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  1. Bronxie, does your Mom know how MANY foster children she has here on the TCM boards? Cuz I am part of that army.
  2. She is best, in my opinion, in *Dinner at Eight* and *Red Dust* , and also *Bombshell* --- I think the heightened "silliness" is appropriate in a movie where publicists hire actors to romance and then jilt their celebrity clients. But really, I like her in everything --- not so great in *Saratoga* , but she was seriously ill. If I had to pick a "least favorite," probably *Suzy* , but it's not a bad movie, it's just no *Libeled Lady* .
  3. *Meet Me in St. Louis* *The Wizard of Oz* *Singin' in the Rain* *The Band Wagon* *On the Town* *A Star is Born* (1954) *The Harvey Girls* *Top Hat* *Cabaret* *The Umbrellas of Cherbourg* *Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs* *Easter Parade* *Funny Face* *Everyone Says I Love You* *42nd Street* *Gypsy* *Thoroughly Modern Millie* *Guys and Dolls* *Chicago* *The King and I* *The Rocky Horror Picture Show*
  4. Thanks for the clarification, filmlover. I'm a bit of a technotard, hehe.
  5. Ziggyelman -- I found them at a Kroger's in Dalton, Georgia, about 90 miles north of Atlanta. Chances are they're at one of yours!
  6. Over the holidays I picked up what appeared to be a cheapie budget 3-fer (at a supermarket) for about $10 that included *Born Yesterday, His Girl Friday* and *The Awful Truth* . (There were similar compilations of Steven Seagal films, Stallone films, Matrix movies, etc). Imagine my surprise on opening the box to find three separate, fully loaded with extras, DVDs! They are all Hi-Def DVDs, which are apparently being cleared out as Blu-Ray won the war. Play fine on regular DVD players, though.
  7. Buddy Lester was in *The Patsy* with Nancy Kulp
  8. Just a suggestion to the Powers-That-Be at TCM: There are several movies like "Miracle on 34th Street" (my personal favorite Christmas movie), "It's a Wonderful Life," etc., that have been cut, butchered, released in various formats, etc. Wouldn't it be great to have TCM clean up the mess and premiere the "definitive" restored versions? We're not talking about forgotten movies...we're talking about "34th Street." I lived in London in the early 80's, and the definitive restored Judy Garland "A Star is Born," which was released to theatres then, was front page news.
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