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  1. Just for the record, Jimmy Stewart did play the "heavy" in at least one movie. He was the killer in the second Thin Man movie. I think the title was "After the Thin Man".
  2. After posting the previous message curiosity got the better of me & I went to ebay. Doing a search of Ginger Rogers showed three auctions for brand new, never been viewed copies of "The Major and the Minor". If you would like to own a copy of this movie, tns, this maybe the only place to get it.
  3. Mongo is right, "The Major and the Minor" was a Paramount film and it's copyright is currently owned by Universal. Since TCM has recently shown some Universal owned films I think that you should request TCM consider it for a future presentation. "The Major and the Minor" was shown quite often on AMC a few years ago. That is where I first saw it. I also purchased a copy of it. Universal brought it out on home video in 1998. Before answering this post I checked both Critics Choice Video & Movies Unlimited & neither lists it as being currently available. I think that is rather odd since it's only a 5 year old release. I'm just guessing here but maybe Universal plans on releasing it on DVD sometime in the future & wanted it off the market for a few years. The only place where you might be able to find it is someplace that sells used videos or on ebay. Try searching Ginger Rogers or Ray Milland on ebay & you might find a copy for sale. This is one of my favorite movies. I hope you can locate a copy.Good Luck!
  4. Here are a few of my favorites. These may not be at the top of many lists but I've found that some of the most enjoyable classic movies are not the most popular ones. STATE FAIR (1944 - Jean Crain & Dana Andrews - very underrated Rogers & Hammerstein musical - remade in 1962 but this one is superior - Oscar winning song "It Might As Well Be Spring" CAN'T HELP SINGING (1944 - Deanna Durbin - the only technicolor film Deanna Durbin made - one of the last movie scores written by Jerome Kern - Oscar nominated song "More and More" BEST FOOT FORWARD (1943 - Lucille Ball & Harry James and His Music Makers - movie version of a hit Broadway musical - great ensamble cast with June Allyson & Nancy Walker making their film debuts SUN VALLEY SERENADE (1941 - Sonja Henie & Glenn Miller Orchestra - Great Big Band music with Glenn Miller at his peak! Plus the legendary dance team of the Nicolas Brothers with Dorthy Dandridge singing & dancing to "Chattanooga Choo Choo"
  5. Although it would be nice to see movies from Paramount & Fox you realize that Turner actually owns the film library from MGM, Warner Brothers & RKO. They would have to pay a fee to the owners of the Paramount & Fox movie libraries to broadcast their movies. I imagine it might be difficult to get movies from Fox since they have their own cable movie channel (Fox Movie Channel). I believe the old Paramount movie copyrights are owned by MCA/Universal. There maybe a chance TCM will show some classic movies from MCA/Universal. TCM recently showed a Deanna Durbin movie (Lady On A Train) which had to have been acquired from Universal. So maybe they are in the process of acquiring more of their classic films for broadcasting on TCM. I certainly would enjoy seeing a more diverse selection of classic movies.
  6. I view Ronald Reagan as a very competent actor. He was handsome and had a good speaking voice. He could play comedy or drama, the good guy or bad guy. I don't think he had the acting talent or charisma to ever be a super star. I think he gave his best performance in "Kings Row". However my favorite Ronald Reagan movie is "Santa Fe Trail" with Errol Flynn & Olivia DeHavallind. This is the movie where Flynn & Reagan track down the abolitionist, John Brown, while competing for Olivia's love. Of course Flyn won her heart. I imagine most people know that Warner's planned to star Reagan & Ann Sheridan in "Casablanca" before "settling" on Bogart & Bergman. Who know's what Hollywood history might have been changed if that occurred!
  7. I can't say that they have them but if anyone does it would be either Movies Unlimited (www.moviesunlimited.com) or maybe Captain Bijou (www.captainbijou.com --I think). You could also check out ebay auctions. A lot of private collectors auction off copies of movies not on home video. You could email some of them & ask if they have what you're looking to purchase. Also you can get Classic Images or The Big Reel at any Borders Books store. These are monthly publications about classic movies . There are always adds in them for copies of out of print films. Best of luck!
  8. Although I don't have any additional info on Ella Raines I would like to mention another of her movies, "Tall In The Saddle". It is a John Wayne cowboy pic made by Republic. Ella plays a cowgirl who could ride & shoot as good as the men. Wayne plays a cowboy who's through with women but Ella pursues him & helps him catch the bad guys. This is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. Gabby Hayes plays Wayne's friend & is a great addition to the film. While writing this I just remembered another actress that I'm always confusing with Ella Raines. Her name is Ellen Drew. She starred with Jack Benny in "Buck Benny Rides Again". I've always been a huge Jack Benny fan and this movie is hilarious! It also stars members of Jack's radio program (Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Andy Devine & Eddie Anderson aka Rochester). I saw it years ago on AMC & I was fortunate enough to record it on my VCR. Boy, this is a movie TCM should acquire. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying it. Anyway I can't really think of any other movies that Ellen Drew was in but if anyone out there can come up with some please let me know. She was a pretty brunette with a sweet smile. I would enjoy seeing some more of her films. Now I think I'll log off my computer and find that copy of "Buck Benny Rides Again" and have a few laughs.
  9. How about Claire Trevor's performance in "Murder My Sweet" with Dick Powell & Anne Shirley? She was a classic film noir bad girl. She knew that she had the power to lure any man into her trap and manipulate him to due her bidding! As for a guy I'll take Victor Mature in his roll in "The Shanghai Gesture". I saw it for the first time last night (5/14) on TCM. It's a great little "forgotten" movie from the 40's. What a slimeball!!! He lured poor little Gene Tierney into a life of decadence and drugs (the drug use was implied because of censor concerns). If you didn't get to see this movie try to catch it the next time it's on TCM.
  10. Moviejoe, if you are looking to buy some of Deanna's movies on home video check out Critics Choice Video (www.ccvideo.com) & Movies Unlimited (www.moviesunlimited.com). Between them you should be able to get all 18 of her movies that have been released to video. A good first choice would be any of the titles that Paty or I mentioned in earlier posts. The other 3 Durbin movies , Spring Parade, Hers To Hold & Christmas Holiday (with Gene Kelly) have not been officially released on home video. They do show up on e-bay once in awhile. I believe these videos were made from 16mm prints.
  11. When Deanna retired in 1948 at the age of 27 she left her show business career behind. She reluctantly became a movie star. She really had wanted to become an opera singer. From what I've read she never really enjoyed making movies. I believe she felt the constant publicity and the Hollywood life style contributed to her two failed marriages. She was constantly being held up by the movie going public to be the perfect daughter/sister/girl friend even though the characters she played were nothing like her real self. Most people today don't realize how big a star she was. Next to Shirley Temple she was the most famous child star of the 30's. She was also a huge international star.Because her parents emigrated from England, throughout the British Empire she was probably one of the most loved American movie stars. During the 40's the biggest movie house chain in England played a different Durbin movie every day for a week. They have never done this for any other star. When she retired she moved to France and married for a third & final time. This marriage lasted almost 50 years and she shed her Deanna Durbin personna. She became Edna David (birth name is Edna Mae Durbin). She chose to live the rest of her life as a normal person. I don't know if she ever watches her old movies but I believe that she doesn't dwell on her movie career. She still has an active fan club based in England & she corresponds with her fans now & then. By the way she was constantly being asked to come out of retirement during the 50's. During one of the few interviews she has given in her retirement she confessed to having been tempted only once. Jay Lerner was writing a Broadway musical with her in mind for the lead. He played her some of the songs & tried to talk her into coming back. She said that she thought about it but decided she was too happy with her life in France. So he found some one else to star in "My Fair Lady'.
  12. At the top of my list of favorite foreign stars is Sonja Henie. Although not a "great actor" in the strictist sense, she had a charming presence on the sceen that no one can deny. Anyone that enjoys escapist comidies/musicals of the 30's & 40's should check out "Sun Valley Serenade", "Iceland" and "Second Fiddle". Tyrone Power starred with Sonja in "Second Fiddle" and Irving Berlin wrote the music. The story of this movie is a parody of the long talent search David O. Selsnick conducted to find his Scarlet O'Hara.
  13. Priscilla Lane is one of my favorite "forgotten" stars of the 30s /40s. She seemed like the perfect girl-next-door. She had a mishcevious sense of humor about her. She was great in "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Cary Grant. Although the role I like her best is in Alfred Hitchcock's "Saboteur" with Robert Cummings. She sometimes reminds me of Ginger Rodgers. I think she could have played many of Ginger's non-musical roles (Batchelor Mother, Kitty Foyle). It's a shame she left show business at such a early age but I'm glad she had a happy life away from the spotlight.
  14. Deanna Durbin has been one of my favorites ever since I first saw one of her movies on AMC. Eighteen of her twenty-one movies have been released on home video. If you liked "Lady On a Train" I think you would enjoy "It Started With Eve", "First Love" and "One Hundred Men And A Girl" just as much. My favorite Durbin film is "Spring Parade" which has not officially been released by Universal Studios. However copies (made from a 16mm print I think) have been sold on e-bay. If TCM plans to show more Durbin movies in the future I hope they include "Spring Parade".
  15. Brando rode a Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle (vintage 1950 - 1952). Most of the other members of his gang rode Britisk bikes of various makes. Although many of the markings on their gas tanks were altered I identified motorcycles made by BSA, Aerial, AJS, Matchless and Triumph. Lee Marvin was riding a Harley and I think other members of his gang also rode Harleys & British bikes. One of my interests is antique motorcycles so I've watched "The Wild One" numerous times, paying close attention during the cycle scenes. By the way this film was based on an incident that happened in Hollister, California in the late 40s.
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