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  1. And some people slap! I do not! I'm too sweet for such meanness remember?! I don't think I was emotionally connected to All Quiet on the Western Front as much as I thought I would be. But the ending is excellent. I love that ending. honestly, I thought it would be the other way around for you with this one. Of course you like the ending! It's tragic! I loved the butterfly, though. I thought it very emotional and profoundly beautiful the way they ended it, but I had to watch it a couple times to like it-I should say, to understand it. While I don't cite myself as a big Ni
  2. Look who it is! It's what's her name! Always hiding! Are you currently hiding Snippy, too? "What's her name?!" Such a meanie! Some people give hugs when they see people after a long absence! Yes I'm hiding Snippy. I've locked her away from you, so you can't torture her! All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) - So I completely thought you had seen this one for some reason. I'm not the absolute biggest fan of war movies, but this one affected me. It's not your typical movie that girls go for, but I was glued to the TV for this one. I loved Lew's performance! His emotion was perfectl
  3. Hey there Sweet T, Glad to here it. Don't ever stop giggling! I shall never! I don't think you have to worry. Heehee! Someone once told me I was too silly and I look dright at them and said "well maybe you're too serious" and giggled back. Ha! You two always make me laugh! Glad we could help! I'm sure he will watch it. I did enjoy Greer and the alligators. Lesley Ann Warren is very cute too. I have no doubt he will watch it! He wants to hold it over my head and blame me for the torture he will endure! How rude! Heehee! I like Leslie in that! It was the first movie I
  4. Top of the morning, Larry! Hey there Baby T!!! It is so nice to hear from you and see you posting again. I hope things are going really well for you. I have been doing good. I just got back to posting again myself. Things are just lovely, thank you for asking! I still giggle way too much. Heehee! I'm not exactly sure what you did or said to Frank but he is really going through those Greer films. I'm impressed! Hey, don't look at me. I didn't say anything! I think he wants to watch them all, so he can prove how horrible she is to me. It won't work. I know his tricks all too
  5. Alright Scooby-doo, this is a giant thing of a list! I'll do my best, you meanie!....Texan women....I'll get you for that comment! Heehee! I'm going to comment on some of these, but not all of them. Whew! All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) - So I completely thought you had seen this one for some reason. I'm not the absolute biggest fan of war movies, but this one affected me. It's not your typical movie that girls go for, but I was glued to the TV for this one. I loved Lew's performance! His emotion was perfectly displayed in all the right ways! Around the World in Eighty Days (1956
  6. LARRY!!!: Thank you sweet Baby T, wherever you are! Hi Larry! I'm here! I'm sorry, I've been caught up with a lot recently. Everything sort of happened with my life and it all came at me at once. It's been a bit overwhelming. I do miss it on here and all of you and your beautiful writings. I sign in every once a while to read. I promise. I was planning on coming back on here shortly anyway. How are you, darling? Mr. Jack in the box: I think she's locked up somewhere. She took Greer's murderous on-screen roles a bit too seriously. Texan women. How rude! Texan women?! My poor Gre
  7. Alright Frankenstein, Here's what I think your top 10 are! YAY! This should be fun! Lawrence of Arabia (1962) The Joker Is Wild (1957) Bambi (1942) Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) Guns of Darkness (1962) Cry of the City (1948) The Hatchet Man (1932) The Deep Blue Sea (1955) El Paso (1949) The Naked Maja (1958) I can't believe you sat through Mrs. Parkington. I know you hated it. Heehee!
  8. Hey Frankenstein! GASP!!!! This is my favorite list of yours yet! I think I have seen every film but like 7 or 8. That never happens! Here is another group of films I watched. I'm guessing my watching will be slowing down after this one. Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951) This is a pretty funny one, but it isn;t my favorite. I put it somewhere in the middle for the A & C list I have seen. I do like that William Frawley plays a cop in it. Age of Consent (1969) Okay I'm just going to start off by saying that the I love this movie, HOWEVER, there are
  9. Hey! Jack in the box! I'm back!! 1. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955) -- One of the best A&C films that I have seen. I've always been a sucker for the Arabian settings, especially when mummies are involved. I love A&C when there is danger involved and this one has a terrific mix of danger and laughs. It also helps that Marie Windsor is on hand for some villainy. She's excellent. And is that Richard Deacon?! Lots of fun. A & C are always good fun! I LOVE this one! You like Arabian settings? You totally left that out the last time I told you I loved any
  10. First of all I want to start off by saying, I told you that you didn't have to watch Funny Girl! I'm going to please innocence with that one! I didn't think you would like it and I know how you feel about Babs! So no getting on my case with that one is allowed! Heehee! Ann Vickers (1933) - Irene!! Woohoo! This one is kind of weird though. I don't moind it but I get really picky about Walter Huston and I just couldn't go for him here. The Bad Seed (1956) - This is a good thriller! It isn't typically up my alley, but I liked Patty in it! She is so convincing! It has it's corny parts, b
  11. Wendy! YAY! GAD! How many musicals did you WATCH? and how did you survive? That would be my fault once again. and he hasn't let me forget it!! I told him I am NEVER recommending a film to him again, but he always asks me! Honest!!
  12. How kind of you! Thank you! And big Congratulations to yourself, darling!!
  13. Congratulations to Theresa and Joe! (More wedding photos are posted on Sue Sue II.) I am so glad you had fun Christy! It wouldn't have been the same without you there! I love the picture! I didn't realize you took that when I looked at you. Heehee!
  14. Good afternoon Jack-in-the-box! Oh no! Look who's back! What do you mean, "Oh no!"? What's the suppose to mean? You were totally laughing at me when you wrote that weren't you? Meanie! And Jeanne pulls a "Lamby" in this one. The only difference is that Lamby pouts because she's childish. Oh no you don't! Jeanne is definitely not childish and cold like your "lamby". Jeanne actually shows emotion, fancy that. Heehee! I loved Jeanne's character here! I wish they had also made more films together. Glenn's character is so interesting. You don't know whether you want to slap
  15. Good morning Dahlink! Let's have a cuppa!!...well you're probably still asleep right now, but when you wake up, you can have one with me and I'll have one for lunch. Yeah, that's it! Pip! Pip! Did you like White Cliffs of Dover at all? Please tell me you liked it at least a little more than Ol' Frankie Cranky pants. Heehee! You have me to blame for a few of his suggestions from the 30's. I'm SORRY! I'll never do it again! Love ya, does that count?! By the way, I think you might actually like the Doctor Takes a Wife. It's really good! I know you are usually hit or miss wi
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