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  1. May I suggest The Big Steal, with Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer?
  2. For me, A Night To Remember will always be the only real Titanic movie.
  3. RobertLord, I was not responding to a question , just trying to start a new topic. Sorry for any confusion, I am still learning how to play this game.
  4. This is a film I remember seeing many times when I was a kid in the 60's, always late at night on a local tv "horror theatre" type show. I guess that why it left a lasting impression on me. I had not seen it in many years but TCM did broadcast it sometime ago. I looked for sometime on the internet and found it on DVD from a vendor in Brazil. It is in several language tracks. It is an Italian film with an english star, Barbara Steele. I think it stands up well even today, very scary. Any comments?
  5. mrroberts

    The Train

    I highly recommend getting the DVD of The Train, it is a great movie and one of Burt Lancaster's best roles. John Frankenheimer gives a detailed commentary through the whole film. Nobody does a better action film then Burt Lancaster.
  6. In my many travels to Canada, I go through Buffalo and sometimes stop at the Naval Park where the destroyer USS The Sullivans is preserved. Its fascinating to see the ship itself and to get an insight into the lives of the five young brothers whose service was honored by the naming of the ship. Highly recommend people stop to see it, not far from Niagara Falls.
  7. Your movie sure sounds like PT 109. In the movie Lt Kennedy gets a boat that is in very sad shape and a thrown together crew. They clean it up, get it running but the engine and running gear is in questionable shape. When racing another boat back to base the engines can't reverse to slow the PT down and they crash into the dock. Does anyone have comment as to how accurate the movie is to the real life story of PT 109 and its crew?
  8. How about Mary Gordon, Mrs Hudson of Sherlock Holmes/ Basil Rathbone fame? As a big fan of WKRP in Cincinnati when it first aired , I recognized the butler as Ian Wolfe but never realized how many movies he appeared in. I'll bet he had a million stories to tell about the people he worked with.
  9. How about the Bedford Incident with Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier? Or Command Decision with Clark Gable?
  10. In my lifetime, one actress whose death really sadden me was Lee Remick, she was talented , beautiful and was aging so gracefully. I am sure she had many more fine performances in her. For an all time loss, I would have to say Carole Lombard.. Another actress that comes to mind is Inger Stevens. For the actors, Tyrone Power and Montgomery Clift.
  11. I think of The Thin Man movies the same way I think of the Sherlock Holmes films of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Even if the story is just ordinary, the actors' performances more than make up for it. I have recently bought the DVD sets for both, and enjoy watching them all.
  12. I like how Richard Widmark's character breaks down during the story. He starts out as a very regular, likeable guy, but when the girl rejects him for his best friend, look out. A lot like Bogart in some of his best roles. Widmark was such a good actor, he always had that dangerous edge to his characters, and he carried that over to his later career. I really wish they would reissue his Madigan made for tv movies from the early 70's.
  13. Watch him, and the other supporting cast, in The Strawberry Blonde.
  14. My favorite Cagney film, The Strawberry Blonde.
  15. So many to choose from, but if I had to pick one, MY MAN GODFREY. William Powell and Carole Lombard at their best.
  16. I see someone else likes Jean Peters in this movie. I think she has been an underappreciated actress, and it was very unfortunate that she gave up her career the way she did. And if anyone in Niagara deserved to be murdered it was her moron of a husband. Him going over the falls would have the audience giving a standing ovation.
  17. A Guide For The Married Man has a lot of "skits" with different comedians acting out the lessons being given to Walter Matthau on how to be a swinger, 60's style. Lots of big names in that cast.
  18. This is a very tough question, I understand the need to have inspirational films when the country needs them, but my favorites are the ones that reflect. Not necessarily anti war, but emphasize the reality of sacrifice and why it sometimes is necessary. Command Decision does that better than any other film for me. At the end Clark Gable talks about sending his men into combat knowing some won't come back. But somehow making them count, so maybe their kid brothers won't have to follow. Command Decision has an excellent cast who all give a fine performance. Of course there isn't a lot of action in this film, but the messages are there.
  19. No discussion of Butlers is complete without mentioning Ian Wolfe, who played so many butlers, or butler types. And his final butler role was the wiley Hirsch on WKRP in Cincinnati who always put Mrs Carlson (Carol Bruce) in her place.
  20. I was about 10 years old when I first saw The Great Escape on tv, its first airing I believe. I was shocked to see Illya Kuryakin, aka David McCallum, get killed at the train station. I also felt cheated because to me he was the STAR of the movie.
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