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  1. Don't adjust your set -- this isn't "Night of the Living Dead." I am not a zombie! I came out of retirement to toast my dear, dear friend CineMaven -- how lovely to be watching TCM and see her interviewed by Robert O, introducing "They Made me a Fugitive." She has a terrific screen presence (and is absolutely lovely on camera), don't you think? Although I haven't been around the boards for a bit, she and I continue to hang out in NYC. It's lovely to see so many old TCM friends still on here. Eek, am I about to get re-addicted?
  2. I haven't been around much in the past weeks due to a serious work overload, but congratulations to everyone for really good entries. I had trouble choosing in particular among three, but I did. And voted via PM. Good luck to all!
  3. If only. Back to my 1500th viewing of *Meet Me in St. Louis* . Margaret O'Brien is about to yell "Mister McNeeeeeeley."
  4. gagman, I understand your point of view. But I don't take kindly when someone comes after *The Wizard of Oz* .
  5. Due to the endlessly repeated 24-hour Judy Garland marathons in my previous scheds, I can see how you'd think that.
  6. I am overwhelmed with work right now, I've barely checked in on the boards for a couple of weeks. But for my darling CineMaven, I will go without sleep if need be. I'm in.
  7. Moe, I fell in love with classic movies because my grandmother (my Nanny) watched them with me and told me just why she loved them. I'm not your age, but I love that YOU love these movies. I'm not your Nanny, obviously (and to your relief). But all of us in TCM-town are happy to share our love for these classics. My very favorite movie was made 19 years before I was born. I get it! Welcome to the club.
  8. Just thrilled that *Phenix City* made it to TCM --- FINALLY. LOVE this movie.
  9. As *Yentl* is ending on TCM, have to say that it still disappoints in MAJOR ways, and this is from your #1 musical fan in these parts. That said, I like it much more now than I did before.
  10. I do have to say I'm appreciating *Yentl* much more now than when I saw it in the theatre in initial release (the last time I saw it).
  11. Capuchin, CineMaven is one of the smartest folks in our TCM town, she'll come up with something terrific. *Adam's Rib, Yojimbo, Zombies on Broadway* ? Not only do I now _insist_ you play the game, but I'm coming to your house for movie night next week! I'll bring the popcorn if YOU pick the movies!
  12. Bronxie, does your Mom know how MANY foster children she has here on the TCM boards? Cuz I am part of that army.
  13. And Capuchin...you're now off the fence. We need your insight and a look into YOUR taste in film. Respectfully, my friend Capuchin...you're in! (I hope). Woo-hoo, I can't wait to see what the Maven has in store for us.
  14. CineMaven won the last Challenge, and though she has work-related commitments right now (as do we all), I have no doubt she is preparing a Challenge -- that will challenge us all!
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