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  1. This is definitely about the character, not the actor. Cary Grant's Devlin in NOTORIOUS. I would gladly pitchfork him. He treats Ingrid Bergman like dirt through the entire film, using her, deceiving her, allowing her to risk her life in a dangerous assignment. Only in the final minutes of the film does Devlin show a noble side and rushes to rescue Ingrid. I'm still not sure if he genuinely loves her or is even capable of that. Poor Claude Rains, I never felt more empathy for a guy going to meet his certain doom. Maybe he is a dirty rat Nazi, but he really did love the girl, always did. When he discovered the girl was a spy he was devastated, but I don't think he would have even considered killing Ingrid ( it was the evil mother who decided on that plan). But when the chips were down Claude came through. He let Ingrid get away, even though he knew he was signing his own death sentence. The wrong guy got "pitchforked" in this one
  2. I actually liked Max / Casey as the obnoxious grandfather in SIXTEEN CANDLES. Perfect casting?
  3. This bears repeating. I would add that the "modern conservative" ( as opposed to what the traditional conservative often was) is the most self centered, hypocritical, immoral person in society today.
  4. IF --------- the election this fall finds the Democratic candidate winning the Electoral College vote while the Republican actually wins the popular vote, guess who will be screaming bloody murder?
  5. Right from the beginning the Electoral College was an abomination. A provision meant to appease "small states" from being dominated by the bigger ones. A lot of compromise measures (like a slave counting as 3/5th person for census counting) were made to bring the colonies together to form a united states. But the Electoral College can have serious consequences. I may win California by a very small margin of votes while my opponent (TheCid?) wins 10 small states by a landside in each. But by the electoral count I'll be winning the election. So by winning the right (most populated) states , even if I win each by a small margin, it doesn't matter how the rest of the country votes, I will win the national election. This has happened several times in American history, the biggest vote getter loses in the Electoral College . Fair? The Electoral College system also denies individual citizens fair voting representation. So many states are predictable as to voting "Red or Blue" ; but what about the individual who lives in the "wrong" state? Conservatives do live in liberal states, and visa versa. Their votes become meaningless in Presidential elections. This is why in recent elections there is so much attention given to the so called "swing states" . Those states are the only ones that matter in determining who wins the overall election. Simple solution; ALL citizens have a single vote, the candidate with the highest vote total wins. That's how we elect all other officials in our state and local governments.
  6. Someone might have pitchforked Colombo's wardrobe (and his car) and bought him a new outfit.
  7. If posters start pitchforking other posters, this site is going to be very empty very quickly
  8. It's a little difficult for me to "pitchfork" certain characters because I have too much of a liking and respect for the actor. I know, one must make the distinction between the actor and the character. Most people here really like actors like George Sanders and Dan Duryea, but they could be regular character candidates for "pitchforking". But I just don't think I could carry out the sentencing of the "pitchfork". Sorry Dargo, old friend, but I guess I feel the same about old man Potter. I like Lionel B. too much as an actor. And he played too many likeable guys in other films. One guy who I (and a few others) "pitchforked" some time ago was Max Showalter / Casey Adams. After a while I felt a little guilty about that, my main reason for singling him out was the character (Jean Peters' husband) he played in NIAGARA . I always make that character association with him whenever I see him in another film. So can I "pitchfork" Max? Yeah, I guess I can (at least as that character). P.S. Anyone thinking of pitchforking William Powell has to go through me first.
  9. As was discussed sometime ago on these boards, James Cagney had enough serious issue with "Cuddles" that Cagney even mentioned it in his autobiography.
  10. When is the "great" state of Mississippi going to trash that disgusting racist flag they still fly?
  11. I wonder how Bogie felt about his female lead, Liz Scott?. Clearly she was being groomed as a "rival" to Bogie's own wife Lauren Bacall. Liz was wonderful here as has been pointed out. Her role in TOO LATE FOR TEARS ranks as one of the very best "bad girls" of noir.
  12. The only people who have a legitimate right to complain about immigrants. They are the ones who needed a wall.
  13. When Emperor Trump decides to flex his muscles and make war with whoever, for whatever reason, Jake will be the first to saddle up and ride, eh?
  14. Curse you, Mr Gorman , you beat me to it, , listing Lee Remick. She is right at the top of my list, for any time period. In my eyes no one was better.
  15. About 2 weeks ago I recorded an episode of Zane Grey Theatre that was supposed to be starring our man Dan, only the guide listed the wrong episode, the episode aired wasn't the one with Dan. Only discovered the error a few days ago, and I was all set to watch and review it for this thread, oh well. Any way I have never seen this film WORLD FOR RANSOM. When I saw the 1954 date and Nigel Bruce being in the cast I thought "poor old Watson was dead by 1954". IMdB confirmed this, this was apparently Bruce's last film, he died late 53 and the film came out early 54. The IMdB also comments that this film was closely related to the "China Smith" tv series that Dan Duryea was starring in at the time. They used the same production company and much of the same casting as the tv shows. That may explain the somewhat low level "feel" of this film that Tom describes. By the way I have to be more attentive to the old episodes of tv series like "Naked City" , "Route 66", etc that are being shown currently. Good old Dan did a lot of these shows in the late 50's into the 60's, making several appearances on some shows (playing different characters in each episode). Dan was a steady worker in film and tv, there's a lot to take in. We know we can always count on Dan to give a good performance, but there's only so much a guy can do to save a sinking ship, eh?
  16. People who promote legislation like this are almost always hypocrites, they deny a group of people their rights only to the extent that it doesn't also impact their (the bigoted ones) own interests. It's just like the old 3/5th's rule that the slave states insisted upon for taking a census that determined how many representatives they would send to Congress. Slaves had no human rights, they were property just like livestock, but they merited counting for a census. And the resulting 3/5ths person rule was a compromise, southerners wanted slaves counted as a full person.
  17. Why is it that "earned income" (wages paid for actually working) taxes go up while "unearned income" (interest, dividends, capital gains, etc) taxes are always getting reduced. There are always calls to eliminate the so called "death tax" (inheritance taxes that only apply to the wealthiest people). All kinds of tax avoidance measures exist for the wealthy that can never be of benefit to any middle or lower income people. The wealth gap in the U.S. is far larger than that of any other nation. And it continues to increase. The greedy just get greedier. They are the ones who feel "entitled".
  18. Ah, the age old "class warfare" argument. ( "Freedom Works" is another deceptive organization bankrolled by someone like Karl Rove, the Kochs, etc.) Most of the money that these kind of people have, THEY DID NOT EARN. They got it by their lies, , deception, exploitation, etc. They are the ones who make their fortunes by being the biggest recipients of government "welfare" programs. Donald Trump exploits bankruptcy laws to come out ahead while creditors have to lose out. Has Trump ever done a real estate deal that didn't involve massive government incentives through tax credits or forgiveness? There is just so much hypocrisy out there. And the people who demonize "Socialism" ; let me see you pledge not to except ANY social services like police, fire, schooling, public utilities like water and sewer. Don't make use of the government provided highways , airports, waterways, etc. Should any kind of natural disaster come your way, don't expect any government relief efforts to be there for you. Fend for yourselves totally, don't expect my help. Maybe your friends of the top 1% will throw a few crumbs your way.
  19. I thought it would be nice to bump this thread to the top now that I see we have a new poster, "Frank Bigelow" Hope he sees this and adds a comment or two.
  20. A few years earlier Rita made a very nice first appearance in THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE
  21. Jane Greer (Kathie Moffat) makes both a memorable entrance and exit in OUT OF THE PAST. As glad as I was to first see her (as was Mitchum), I was equally glad to see her go (unfortunately Mitchum had go with her)
  22. Regarding Robert Mitchum and "his peers", we were blessed with a bumper crop of very talented actors (and actresses too) from that immediate post World War 2 time period. These people were born well into the 20th century and had learned a different approach to acting from the previous generation ( people like Gable, Cagney, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, etc) These young actors started at the tail end of the Hollywood studio era, in fact many were instrumental in pushing that era out. Not to knock the old school studio nurtured actors but this new generation had to fend for themselves and the daring ones were willing to push their talents into risk taking ventures. Sometimes they failed but the good ones had far more successes than flops. And that resulted in their having long and varied careers.
  23. As always, my very best to RO. His well being takes top priority. Anything he can bring to the TCM broadcasts is a welcome bonus.
  24. Supposedly THE PARTY was Elvis' favorite film (however that was determined). S.O.B. is noteworthy with the big cast of notable people, but it's sad seeing William Holden and how aged he looks (not to mention his fate soon after) . I just recently saw a Tonight Show episode with Jack Lemmon (from the late 70's). Johnny Carson asked Jack about DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES and the memorable scene in the greenhouse. Jack said that the whole day of taping that scene had to be shot a second time when the original tapes got messed up while being developed.
  25. I always have to put in a plug for Richard Widmark. I even think he would have been a good "Mister Roberts". Widmark had a lot of versatility as an actor, some not realized as well as it should have been.
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