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  1. The real star in THE AWFUL TRUTH was the dog, "Mr Smith", aka "Asta" , aka "Skippy". It wasn't long ago that "Asta" had two active threads going on here.
  2. And Mr Schallert appears again as a doctor in THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN along with Raymond (Mr Drysdale) Bailey.
  3. By the early 1940's Barbara Stanwyck had done a series of light hearted comedic films, she was the " girl a guy would take home to meet mom". Then rather abruptly, she goes evil femme fatale in DOUBLE INDEMNITY. And of course Fred McMurray did the same in that film. McMurray's entire career had him playing good guys or comedic roles with just a few exceptions. Maybe its just coincidence but his villain roles are his most memorable of all. .
  4. I think the commentary on Robert Ryan learning about the BILLY BUDD project and then offering to participate says a lot about Ryan. He recognized a good role and went for it. His Claggert was very subtle but oh, so sinister. Only briefly does he let his guard down and show a human side to Budd , but that doesn't last. He wants to bring Budd down to his level so he provokes Budd. I like that way that Ryan lies there after being knocked down and hitting his head. He smiles for a moment, then dies. It's as if he knows that he's succeeded in inflicting more misery on someone.
  5. I might add that I really like this film, well acted and directed. I can watch this repeatedly.
  6. The assumption I take is that as much as the crew hated the authority of the Captain and officers (to the crew they would make little distinction between the evil master at arms and any other officer) the French were still the "greater enemy" . So the timely appearance of the French ship defused, at least for the moment, the very tense situation on their own ship. I would find it very hard to believe that these men would allow their own ship , and their own lives, to be sacrificed as a way of protesting Budd's hanging. You can then speculate what the future relationship between officers and crew would be, after the battle was fought, assuming they would survive that battle.
  7. Sarah Palin , does anyone have less credibility than this blithering idiot? Still if she wants to take down a fellow skunk like Paul Ryan, you go girl. I just love watching these people devour one another.
  8. And it's just a coincidence that this decline of America's working/middle class started when RONALD REAGAN became president and the Reagan revolution took hold . The mouthpiece of the wealthy and corporate America. Crush the unions (undermining the whole working class), give mass tax cuts to the wealthy (and allow corporate outsourcing that would eliminate millions of decent paying factory type jobs), spend massive amounts of unnecessary money on the military to boost the military industrial complex ( how Ike's visions were correct), and run up the national debt ( to justify cutting social programs, a strategy Stockman even confessed to later). So many ignorant people out there who still can't connect the dots. And they keep falling for the same lies and deceit. I can't wait until this stupid generation finally dies off (unfortunately that means me as well). Let the kids of today choose their destiny. I trust they will be wiser.
  9. I just saw Mr Schallert the other day in THE MAN FROM PLANET X (no he wasn't the title character). From 1951, one of Schallert's earliest films , and one of the few times I ever saw him play anything like a villain. He is in so many films and tv shows, such an ordinary looking guy , and yet he is so easily recognized. RIP William Schallert, and condolences to his family and friends.
  10. Joan Crawford was "box office poison"? Always? Judy Garland did show considerable acting talent, even in some dramatic roles later in her career. Bette Davis; I would agree she was often somewhat over the top (like Joan C) but she had an amazing and long career. And I would hardly equate silent films as being bad. We all have our likes and dislikes, TCM can't possibly schedule programming that will please us all 24/7.
  11. It's funny how you can watch a film multiple times and clearly remember some details and not others. I'm talking about the time in which the story takes place. It makes sense that the time would have to be only a short time after the war, but I got caught up in thinking the story was in current (1955) time. That does make Tracy an even less likely candidate to play the character, but then again Bogart was too old to play the part of Queeg in THE CAINE MUTINY, and "I" (Fonda) was too old to play MISTER ROBERTS, etc.
  12. Suspending belief, that's often required when watching a Hollywood film (like watching 50+ year old leading men romancing 22 year old actresses). Actually the character played by Tracy probably should have been in his mid to late 30's, the war was only 10 to 15 years in the past. So choosing a 55 year old Tracy (in shape or not) was a bit of a stretch. Clearly a guy with his acting chops enables his character to be somewhat believable. I remember Ernie Borgnine in one of his interviews or commentaries claiming responsibility for suggesting Tracy use martial arts technics to handle the big hulking Borgnine. If Tracy had been well schooled in martial arts before his disability , I can see where he could still effectively defend himself. But how about the one armed Tracy racing down the desert road driving a Jeep? That I find more implausible . I like CaveGirl's idea of Richard Widmark in the role, he's more age appropriate and in much better physical shape than Spencer Tracy. How about Sterling Hayden or Robert Mitchum, they project that kind of stoic personality that the part seems to call for. In any event, BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK is still a great film, with a great cast of supporting players and a lot of interaction between interesting characters. The storyline / plot almost becomes secondary in this film.
  13. Trump's current presidential campaign schtick is straight from his time when he was "performing" on Vince McMahon's wrestling shows (maybe McMahon could be Trump's VP running mate). Trump's core base is largely made up from that pro wrestling mentality that's out there. If you seriously follow pro wrestling you are probably a Trump supporter. If you seriously buy into the persona of screen and tv macho heroes (unable to distinguish reality from acting) you are probably a Trump supporter.
  14. Trump's manipulation of the bankruptcy laws (and the fact that the New Jersey state commission gave him a free pass) shielded him from any loss on his casino ventures. He, like so many other big business con artists, got all kind of tax incentives ( ain't that welfare?) to build those casinos. Public money was used to rebuild infrastructure to support those businesses. Tax assessment on those properties were kept low to further subsidize Trump's finances. All of this "free" money meant virtually no financial risk for Trump. And then at the most opportune time he bails out. This is how a "self made capitalist entrepreneur" like Trump succeeds in business. Why doesn't the media investigate and report the details on this? Just like "W" and his business ventures like Harken Energy, Enron, etc. Or "slick Chaney" and his Halliburton company. Bill Clinton (certainly no saint) got investigated to the Nth degree and the only thing they could impeach him on was extramarital hijinks.
  15. Let me make one thing clear, I am nothing close to supporting "illegal immigration". I do strongly believe that the Trump pitch about these " hoards of illegals" being responsible for crime, rape, bringing drugs into the U.S. etc is just a smoke screen for gaining support from the racist element in this country (sadly proving that there still are a considerable number of racists in America today). Over the last 20 years or so the repubs have had a lot more say about government policies, laws, etc. They have run the Congress for most of the time, Dubya was pres for 8 years, yet they never got serious about getting a handle on the illegals' problem. Obama's administration had been much more aggressive about deportations, the righties should love him for that. As has often been said, it's really hard to figure just what Trump would do ( or try to do) if he becomes President. He just says things to stir up support from the idiot base he has built his campaign around. Whether he likes it or not, he will need some kind of support from the Congress. Of course the republican Congress just gave Dubya a blank check for 6 years to do his thing, gee, why didn't he fix illegal immigration? Finally I want to say that there has to be some element of compassion for people in a desperate situation. Issues like this and the way they are handled separate the true Christians from the self proclaimed "God fearing" hypocrites out there.
  16. Other then the obvious appeal that Trump has to the racists out there, what other note worthy qualities does this guy have for you, Jake?
  17. A long time ago I sat through a viewing of THE CAR, I don't think a second (or third, fourth,...) viewing could make it look any better. Bad , bad, bad. At least an Ed Wood movie can be fun to watch .
  18. Hey, how many movies count as "favorite movies"? I count 3, let's be more precise. Actually, I see that as a compliment, the man played so many characters so well, and he always made the movies he was in better. It's hard to single out one film as the best or a favorite. I would add THE NAKED SPUR and BILLY BUDD to a list of best (or my favorite) Ryan films. And the list could go on and on. I would also add that Robert Ryan supports my theory that it "takes a good guy to play a good villain". Like Ernie Borgnine, Richard Widmark, Dan Duryea, etc.
  19. I just love it when the rats turn on one another. Put them all in a cage so they can devour one another. Whoever survives, throw them to the sharks.
  20. Bones wasn't much help in the gunfight, a few seconds in he took a bullet and was out of action. His two brothers and Doc Holliday had to carry the day .
  21. The absurd Citizen's United ruling by the right wing dominated Supreme Court did exactly that. Money = "free speech". And with such a disproportionate amount of the wealth in the hands of a very few (thanks to unregulated capitalism , corporate welfare, and taxation policy heavily favorable to the wealthiest) the masses are losing their voice in this country.
  22. I totally agree James. The original concept of the two chambers of the legislature was to compromise the conflict of the individual states' voting power versus the total population of the nation. And think about the addition of each new state into the union and the fact that that state instantly got 2 U S Senators. That is why the slave holding southern states demanded an on going balance of free vs slave states. States were brought in by pairs for many years before the Civil War. If we were to completely restructure the federal government should there even be the continuation of "states". Aren't we all supposed to be first and foremost "Americans" ? I wonder how many of us would really miss having a state identity? And the current geographic boundaries of our states don't often reflect the interests of the citizens in those states. People living in northern California may feel a much stronger identification with Oregon than the lower more populated portion of California. That is just one of many, many examples around the nation. If we were to erase all state boundaries and somehow create "new states" with new boundaries the nation could look quite different. Maybe we could achieve some kind of population balance between the "new states". But over time that would change again with populations shifting about. I don't have an answer to any of this, and I don't think there is any easy answer. Change means someone will gain, someone will lose. Nobody will want to lose anything, right?
  23. C'mon, you actually favour Raymond Burr over Capt Bill Shatner?
  24. Sometime in the last week or two I saw a Johnny Carson Tonight Show (Antenna tv , usually 11pm) and Peter Falk was a guest. I don't remember him doing a lot of talk show appearances but as you may guess he was quite funny. I believe that "Colombo" was kind of an extension of Peter himself. On Carson , Peter was plugging a new episode of Colombo that was airing later that week. Hopefully, these Carson episodes will be run again and you might catch that one.
  25. Like the republicans did anything to push for abolishing the Electoral College ( just in case they might be victimized next time). Or push for establishing proper voting procedures in all elections ( paper recordings of votes cast by machines so proper recounts could be made) , banning paper punch out ballots used in some states like Florida, insuring that all citizens in all states have their voting rights protected, etc.
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