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  1. I've been rummaging through my collection of old books and stuff and came upon a book "Rating the Movie Stars" by Consumer Guide, this book is from the early 1980's. A lot of actors/actresses are covered here giving brief rundowns of their careers and then giving them a "rating" for their work. (Some people don't get treated so nicely in these ratings.). Fred Mac gets a high rating, the opening comment stating that "he made acting look easy" , which is an appropriate compliment. Like one of his contemporaries , Joel McCrea, Fred should have sought out some more challenging, or dynamic, roles to play. Both of these men were rather modest of nature and seemed to underestimate themselves. When they did play those occasional complex characters they could deliver great performances. It's no wonder that Fred's popular legacy is DOUBLE INDEMNITY, THE CAINE MUTINY, and THE APARTMENT, and then all of the light hearted comedic roles , ending with a popular tv show and series of Disney films. Fred excelled at all he did but somehow I wish he had pushed the envelope a little more. Still, I respect that he did what he felt appropriate or comfortable with. The TCM tribute narrated by Fred's daughter was very nicely done I think. "Here's to you, Lt. Keefer" , you likable scoundrel you.
  2. Tomorrow, Sunday Jan 17, at 11 am est, MOVIES channel is airing the 1939 ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES film, arguably the most popular of all of the Rathbone/Holmes films. The following Sunday at the same time slot SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE VOICE OF TERROR (the 1st of the 12 Universal (modern day) films. I'm not sure if this means that additional Rathbone/Holmes films will be on each Sunday.
  3. That makes sense, that way a person can't get trapped in their room if the outside area of the door gets blocked for whatever reason. But in public places with a large number of people inside of the room/building the opposite holds true. If there's a sudden rush of people trying to exit the crowd may pack up against the door and prevent it from being opened. I just reread about the Coconut Grove fire and why so many people got trapped and died. Some entrance/exit doors where actually locked, the main door was one of the old fashioned revolving type, the other usable doors opened to the inside and got jammed by the rush of people. So many people were needlessly trapped and died in the fire.
  4. I believe that I've read that much of Bodega Bay still looks a lot like it did 50+ years ago when the film was made. I wonder how much thought was given over the years to "preserving" some of the buildings and the surroundings? Is there a Walmart and a McDonalds across the street from the school house, etc? Just remember poor Suzanne was killed outside of her house, not in front of the school. Surely the "jungle jim bars" are still there, maybe with some trained birds perched about.
  5. Just how many city and town governments in Michigan have been declared in "crisis" and essentially been taken over by this current clown Republican governor and his appointed "managers"? I can't believe that any state has laws that permit such actions to be taken. In other words the people living in that city/town can't elect their own officials to run their affairs. The very actions that some people accuse the federal government of doing is apparently a-ok on the state level.
  6. Like the old commercial for Fram oil filters, "you can pay me now, or pay me later". Neglecting to invest in the inferstructure always costs big time in the long run. Of course any competent business man would know that, unless you're just a buy and sell real estate wheeler dealer like Mr Trump. Since Reagan the U.S. has had more than enough Republican leadership (presidents, congresses, state governors, etc) to see where that philosophy of "lower taxes (mostly for the wealthy) and less government (again mostly to the benefit of the wealthy) gets the country.
  7. Another big fan of THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE. This great, entertaining film should get more TCM air time. I would even go as far as to support it being on the "essentials" . A great cast, a highlight film for most everyone involved (One of Cagney's personal favorites as well as a Walsh favorite). One of Cagney's very best roles showing his versatility as an actor. Olivia was really quite funny , and a big boost to Rita's career as well. And you get to see quite a few of the great Warners stock company of character actors.
  8. IF I ever take another trip out to the west coast and the L A area, that's another site I would mind checking out ( along with the house up on the hill in Robert Mitchum's ANGEL FACE, the Laurel and Hardy "steps", etc) I should start compiling a list, of course I would forget to bring it along on the trip. Probably remember about the list when passing through Barstow, now should I turn around and go home to get the list, its only about 3000 miles?
  9. When I read the title of this thread my first thought was "must be that damn wig Barbara is wearing" Anyway, I believe this subject of the door has come up before, a minor detail but one worth pondering. Maybe there could have been a nearby broom closet that she could have ducked into, keeping the door open just a crack so she could see and hear Fred and Eddie conversing? If Barbara had gotten there first she could have hidden behind the sofa when Eddie came along? Actually Barbara is so petite/short , and Fred Mac is so big/tall, she could have just stood directly behind Fred. Eddie G. wouldn't have been able to see her. Speaking of apartment doors and entrances, how about that step down right at the door in Jimmy Stewart's apartment in REAR WINDOW? Of course that serves a purpose in keeping the wheelchair bound Stewart trapped in his own apartment. These people should be more careful when they find these places to live.
  10. There used to be a policy on the TCM boards about digging up "old" threads. I believe that once a thread was inactive for a year it was considered closed. This was always a dumb policy that made no sense and I am glad it is out. I would encourage others to seek out some of these "old, long inactive" threads on a particular subject and post on them, to then resurrect the entire thread. There are always some good insightful postings to be found out there.
  11. This is one film that I haven't seen, and there are a fair number of Basil's films that I've never seen. It would seem that in spite of his recent successes in films like "Robin Hood", "Zorro", "Son of Frankenstein" , and the two Fox "Holmes" films , really good roles were not easy to come by for Basil Rathbone. He was, after all, pushing 50 years of age, and not exactly leading man material. Even with some of the younger actors going into the military Basil was still relegated to supporting character actor roles, mainly villains of course. One film I only first saw a few years ago was CROSSROADS (1942) with Basil playing in support to William Powell. A rather good film drama I would say and with two of my favorite actors (and Hedy Lamarr) how can I not like it? When Universal came along with the idea of doing Sherlock Holmes in the present day fighting Nazis and other modern criminals it was very fortunate timing for Basil. Its difficult to image where his career would have been going if not for the new Holmes series of films. It meant good steady income and an even greater popular public presence. That success would help carry him along in his later years.
  12. What a really STUPID statement. The ACA was legislation that went through both houses of Congress, it took over a year of debate and endless compromising to create it (with the entire Republican membership offering up NO alternative legislation, all they did was oppose anything being done). There is NO such thing as "Obama Care". Obama did not create it, he only signed the finished product into law. The "Obama Care" term was created by the right wing racists to create a back lash against any attempts at reforming health care abuses by the private sectors that run the system. The short comings of the Affordable Health Care Act are due to the endless amount of concessions made to Republicans during the legislative progress. Right from the beginning Republicans absolutely refused to even let a single payer system be part of the debate. Obama and Democrats should have insisted that single payer at least be discussed. What where Republicans afraid of, an honest, open discussion? Remember all of those planted stooges who went to the town hall meetings to shout down and intimidate everyone else? As for "ramming" legislation down the public's throat all one has to do is remember the so called "Patriot Act" that Bush, Chaney, and their thugs forced upon us without anytime for examination or discussion. Gee, I wonder if Bin Laden would still be running loose if Obama hadn't been elected President? Bush, Chaney and company had about seven years with no success.
  13. It really pains me to say this, I'm in the later years of my life so I won't have to deal with these future consequences . And I personally don't have any children, but I feel real concern for the little ones I see and worry about what they have facing them. Why is it I have such feelings while some of these kids own parents, and grandparents, don't seem to give a ****?
  14. As a nation we are experincing a shortage of general practioners (the good old family doctors who are like the foot soldiers in the health care system). The last few years I have had several hospital stays and the regular staff is cut back to the bare minimum, obviously the hospital profit margin is the primary concern there. And for all of those who make the big talk about how much we owe our veterans for their service and sacrifices (and there are a lot of veterans out there who really need medical assistance) how about backing up that talk with making the financial commitments needed to give these people what they need? Golly, maybe we have to raise taxes a bit to pay for this stuff. But who is willing to make such a sacrifice like that? Especially among the ones who have the financial ability to pay a little bit more in taxes.
  15. The idiot deniers continue to talk the same lame excuses and twist the basic facts. FACT, the overall temperature of the planet is increasing (this is long well documented by legitimate scientists around the world) , it doesn't take a lot, just a degree or two to alter the climate patterns around the planet. This change in temperature is largely due to man's activities. Air pollution ( mostly the burning of fossil fuels) and the continuing deforestation around the world (cutting down massive amounts of forest without replanting same) is the main issue here. This warming of the planet is changing weather patterns and causing more erratic and severe weather (like more hurricanes and tornadoes that are also on average more intense). "Climate change" can result in different consequences ; colder regions like the polar areas see warmer temperatures and warmer regions may see more severe cold conditions. "Gee, if its snowing in Florida how can there be global warming?" It's because the overall climate is changing and the weather is becoming more erratic and severe. What we are experiencing today is a result of human activity over the last few centuries, mostly starting with the period of the industrial revolution. We as the human species have to recognize these consequences and learn to be more compatible with our environment. Stop putting short term profits and conveniences (for the few who financially benefit from destructive activity) and develop clean renewable sources of energy and preservation of the planet's environment. The very fate of the future generations of our children are at serious risk.. Shouldn't that be the number one concern here?
  16. Watching right now. Believe it or not, McLean sang on a few appearances and he was very good. McLean married a woman who was on the Tonight Show staff.
  17. So if we see a station broadcast one of the old ratty prints they can still do it for free? If they aren't being cheapskates they can air the restored version and give some compensation to the Film Noir foundation, which is only fair and proper.
  18. I am still upset watching THE GREAT ESCAPE and seeing David McCallum's Ashley-Pitt sacrifice himself at the train station to protect the identities of Bartlett and MacDonald (Richard Attenborough and Gordon Jackson). As a 10 year old kid, Illya Kuryakin was my main tv hero.
  19. Was that James Arness wearing Stanwyck's DOUBLE INDEMNITY cheap blonde wig?
  20. I think that this question was asked before. TOO LATE FOR TEARS was a "public domain" film for many years. Now someone has invested time and money to restore the film. So at present who actually "owns" or controls the film, and its accessability to the public for viewing?
  21. I always enjoyed Dobbsy and his postings on the boards. Even had a few private communications with him on the personal messages. I sincerely hope all is well with him.
  22. Healthcare in America; its all about corporate run hospitals, big insurance companies, and big drug manufactures making big money. If the public gets better care its more by accident then by plan. With all of the money this country spends on healthcare "insurance" the public gets a poor return on its investment. And most of the people who actually provide the services (doctors, nurses, therapists , aides, the staff who prepare the food, clean the bathrooms, etc) don't get paid what they should get paid. In short, the American system absolutely STINKS.
  23. Wayne Rogers was a good actor who worked in supporting roles in various films. When the MASH tv series was cast it should have been a big break for him. But right from day one the Alan Alda Hawkeye character got the focus . Most of the episodes feature him, he gets 90 % of the good lines, etc. I always had the understanding that both Wayne Rogers and McLean Stevenson left the show because they were not happy with the lack of balance in the scripts. Ironically when Mike Farrell and Harry Morgan joined the cast they got better treatment then the guys they replaced. I think many of the best shows were the ones done in those middle years. The last few years were clearly some of the least appealing, not necessarily a reflection on the actors involved like David Ogden Stiers. The Larry Linville character of Frank should have been treated somewhat better. He should have been given some measure of credit for being competent as a surgeon instead of being such a total buffoon .
  24. I have at least one of those film noir collection dvds that had 3 or 4 films ( I assume they were all public domain types), a dvd with TOO LATE FOR TEARS on it. I am sure I also saw the film on one of the "classic" film channels from time to time. All of the copies were in rather bad condition , usually very dark or faded picture with poor sound track. For example, the night time scenes at the lake were almost impossible to view. So you could watch the film enough to appreciate it was a good film but it was disappointing the quality was so poor. The Edward G Robinson film THE RED HOUSE is another example of a good film that desperately needs restoration attention. Hopefully that film, and others, can eventually receive some help so we can view decent prints. The TOO LATE FOR TEARS restoration is a vast improvement over any of the copies I ever saw of it.
  25. This past year I saved several hundred dollars a month (compared to what I was previously paying through my company's plan for retirees) for essentially the same level of coverage. While I am not anywhere near living in a poverty situation I can appreciate what a big help the Affordable Care Act has been for millions of people, not to mention the guaranteed insurability provisions that are now in force.
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