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  1. I'm teaching a 3 part course in the way Hollywood has depicted women in corporate executive positions. I begin with "Female" and end with "Prada". Am looking for a tong 1950-80ish piece to bridge them. Any suggestions?
  2. These are fabulous suggestions. I was able to watch part one of Only Yesterday and would kill to see the rest. Anyone know if it's available on DVD- or even tape? I'm quite sure that the movie I asked about was The Crash (1932). I see I can get it as half of a double feature at the TCM store... I'd love to see all of these. Keep the suggestions coming! Thanks so much.
  3. Streep, Hopkins, and Streep. It took me 3 movies to realize how I felt about Meryl. The third time I said, "She's such a great actress, but this script was lousy" it finally hit that she was the connecting thread. Watching her is usually pretty painful. "Iron Lady" had to be the worst...
  4. I'm putting together a series of films about Wall Street and how different generations relate to high finance. There was a movie in the 30's about a couple who was getting divorced. The husband (as I remember it) was a broker and talked with friends at a party at his home about a stock. One of the servants overheard him and spread the word among the others. They all invested, and, of course lost their savings. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Also- does anyone have suggestions for the series? I have "Wall Street", "Margin Call", possibley "Boiler Room" and "My Slice of t
  5. That's It!!!! Thanks! I've also thought of "Gorillas in the Mist", but could use a few more...
  6. I'm teaching a class on Herzog's "Grizzly Man" and want to mention a few other films, docs and features, about people who live with/identify with wild animals. Any suggestions would be great. The one that's gnawing at my brain and I can't remember its name is set in the early 20th century and features a researcher who's dropped off with his gear in Alaska and who lives with the wolves- eventually identifying with them. I think he's naked at the end running around with the pack. Thanks!
  7. I agree with George Clooney and Adrian Brody, but David Strathairn really gets my vote... Edited by: tapit on Feb 16, 2012 8:31 PM
  8. Did she have the first child?? I know she said the baby died, but I definitely had the impression that she had an abortion.
  9. Thanks! You can certainly tell that this was pre-code, then. Adulterers had to be punsihed once the Hayes crowd got into power. I was waiting for some big bombshell, like he was pardoned because he was dying of a horrible disease.
  10. We DVR'd this film, but, unfortunately, the ending was cut off. The judge walked into her apartment and told her he was pardoned by the governor. What happened then??????
  11. I loved "Pandora's Box". One of the strongest films I've seen. Certainly doesn't glamorize the trade! Edited by: tapit on Jan 4, 2012 2:39 PM
  12. Interesting thread- I don't think you said there were date limits- Cary Grant Al Pacino Paul Muni Kenneth Branagh Nicholas Cage
  13. Thanks for the tip about "The Circus". I instantly watched it and was totally amazed at the clear message about race. Was it distributed in the US at all? Considering it was made so soon after the heyday of the Red Scare, the fact that it was so clearly Soviet propaganda was pretty striking.
  14. These are great. I'm also adding Marlene Dietrich in a number of roles- specifically in *Foreign Affair* with Jean Arthur... Anyone know if there are HS classes (maybe extra curricular) on classic film?
  15. I was shocked to find out that my stepson's fiance believes that there were no strong roles for women in film prior to 1960. Of course I snowed her with plenty of amazing pieces from both here and western Europe. But I'd be fascinated to hear other people's top three best roles for women before 1960- silent or sound, US or anywhere else. I'm looking for roles here, not actresses Mine were Pandora's Box (Lulu) Gone with the Wind (Scarlet O'Hara) Open City (Marina) Thanks!
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