way. That is the right wing extremist point of view that runs the present day republican party. And the few remaining "sane, rational republicans" that are out there just stand back and won't call out the nut jobs. What has to happen, and what I want to see, is the whole party implode and a new more responsible opposition (to the democrats) party emerge. And the right wing nut jobs can crawl back into their holes.
  6. I just recently watched a tv movie starring good old Andy, GRAMPS. This was made in the early 90's and Andy plays a "lovable" old codger who was long estranged from his son (John Ritter) and the son's wife and little boy. But we quickly learn that Gramps Andy isn't so lovable, he's a very dangerous psychotic who stops at nothing to get his way, including murder. Andy is very, very scary in this one (I recall seeing him play similar characters in other films , not to mention A FACE IN THE CROWD). Maybe the extreme sharp contrast between these psychos and his usual "Sheriff Andy" and " lawyer Matlock " makes him all the more scary in these roles.
  7. I was referring to the way cute little Annie was beating poor old Greg up early on.
  8. Anne Baxter sure "touched" Greg Peck a couple of times in this film , I thought he was going to need serious medical attention.
  9. That has to be tough on Valentine's Day, making sure you don't send a "Stefanie" card to "Stephanie" etc. Does Stephanie Zimbalist enter into this confusion?
  10. Four deaths? And HOW many died because of the biggest lie ever foisted on the American public? The invasion of Iraq, where were the "weapons of mass destruction"? Where are all of the investigations into that?
  11. Can we run a water pipeline from Flint to Cleveland (just to the convention hall)?
  12. It's about time you show up, Dargo, after about a couple of million of us have already seen this. It's already old news, ha! (By the way, does the "other Stephanie , Stefanie?? know about this Stephanie?)
  13. You must see THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE! It is one of my favorite, favorite movies (my favorite Cagney film) and everyone else in the cast shines as well. Olivia is particularly entertaining in this, showing quite a flair for comedy and she pairs up very well with Cagney. And even though Rita Hayworth (the strawberry blonde of the title) is very alluring , Olivia's "plain girl" does not let Rita steal any scenes. Olivia de Havilland could do it all, a remarkable actress, I hope she is doing well and enjoying this milestone birthday.
  14. Who's going to buy all of the candles for these birthday parties? Better have the fire department on high alert.
  15. I believe that if I could make just one change in the academy awards winners it would be to give Laughton the best actor for HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. Interesting that I watched some of Svengoolie's airing of ISLAND OF LOST SOULS and Sven commented that Laughton was not happy with that role, only doing it for contract obligation. It's a riot seeing Bela Lugosi in his get up. They use that scene of his mugging for the camera in AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON (the Carrie Fisher segment).
  16. I notice that Jake holds some wildlife in great esteem , as long as its in some far off place and doesn't impact him personally. He doesn't picture wildlife in America; wolves and bears in Yellowstone, Alaska, etc. They of course get in the way of the economics of the oil, coal, timber industries. Off shore drilling threatens all of the sea creatures, but that doesn't count either. Climate chance and pollution of the air, land and water threatens all life. If the oil industry moves in on the habitats of the beautiful lions, tigers, elephants, etc they will all be history in quick order. Ah, just a small price to pay for the big bucks.
  17. Good old Jake, the number one hypocrite strikes again. Many of his "heroes" like Donald Trump, Dick Chaney, John Wayne, etc avoided military service of any kind. George W. hid out in the Texas National Guard (and supposedly the Alabama too) , and was often AWOL from that duty. Ronald Reagan "wore" the uniform during WW2, but got "special duties" that kept him in Hollywood (and how he ever merited getting promotions to Captain, explain that). Real patriots don't wrap themselves in the flag to glorify themselves or to further their politics. As I have often stated I did not serve in the military but I have a genuine appreciation for those who did serve, and the sacrifices that many made and yet they don't exploit for personal endearment. Pure speculation on my part, but I have found that those who do the most bragging don't really have much to brag about.
  18. Jake, when people like you wrap yourself in the flag to make yourself feel so righteous, it disgusts me. False patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
  19. Several weeks ago I recorded "M" (1951) , which is a rather good remake of the classic 1931 German film that starred Peter Lorre as the mentally disturbed little man who preys on young children. David Wayne gets to play the thankless role in the new film and does a very effective job here, Wayne was a very good actor (he was Pulver in the MISTER ROBERTS stage play with Henry Fonda). Wayne's hysterical pleading to the mob at the end was very intense. A lot of well known character actors appear in this film (did anyone see William Schallert make a brief appearance?). Watching this film (my first time) made me think of the classic HE WALKED BY NIGHT with Richard Basehart as the deranged killer on the loose and being hunted down.
  20. O'HENRY'S FULL HOUSE is sort of a showcase for people who were under contract to 20th Century Fox at the time (1952) . My favorite segment is the first one with Charles Laughton (who almost always entertains me a lot ), David Wayne is also there, and Marilyn Monroe has a rather brief part (still she is noticeable) . Ironically today Marilyn is the one most promoted on the dvd , while the other Fox gals (Anne Baxter, Jean Peters, and Jeanne Crain) are the real stars featured. I single out "The Last Leaf" for Jean Peters' excellent work, damn I wish she hadn't "retired" from acting so soon after. "Ransom of Red Chief" works well, Fred Allen and Oscar Levant offer up a peculiar kind of comedy here. "The Gift of the Magi" is nicely done, that is such an often imitated little storyline but it always works. Ironically, for me anyway, the story I like the least here is "The Clarion Call". I am always such a big Richard Widmark fan and I know he is purposely spoofing his Tommy Udo character, but I think it is a little too over the top. It's like a one joke that's played too long and gets tiring. Oh well, they can't all be winners.
  21. I certainly have empathy for the people who live in coal country, if there are alternative jobs provided for these people they will certainly give up mining coal. It is still a very dangerous, unhealthy way to make a living. Does any caring parent want to see their children's future tied up in mining coal for a living? We can see how the mine owners do so much to operate in a safe responsible manner, they do everything they can to maximize the profit line, violating safety regulations (its often cheaper to pay a fine than comply) regardless of the risks. The environment where these people live is being raped, when the coal is gone, what's left? And the burning of coal ( and oil) for creating energy is dirty, always has been, always will be. When there are proven alternative technologies available it makes no sense to rely on fossil fuel for energy. The ONLY benefit is to put more money in the pockets of the ones who have their vast wealth tied to the oil and coal industry. And if those people had any sense of social responsibility they could take their wealth and invest in the new technologies. They would still come out on top financially.
  22. Dark, for once you are the one in the dark. It's inconceivable that any Nader supporter would have voted for "W". They would have either sat out or voted for Gore. If the balloting in Florida hadn't been rigged in various ways and a small number of Nader people would have voted for Gore, he would have carried the state and the election. And if the ridiculous Electoral College had been done away with, Gore won the overall popular vote. And a Gore presidency would have been way, way better than what America ended up with. The same way Hillary Clinton (whatever her faults) will be way, way better than having the insane egomaniac Trump trying to run things.
  23. Anyone who will put a stake in the heart of the entire fossil fuel industry gets my vote. Moving towards clean energy technologies will create safer, better paying, sustainable jobs. The environment where these people live will be made safe , clean air, clean water, etc.
  24. Sarah's only goal is to somehow keep herself relevant and in the public eye. It's understandable that she would lean towards Trump, the "master" at playing the reality tv game and keeping himself the center of attention. People like this really have no core political convictions, they just yell and scream to get attention. Whatever brings in a crowd. And like the wind, that can change at anytime.
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