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  1. I think its great that right now the nostalgic cable channels are showing Johnny Carson Tonight Shows and Dick Cavett. The Tonight Shows are complete shows (some are the older 90 minute shows) so the whole show isn't one guest like some of the Cavett shows. Just recently I saw a Carson show with Jack Lemmon (I can't remember if that's the one that they lifted the segment for the "Carson on TCM" ). Many of these actors made several appearances . There are so many interviews from these shows that would be fascinating to see again . I always think of Tom Snyder's interviews , the number of people he had on and some of the great stuff they talked about. I hope that sometime some of his shows can be rerun. And let's not forget TCM's Robert Osborne, the recent interviews with Kim Novak and Ernest Borgnine were priceless.
  2. When I thought of asking about Mitchum in a Hitchcock film my first thought was the Robert Walker role in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Walker's performance was great, its hard to imagine anyone being better. But picture Mitchum in that part, his cool deliberate manner with a touch of that Harry Powell character, would have worked well I think. (But I also have thought about my main man Richard Widmark playing Bruno Anthony , he could have gone into the Tommy Udo mode at the end of the film).
  3. Sounds like we have some new tenants for Guantanamo . Waterboarding, anybody?
  4. Cid, I like Mitchum a lot, but I also like the other guys you have mentioned. I would say for myself it's mostly a question of the type of films ( screenplay , director) that makes the difference. Example; If you are a big fan of noir, Mitchum did a lot of noir type films. Burt did early on in his career then moved away from that film type, only doing an occasional one like SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS. The other two guys don't get associated with noir too often. So I guess the real answer is it's a combination of all of the factors. I wonder what a guy like Hitchcock would have done with "Big Bob". Which Hitchcock film would have been a good fit for Mitchum?
  5. How many died fighting that war in Iraq, the one created under outright lies and fabrications by Bush Chaney and co? Where are the "weapons of mass destruction" Jake? The right wing hypocrisy has no limits. Bush, Chaney and their gang of traitors should be doing time in Gitmo.
  6. Ever notice how obsession , control freaks, and hypocrisy often go hand in hand?
  7. MEN IN WHITE inspired the classic short by The Three Stooges, MEN IN BLACK.
  8. First of all there is virtually no way that any law would ever be passed that would try to "take away guns", nor should there be. Its about the ease of obtaining guns in unreasonable quantities and the possession of things like military type assault weapons, extended magazine clips, armor piercing ammo (often called cop killer, that can penetrate protective vests). No rational reasonable person needs this stuff for legitimate home defense, target shooting, hunting, etc. Most American people who own guns are good citizens who are rational and responsible . But they allow the radical elements like the NRA leadership to lead them by the nose when it comes to policy making and voting. I know people who wouldn't know when to relieve themselves if the NRA didn't tell them to.
  9. The "gun worshipers" run out to buy more guns and ammo minutes after the latest mass shooting takes place. They need more firepower for their own twisted sense of security and they anticipate that the "anti gun" crowd will once again push for some kind of law or regulation. So even though they already have enough personal stock of weapons and ammo to arm an infantry division they need more , and they need more, etc. It's a never ending cycle. Its really rather sad, these people are actually sick. Their obsession ruins their lives and by making it so easy for the wrong people to get a gun (not to mention the high powered military kind of weaponry) they make it less safe for all of us.
  10. Another chicken hawk showing his toughness. Go back to playing in Vince McMahon land.
  11. FORT APACHE is a really exceptional film in my opinion. Even if you're not a big fan of the western or military type films the cast is top notch and all give performances that show real depth. I think this film shows John Wayne making significant progress in his acting abilities. It's one of his best performances.
  12. Like so many comics of his generation, Garry got a big boost in recognition from his appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. I thought Garry was one of the best. Whenever speculation started about Carson retiring, Garry was often mentioned as a potential replacement. I thought he would have been an excellent choice. Sorry to hear of this, my condolences to his family and friends.
  13. A lot of the NRA's money comes from the gun / ammo manufacturing industry itself. The NRA actually likes it when people get elected who they've labeled as "anti gun, out to take away your 2nd amendment rights". When that happens, gun / ammo sales soar. That is what sustains the industry.
  14. It always amazes me how the people who profess to be so "God like" do the most "un-God like" things. Its like they have to convince themselves and justify their actions.
  15. Occasionally "Sir Donald" says something that is right. Bush and Chaney lied about the "weapons of mass destruction" to get America to fight "their war" . If I thought President Trump would bring up charges of war crimes against Bush and Chaney, I would consider voting for Trump'
  16. For many years now people have been wondering how so many of the supposedly intelligent German people could have allowed, if not endorsed, the likes of Hitler and the Nazis to take control of their country. Is history going to repeat itself?
  17. I can say the same Jake. But I don't think that that makes me any more special than anyone else.
  18. We have two separate issues here, comparing the actors (Garfield and Mitchum, both talented actors who I believe capable of playing a wide range of characters when given the chance) and comparing the characters played in POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE and OUT OF THE PAST. Garfield's character is very much the same as Fred Macs in DOUBLE INDEMNITY, no surprise as the stories are very much the same and by the same author. Both guys get seduced and go to the extreme of committing a murder for the woman. Mitchum's character in OOTP is made of stronger stuff then the other two. Mitchum's Jeff Bailey never committed a crime (especially murder) for the femme fatale and he did try to make a clean break from her. Only circumstances beyond his control drag him back to her and clearly he only does what he is forced to do. I have no problem seeing John Garfield playing the Bailey character, I could also see Mitchum in either POSTMAN or DOUBLE INDEMNITY.
  19. Since the nut case Republicans (including Sir Trump) like to freely throw around law suits over non issues, President Obama and the Senate Democrats should file a law suit against leader McConnell and his coconspirators forcing them to go through the constitutional process of reviewing the nomination and then calling for the full Senate to have a vote. It would be very interesting to see how the 8 existing members of the Supreme Court would vote on such a matter. ( My bet would be they would vote unanimously to force the process to proceed.) Of course every individual Senator has the right to vote Yea or Nay. The Republicans who vote Nay can then go on record exactly why the nominee is being rejected, then the public can vote yea or nay on the incumbent Republicans running for reelection this fall. That would truly be democracy in action.
  20. Stop sidetracking the simple fact that when there are practical alternatives we should use the more environmentally friendly ones. We may not be able to eliminate pollution but we can minimize it.
  21. I really wish that all of the idiot climate change deniers could move into one region and live within a big bubble where they could all breathe their own air, drink their own water, and eat their own food grown in their polluted environment. How long before they would be begging to get out? And while we are at it, they can go down into the mines and get their own coal, dig down into the earth and frack for their oil right close by where they would live. Of course their poor unfortunate children will have to suffer right along with them, and they would get stuck spending their whole lives trying to deal with the mess their idiot parents left them with. If only we could separate a section of the earth and let these people live in their own filth.
  22. One thing to keep in mind about American history, the political party labels "Democrat" and "Republican" have changed quite dramatically over the years. It makes me laugh every time I hear a present day "Republican" try to lay claim to being "the party of Lincoln" . Lincoln would have absolutely nothing to do with the perverted "Republican" party of today.
  23. We all have to thank producer "Woody" Van Dyke for creating the team of William Powell and Myrna Loy. Van Dyke was producing MANHATTAN MELODRAMA when he noticed how well Powell and Loy were getting along off camera. They were just casually conversing and joking around, Van Dyke was inspired to cast them for his next assigned project, THE THIN MAN. At first MGM execs didn't think much of the idea, Powell was too old (42) and Loy was not thought of as light hearted comedic material. But Van Dyke persisted and got his way with the casting. Besides, THE THIN MAN was a low budget project, the two actors were under contract anyway, so what was there to lose? Van Dyke was well respected by the studio for being efficient, getting the job in on time and within budget. And his willingness to let the actors improvise during filming allowed the natural rapport between Powell and Loy to come through. The film was a surprise big hit and the further teaming of the two actors was insured . Powell and Loy became life long good friends as well. P.S William Powell is my favorite actor.
  24. MURDER BY DEATH is fun to watch for the cast, and there are some funny bits. But overall it runs out of gas rather quickly. I think THE CHEAP DETECTIVE is considerably better all around, I never tire of watching it, a lot of good gags.
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