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  1. 1. Jean Arthur 2. Olivia de Havilland 3. Myrna Loy
  2. One of her favorite movies for me is "Sullivan's Travels". I love the chemistry between her and Joel McCrea.
  3. YES! I LOVED the Adventures of Robin Hood as well. The scene where he climbs up the side of the tower she is in and comes in the window....after they talk she says goodbye to him at the window...they kiss......It is one of my all time favorite movie scenes. She looks soo pretty with her hair in a long braid and he is soooo handsome..the look on his face....ahhhhhhh. Another film they did together that I love is...Captain Blood. I just got done watching Dodge City and before the film started the host was saying Errol used to mess up the scenes with Olivia on purpose, so the director w
  4. Dodge City is my favorite of all Flynn's westerns. The cast is fantastic. The chemistry between Errol and Olivia is magical.
  5. Then that person( who is irritated) never TRULY loved the other to begin with. As I stated earlier, to love someone is to take the bad with the good. If these traits irritated this person from the get go, then it should have been discussed and dealt with at that time...not YEARS later. Problem is... some people seem to think the grass is always greener someplace else..or with someone else. As you stated, they become bored and want to look elsewhere so now all of a sudden decide to bring up these annoyances.
  6. "I realize that, as a man, I'm essentially clueless about most things, but it completely bewilders me to find that something I've done for ten years is suddenly despicable." The "something I have done for 10 years suddenly despicable"...I think, a lot of the times, has more to do with the other person's feelings about or insights about themselves, rather than about you. You just happen to be the target who is getting the brunt of feelings and emotions the other person hasn't discovered a way to deal with yet. Like you stated...if you had these habits or traits for 10 years, how could th
  7. I like your choices. Another character that comes to mind, in regards to your description of what attracts you to a woman, would be Kitty Foyle...brilliantly portrayed by Ginger Rogers. I find what you said, "willing to overlook my faults", interesting as I think too often times in relationships today people have a tendency to look at the other person through rose-colored glasses. They arent willing to accept, and love, the bad along with the good. In my opinion, to love someone is to love who they are( the person they are..as a whole)..not what they can do FOR you, or their appearance
  8. What female character from a movie most reflects the qualities you look for in a woman?
  9. "If you want I'll lasso the moon for you. Then you can swallow it..and all the moonbeams will shoot out your ears..." Jimmy Stewart to Donna Reed in "Its a Wonderful Life".
  10. For me it is DEFINANTLY Rio Bravo!! The cast is simply marvelous and play off each other soo well..the chemistry was wonderful. The scene where they are all in the jailhouse and Dean and Stumpy and Colorado are singing is one of the best scenes in any movie! Dean, and Colorados voices....smooth as silk. But my favorite scene in the movie is the one where Stumpy " plain enough, old cripples aint wanted"....comes to the rescue...Dont ya just want to HUG him to death! lol. That movie had it all. Dawn
  11. Gary Cooper is one of my favorite actors! High Noon and Meet John Doe are two of my favs. of his. I loved the message in Meet John Doe, it is a shame it is such an underated film. The very last scene ( Empire State Building) is one of my all time favorites in any movie. " If its worth dying for its worth living for"..LOVE that line. Dawn
  12. I love this little known/under appreciated film of John Waynes. I think it is soo different than what we are used to seeing John in. Great plot line and nicely acted by a good supporting cast! I love the part where he is looking to the sky to hopefully see the rescue plane and he says " We must be awful hard to see down here"...and he has such an emotion look and sound to his voice...just a brillant snippet of acting. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0045919/
  13. What exactly happened to Gail Russell? Someone had mentioned that she died an untimely death. And what other movies did she star in with John Wayne?
  14. BEAUTIFUL photo! I didnt know Harry Carey Jr. had a website. And I didnt know Gail died an untimely death. What happened?
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